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Articles from Kliatt (September 1, 2008)

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Agell, Charlotte. Shift. Cole, Aimee Brief article 209
Ain, Beth Levin. The revolution of Sabine. Rosser, Claire Brief article 292
Alegria, Malin. Sofi Mendoza's guide to getting lost in Mexico. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 330
Alexander, Robert. The Romanov bride. Theiss, Nola Young adult review 281
Anderson, Laurie Halse. Chains. Rosser, Claire Brief article 294
Anderson, M.T. The kingdom on the waves. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 327
Antieau, Kim. Ruby's imagine. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Young adult review 301
Arnold, Ann. Sea cows, shamans, and scurvy; Alaska's first naturalist: Georg Wilhelm Steller. Julian, Janet Book review 213
At Issue: American Politics. What is the future of the U.S. economy? Levinson, Daniel Book review 413
Avi. Hard gold; the Colorado Gold Rush of 1859. Rosser, Claire Brief article 311
Barkley, Brad & Helper, Heather. Jars of glass. Larsen, Ashleigh Brief article 285
Barr, Nevada. Winter study; an Anna Pigeon mystery. Allison, Susan Brief article 326
Barron, T.A. Merlin's dragon. Root, Deirdre Brief article 176
Bavaro, Mark. Rough & tumble, a novel. Marler, Myrna Book review 326
Bess, Michael. Choices under fire; moral dimensions of World War II. Puffer, Raymond Book review 414
Bosch, Pseudonymous. If you're reading this, it's too late. Cole, Aimee Brief article 215
Brecht, Bertolt. The life of Galileo. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook review 312
Brittney, L. Dangerous times. Rosser, Claire Brief article 285
Broach, Elise. Masterpiece. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Brief article 290
Brown, Teri. Read my lips. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 342
Browne, Janet. Darwin's Origin of Species, a biography. Julian, Janet Book review 239
Bruchac, Joseph. The return of Skeleton Man. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 263
Buckhanon, Kalisha. Conception. Theiss, Nola Brief article 309
Burgess, Melvin. Sara's face. Marler, Myrna Brief article 314
Bush, Jenna. Ana's story; a journey of hope. Theiss, Nola Book review 277
Cabot, Meg. Princess party. Solomon, Joanna Book review 221
Carey, Janet Lee. Dragon's keep. Squicciarini, Stephanie Audiobook review 417
Clarke, Brock. An arsonist's guide to writers' homes in New England. Ammon, Bette Brief article 253
Clements, Andrew. Things that are. Rohrlick, Paula Brief article 201
Cohn, Rachel. Cupcake. Marler, Myrna Book review 300
Craig, Colleen. Afrika. Paldino, Lorie Book review 335
Crane, David. Scott of the Antarctic, a biography. Puffer, Raymond Book review 415
Crossley-Holland, Kevin. Crossing to Paradise. Rosser, Claire Brief article 325
Cussler, Clive & DuBrul Jack. Plague ship. Purucker, Mary Brief article 316
Danticat, Edwidge. Brother, I'm dying. Theiss, Nola Audiobook review 281
Declare Yourself. Speak, connect, act, vote; more than 50 celebrated Americans tell you why. Rosser, Claire Brief article 285
Dowd, Siobhan. Bog child. Marler, Myrna Brief article 303
Durant, Alan, ed. Score! Sports stories. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 340
Emerson, Kevin. Carlos is gonna get it. Rohrlick, Paula Brief article 245
Erdrich, Louise. The plague of doves. Theiss, Nola Young adult review 302
Farr, Richard. Emperors of the ice; a true story of disaster and survival in the Antarctic, 1910-13. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Brief article 265
Favorite, Eileen. The heroines. Kellerman, Carol Brief article 299
Ferraiolo, Jack D. The big splash, a novel. Rosser, Claire Brief article 205
Fleischman, Sid. Escape! The story of the great Houdini. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 201
Fredericks, Mariah. In the cards; life. Rosser, Claire Brief article 250
Gaiman, Neil. Coraline. Galuschak, George Book review 332
Gaiman, Neil. The graveyard book. Rohrlick, Paula Brief article 231
Gallagher, Nora. Changing light, a novel. Theiss, Nola Book review 280
Gallardo, Adam. 100 girls. Sweeney, Jennifer Book review 300
Gantos, Jack. The love curse of the Rumbaughs. Marler, Myrna Book review 235
George, Elizabeth. Careless in red. Rosenzweig, Sue Brief article 224
Gilbert, Elizabeth. Stern men. Fetherolf, Shirley Audiobook review 280
Goldstone, Lawrence. The anatomy of deception. Ammon, Bette Audiobook review 181
Goodman, Allegra. The other side of the island, a novel. Rosser, Claire Brief article 197
Gould, Emily & Jaffery, Zareen. Hex education. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 275
Gratz, Alan. Something wicked. Rohrlick, Paula Brief article 187
Green, John. Paper towns. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Brief article 273
Gurwitch, Annabelle. Fired again; stories from the book Fired! Tales of the Canned, Canceled, Downsized, and Dismissed. Theiss, Nola Audiobook review 273
Hale, Shannon. Book of a thousand days. Moxley, Melody Audiobook review 313
Halpin, Brendan. Forever changes. Marler, Myrna Brief article 306
Harper, Suzanne. The secret life of Sparrow Delaney. Chancellor, Cara Book review 374
Harris, Joanne. The girl with no shadow. Rosenzweig, Sue Audiobook review 187
Harrison, Mette Ivie. The princess and the hound. Rosser, Claire Book review 260
Hautman, Pete. All-in. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 225
Herlong, M.H. The great wide sea. Cole, Aimee Brief article 261
Hesse, Karen. Brooklyn Bridge. Rosser, Claire Book review 387
Higgins, Jack, with Justin Richards. Death run. Rohrlick, Paula Brief article 182
Hijuelos, Oscar. Dark dude. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Brief article 270
Holt, Simon. The devouring; sorry night. Chancellor, Cara Brief article 243
Howitt, Carolyn. 500 things to know about the ancient world. Julian, Janet Brief article 201
Hughes, Susan. No girls allowed; tales of daring women dressed as men for love, freedom and adventure. Rosser, Claire Book review 163
James, Brian. Thief. MacGregor, Amanda Brief article 289
Jennewein, James & Parker, Tom S. Rune Warriors. Root, Deirdre Young adult review 177
Jones, Frewin. The lost queen. Scanlon, Donna Book review 330
Juby, Susan. Getting the girl; a guide to private investigation, surveillance, and cookery. Marler, Myrna Brief article 326
Kadohata, Cynthia. Cracker! The best dog in Vietnam. Dole, Pat Book review 292
Key, Joshua, as told to Lawrence Hill. The deserter's tale; the story of an ordinary soldier who walked away from the war in Iraq. Puffer, Raymond Book review 459
Kinnell, Galway. Strong is your hold, poems. Beschta, Jim Book review 296
Korman, Gordon. The juvie three. Rohrlick, Paula Young adult review 324
Korn, Fadumo. Born in the big rains; a memoir of Somalia and survival. Moore, Patricia Book review 329
Kuwashima, Tapari & Yoshikazu. Kamisama Kazoku. Galuschak, George Book review 278
Lane, Charles. The day freedom died; the Colfax Massacre, the Supreme Court, and the betrayal of Reconstruction. Boyd, John E. Audiobook review 273
Larson, Hope. Chiggers. Galuschak, George Brief article 279
Lawrence, Bruce. The Qur'an; a biography. Moore, Patricia Book review 202
Lester, Julius. Guardian. Rohrlick, Paula Brief article 293
Levine, Gail Carson. Fairest. Fetherolf, Shirley Brief article 265
Lewis, Pam. Perfect family. Dole, Pat Brief article 242
LeZotte, Ann Clare. T4. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Brief article 211
Lightman, Alan. Ghost, a novel. Klein, Miles Audiobook review 209
Logsted, Greg. Something happened. Blumberg, Sharon Book review 188
Lyga, Barry. Hero-type. Rohrlick, Paula Brief article 287
Lynch, Chris. The big game of everything. Rohrlick, Paula Young adult review 247
Mackel, Kathy. Boost. Rosser, Claire Brief article 332
Mahammad, Reza. Rice, spice and all things nice; Indian cuisine with style. Levinson, Daniel Brief article 222
Marillier, Juliet. Cybele's secret. Scanlon, Donna Brief article 303
Marr, Melissa. Wicked lovely. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 261
Martin, C.K. Kelly. I know it's over. Rosser, Claire Book review 380
McCaffrey, Carmel. In search of Ireland's heroes. Julian, Janet Book review 344
McDonnell Margot. Torn to pieces. Rosser, Claire Brief article 256
Meeting the challenge of his dark materials. Elliott, Marissa Critical essay 1529
Meyer, LA. My bonny light horseman; being an account of the further adventures of Jacky Faber, in love and war. Rosser, Claire Book review 339
Miller, Sue. The senator's wife. Allison, Susan Audiobook review 350
Moses, Shelia P. Joseph, a novel. Rosser, Claire Brief article 256
Mussi, Sarah. The door of no return. Rosser, Claire Brief article 330
Mutsuki, Lay. Yggdrasil. Galuschak, George Brief article 272
Napoli, Donna Jo. The smile. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Brief article 301
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Cricket Man, a novel. Marler, Myrna Brief article 311
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Dangerously Alice. Rosser, Claire Book review 179
Ness, Patrick. The knife of never letting go. Rohrlick, Paula Brief article 263
O'Nan, Stewart. Snow angels. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook review 269
Obama, Barack. The audacity of hope; thoughts on reclaiming the American dream. Rosser, Claire Brief article 251
Offley, Ed. Scorpion down. Julian, Janet Brief article 276
Oppel, Kenneth. Darkwing. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 188
Patterson, James. The final warning. Julian, Janet Audiobook review 380
Pearce, Michael. A dead man in Athens. Julian, Janet Audiobook review 311
Pearson, Mary E. The adoration of Jenna Fox. Squicciarini, Stephanie Audiobook review 307
Platt, Kin. A mystery for Thoreau. Rohrlick, Paula Brief article 232
Powers, Alice Leccese, ed. Spain in mind, an anthology. Levinson, Daniel Book review 247
Pratchett, Terry. Nation. Rohrlick, Paula Brief article 300
Pressfield, Steven. Killing Rommel. Boyd, John E. Audiobook review 329
Price, Jill. The woman who can't forget. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 251
Prose, Francine. Bullyville. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 257
Robinson, Alex. Too cool to be forgotten. Sweeney, Jennifer Brief article 279
Rodrigues dos Santos, Jose. Codex 632; a novel about the secret identity of Christopher Columbus. Boyd, John E. Audiobook review 314
Ruby, Lois. The secret of Laurel Oaks. Larsen, Ashleigh Young adult review 236
Ryan, P.E. Saints of Augustine. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Young adult review 248
Schumacher, Julie. Blackbox, a novel. Marler, Myrna Book review 324
Schusterman, Neal. Antsy does time. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 281
Scott, Elizabeth. Living dead girl, a novel. Larsen, Ashleigh Book review 284
Shuyun, Sun. The Long March; the true history of China's founding myth. Julian, Janet Brief article 284
Siegal Nina. A little trouble with the facts. Theiss, Nola Audiobook review 283
Sina, A.B., writer; Machner, Jordan. creator. Prince of Persia. Galuschak, George Book review 319
Sitomer, Alan Lawrence. The secret story of Sonia Rodriguez. Rosser, Claire Book review 497
Sivertsen, Linda & Sivertsen, Tosh. Generation Green; the ultimate teen guide to living an eco-friendly life. Rosser, Claire Book review 406
Smith, Andrew. Ghost Medicine. Rosser, Claire Book review 336
Smith, Charles R., Jr. Chameleon. Rosser, Claire Book review 299
Smith, Cynthia Leitich. Tantalize. Chancellor, Cara Book review 403
Snow, Carol. Switch. Chancellor, Cara Book review 249
Sontag, Rachel. House rules. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 255
Spinelli, Jerry. Love, Stargirl. Theiss, Nola Audiobook review 261
Spradlin, Michael P. Keeper of the Grail. Rosser, Claire Book review 310
Springer, Nancy. The case of the bizarre bouquets; an Enola Holmes mystery. Kotula, Andrea Winokur Audiobook review 211
Sternberg, Libby. Recovering dad. Rosser, Claire Book review 230
Stone, Robert. Dog soldiers. Boyd, John E. Audiobook review 327
Strasser, Todd. Boot camp. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 310
Strout, Elizabeth. Olive Kitteridge. Theiss, Nola Audiobook review 258
Sutherland, Tui T. Kingdom of twilight. Scanlon, Donna Book review 337
Swindells, Robert. Timesnatch. Theiss, Nola Audiobook review 259
Sydor, Colleen. My mother is a French fry and further proof of my fuzzed-up life. Marler, Myrna Book review 318
Tamayose, Darcy. Katie be quiet. Blumberg, Sharon Book review 212
Thomas, Garen. Yes we can; a biography of Barack Obama. Rosser, Claire Brief article 373
Tomlinson, Heather. Aurelie, a faerie tale. Chancellor, Cara Brief article 233
Vincenzi, Penny. An absolute scandal. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 260
Vincenzi, Penny. Sheer abandon. Ammon, Bette Audiobook review 200
Von Schiller, Friedrich. Mary Stuart. Theiss, Nola Audiobook review 277
Warren, Andrea. Escape from Saigon; how a Vietnam war orphan became an American boy. Rosser, Claire Brief article 306
Wasserman, Robin. Skinned. Rosser, Claire Book review 291
Wells, Rosemary. Red moon at Sharpsburg. Dole, Pat Audiobook review 322
Werlin, Nancy. Impossible. Rosser, Claire Book review 292
Weyn, Suzanne. The crimson thread; a retelling of "Rumpelstiltskin.". Scanlon, Donna Book review 399
Wilce, Ysabeau S. Flora's dare. Root, Deirdre Book review 220
Wilson, Budge. Before Green Gables. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook review 269
Winik, Jay. The great upheaval; America and the birth of the modern world, 1788-1800. Julian, Janet Audiobook review 330
Writerscorps. Tell the world. Beschta, Jim Book review 286
Wu, Emily & Engelmann, Larry. Feather in the storm; a childhood lost in chaos. Theiss, Nola Brief article 262
Yee, Paul. Learning to fly. Blumberg, Sharon Book review 151
Young, E.L. Storm; the ghost machine. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 216
Zemser, Amy Bronwen. Dear Julia. Larsen, Ashleigh Book review 220

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