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Articles from Kliatt (May 1, 2008)

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Akira, Shouko. Monkey High! Galuschak, George Young adult review 273
Albert, Susan Wittig. The tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood; the cottage tales of Beatrix Potter. Moxley, Melody Audiobook review 235
Alexander, Alma. Gift of the unmage. Chancellor, Cara Brief article 294
Alexander, Kwame. Crush, love poems. Beschta, Jim Book review 266
Alexie, Sherman. The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian. Squicciarini, Stephanie Young adult review 478
Almond, David. Clay. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 223
Anderson, Jodi Lynn. The secrets of peaches. Squicciarini, Stephanie Book review 231
Angle, Kimberly Greene. Hummingbird. Marler, Myrna Brief article 317
Asher, Jay. Thirteen reasons why. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook review 277
Avi. The Traitors' Gate. Ginsberg, Sherri Audiobook review 296
Baldwin, James. The fire next time. Levitov, Francine Brief article 267
Bauer, Joan. Peeled. Rosser, Claire Book review 214
Bell, Ted. Nick of time. Chancellor, Cara Brief article 234
Beller, Ken & Chase, Heather. Great peacemakers; true stories from around the world. Theiss, Nola Book review 293
Benway, Robin. Audrey, wait. Rosser, Claire Brief article 254
Berry, Steve. The Venetian betrayal. Purucker, Mary Young adult review 270
Block, Francesca Lia. Blood roses. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Brief article 231
Boggess, Eileen. Mia the melodramatic. Rosser, Claire Brief article 227
Bradbury, Jennifer. Shift. Marler, Myrna Book review 310
Brashares, Ann. Forever in blue; the fourth summer of the sisterhood. Rosser, Claire Book review 253
Breslin, Jimmy. The good rat. Levitov, Francine Brief article 267
Brian, Kate. The Virginity Club. Marler, Myrna Book review 291
Brothers, Meagan. Debbie Harry sings in French. Larsen, Ashleigh Brief article 276
Bruchac, Joseph. March toward the thunder. Rohrlick, Paula Brief article 273
Bryson, Bill. Shakespeare; the world as stage. Levitov, Francine Brief article 269
Burg, Shana. A thousand never evers. Hinton, Kaavonia Book review 304
Cabot, Meg. All-American girl. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 321
Cabot, Meg. Jinx. Ginsberg, Sherri Audiobook review 348
Cabot, Meg. Princess in pink. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 245
Cabot, Meg. Princess in waiting. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 285
Caletti, Deb. The nature of Jade. Rosser, Claire Book review 378
Carey, Janet Lee. Dragon's keep. Chancellor, Cara Young adult review 375
Cathcart, Thomas & Daniel Klein. Plato and a platypus walk into a bar; understanding philosophy through jokes. Crowder-Chaplin, Nancy Brief article 240
Chabon, Michael. Gentlemen of the Road. Flick, Hugh, Jr. Young adult review 203
Claudel, Philippe. By a slow river. Theiss, Nola Brief article 257
Clement-Moore, Rosemary. Prom dates from hell. Rosser, Claire Book review 282
Coffin, Jaed. A chant to soothe wild elephants, a memoir. Rosser, Claire Book review 314
Colfer, Eoin. Airman. Boyd, John E. Audiobook review 291
Collins, Billy. Billy Collins live. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 249
Collins, James. Beginner's Greek. Palmer, Jean Brief article 199
Cornish, D.M.: Lamplighter. Scanlon, Donna Young adult review 406
Crofts, Andrew. The little hero; one boy's fight for freedom; Iqbal Masih's story. Paldino, Lorie Book review 504
Damrosch, David. The buried book; the loss and rediscovery of the Great Epic of Gilgamesh. Levitov, Francine Brief article 253
Danticat, Edwidge. Krik? Krak! Allison, Susan Audiobook review 345
Dart-Thornton, Cecilia. The ill-made mute. Reich, Carol Audiobook review 317
Davis, Lindsey. Saturnalia; a Marcus Didius Falco novel. Julian, Janet Young adult review 324
de Lint, Charles. Dingo. Chancellor, Cara Brief article 243
De Young, Karen. Soldier; the life of Colin Powell. Puffer, Raymond Book review 347
Dean, Claire. Girlwood. Farmer, Lesley Book review 271
Dean, John W.: Broken government; how Republican rule destroyed the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Crowder-Chaplin, Nancy Audiobook review 323
Dekeyser, Stacy. Jump the cracks. Durant, Olivia Book review 296
Delaney, Joseph. Night of the Soul Stealer. Ginsberg, Sherri Audiobook review 351
DeLint, Charles. Memory and dream. Flick, Hugh, Jr. Audiobook review 202
Dick, Philip K.: Blade runner. Purucker, Mary Brief article 280
Dickens, Charles. Great expectations. Galuschak, George Book review 293
Donald, Aida D.: Lion in the White House; a life of Theodore Roosevelt. Boyd, John E. Audiobook review 341
Dostoevsky, Fyodor. Crime and punishment. Levitov, Francine Young adult review 251
Downing, Wick. The trials of Kate Hope. Marler, Myrna Book review 252
Dunn, Susan, ed.: Something that will surprise the world; the essential writings of the founding fathers. Moore, Patricia Book review 236
Elliott, Kate. Spirit Gate. Chancellor, Cara Book review 261
Elliott, L.M.: Give me liberty. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 273
Ephron, Delia. Frannie in pieces. Kellerman, Carol Young adult review 365
Erlings, Fridrik. Benjamin Dove. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 305
Ferris, Jean. Twice upon a marigold. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 184
Finder, Joseph. Power play. Rosenzweig, Sue Audiobook review 176
Fitzgerald, Dawn. Soccer chick rules. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 253
Fletcher, Susan. Alphabet of dreams. Scanlon, Donna Book review 349
Fournel, Kelly. Native women of courage. Moore, Patricia Young adult review 207
Friesner, Esther. Nobody's princess. Rosser, Claire Book review 263
Frost, Karolyn Smardz. I've got a home in glory land. Purucker, Mary Brief article 304
Gardner, Sally. The red necklace. Rosser, Claire Book review 284
Geerling, Marietta. Fancy white trash. Cole, Aimee Book review 227
Gibran, Kahlil. The prophet. Levitov, Francine Brief article 291
Goodwin, Doris Kearns. Team of rivals. Boyd, John E. Brief article 280
Gould, Steven. Jumper; Griffin's story. Rosser, Claire Brief article 314
Grab, Daphne. Alive and well in Prague, New York. Rosser, Claire Book review 270
Grant, Michael. Gone; what if everyone you love disappeared in a flash? Chancellor, Cara Book review 291
Greene, Michele Dominguez. Chasing the jaguar. Rosser, Claire Book review 241
Haddix, Margaret Peterson. The uprising. Ginsberg, Sherri Young adult review 409
Harding, Georgina. The solitude of Thomas Cave. Theiss, Nola Young adult review 260
Harris, Charlaine. An ice cold grave; a Harper Connelly mystery. Israel, Jodi Young adult review 239
Heinlein, Robert A.: The cat who walks through walls. Levitov, Francine Brief article 267
Henkes, Kevin. Bird Lake moon. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 199
Hogan, Mary. Perfect girl. Marler, Myrna Book review 316
Hyde, Catherine Ryan. The day I killed James. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 275
Jacques, Brian. Eulalai! Reich, Carol Children's Review 207
Jenkins, A.M.: Night road. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 277
Jinks, Catherine. Evil genius. Rohrlick, Paula Young adult review 262
Jinks, Catherine. Genius Squad. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 214
Khoury, Raymond. The sanctuary. Rosenzweig, Sue Audiobook review 175
King, Stephen. Duma Key. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 266
Kladstrup, Kristin. The book of story beginnings. Farmer, Lesley Book review 221
Kodas, Michael. High crimes; the fate of Everest in an age of greed. Levitov, Francine Brief article 259
Kostick, Conor. Saga. Chancellor, Cara Book review 243
Kozak, Jane. Dead ex. Levitov, Francine Young adult review 269
Le Guin, Ursula K.: Powers. Purucker, Mary Young adult review 331
Lehner, Mark. The complete pyramids; solving the ancient mysteries. Rosser, Claire Book review 389
Levine, Gail Carson. Ever. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 288
Lewis, Richard. The killing sea. Musher, Samantha Book review 326
Lockhart, E., Sarah Mlynowski & Lauren Myracle. How to be bad. Cole, Aimee Book review 255
Lovesey, Peter. Diamond solitaire. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 257
Luiken, Nicole. Frost. Hoy, Sherry Young adult review 244
Lurie, April. The latent powers of Dylan Fontaine. Rosser, Claire Book review 242
Madgic, Bob. Shattered air; a true account of catastrophe and courage on Yosemite's Half Dome. Boyd, John E. Young adult review 344
Marillier, Juliet. Wildwood dancing. Scanlon, Donna Book review 372
Marr, Melissa. Ink exchange. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 295
Martinez, Guillermo. The Oxford murders. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 261
McCall. Nathan. Them. Dole, Pat Young adult review 360
McCarthy, Maureen. Rose by any other name. Rosser, Claire Book review 296
McCormick, Patricia. Sold. Rosser, Claire Book review 437
McGinnis, Joe. Never enough. Levitov, Francine Brief article 258
McNab, Andy & Rigby, Robert. Meltdown; the final chapter of the Watts Family Adventures. Rosser, Claire Young adult review 246
McNicoll, Sylvia. Last chance for Paris. Mitts-Smith, Debra Book review 201
Mebus, Scott. Gods of Manhattan. Chancellor, Cara Young adult review 241
Medina, Nico. Fat hoochie prom queen. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 289
Meldrum, Christina. Madapple. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 292
Mikaelsen, Ben. Ghost of Spirit Bear. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 264
Mitchard, Jacquelyn. All we know of heaven, a novel. Rosser, Claire Book review 332
Mitchard, Jacquelyn. Now you see her. Marler, Myrna Book review 286
Mitchard, Jacquelyn. Still summer. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook review 259
Moliere. The misanthrope. Kellerman, Carol Sound recording review 280
Morden, Simon. The lost art. Farmer, Lesley Book review 319
Morse, Scott. Magic Pickle. Sweeney, Jennifer Children's Review 207
Moses, Shelia P.: The baptism. Purucker, Mary Audiobook review 378
Moshiri, Farnoosh. The bathhouse. Pat, Dole Brief article 284
Mundi, Mariah. The Midas box. Chancellor, Cara Book review 281
Murdock, Catherine Gilbert. Princess Ben. Rosser, Claire Book review 206
Murdock, Catherine Gilbert. The off season. Marler, Myrna Book review 332
Myers, Walter Dean. Sunrise over Fallujah. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 330
Native American Rights Fund. Visions for the future; a celebration of young Native American Artists. Moore, Patricia Young adult review 254
O'Farrell, Maggie. The vanishing act of Esme Lennox. Theiss, Nola Young adult review 264
Okorafor-Mbachu, Nnedi. Zahrah the windseeker. Hinton, KaaVonia Young adult review 407
Parker, Robert B.: The boxer and the spy. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 227
Patchett, Ann. Run. Theiss, Nola Audiobook review 261
Perry, Bruce D. & Szalavitz, Maia. The boy who was raised as a dog; and other stories from a child psychiatrist's notebook. Theiss, Nola Book review 386
Peterson, Will. Triskellion. Rosser, Claire Book review 233
Phillips, Marie. Gods behaving badly. Francine, Levitov Brief article 252
Pierce, Tamora. Melting stone. Squicciarini, Stephanie Brief article 225
Plum-Ucci, Carol. Streams of Babel. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 276
Popescu, Petru. Birth of the pack. Root, Deirdre Young adult review 168
Popescu, Petru. Footprints in time. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 227
Portman, Frank. King Dork. Levitov, Francine Book review 212
Powers, Kim. The history of swimming, a memoir. Theiss, Nola Book review 250
Questions about graphic novels. Galuschak, George 2032
Rabagliati, Michael. Paul goes fishing. Galuschak, George Book review 314
Rees, Celia. Blood sinister. Israel, Jodi Brief article 208
Reeves, Nicholas & Wilkinson, Richard H.: The complete Valley of the Kings; tombs and treasures of Egypt's greatest pharaohs. Rosser, Claire Book review 310
Reichs, Kathy. Bones to ashes; a Temperance Brennan novel. Purucker, Mary Young adult review 215
Reinhardt, Dana. How to build a house, a novel. Rosser, Claire Book review 246
Richards, Justin. The chaos code. Purucker, Mary Audiobook review 267
Richards, Leonard L.: The California Gold Rush and the coming of the Civil War. Puffer, Raymond Brief article 274
Rinaldi, Ann. Juliet's moon. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 272
Rivera, Raquel. Orphan Ahwak. Root, Deirdre Book review 148
Robb, J.D.: Eternity in death. Ammon, Bette Brief article 328
Rosenblum, Mary. Horizons. Hoy, Sherry Young adult review 210
Ruby, Laura. Good girls. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 274
Russell, S. Thomas. Under enemy colors. Boyd, John E. Young adult review 299
Sartor, Margaret. Miss American Pie. Theiss, Nola Book review 281
Sayers, Dorothy L.: Murder must advertise. Theiss, Nola Young adult review 253
Schanbacher, Gary. Migration patterns, stories. Theiss, Nola Book review 254
Schilling, Vincent. Native athletes in action. Moore, Patricia Book review 237
Schlink, Bernhard. Homecoming. Theiss, Nola Brief article 300
Schlitz, Laura Amy. A drowned maiden's hair. Purucker, Mary Brief article 348
Scott, Elizabeth. Stealing Heaven. Larsen, Ashleigh Book review 189
Scott, Kieran. Geek magnet. Cole, Aimee Book review 230
Sebestyen, Victor. Twelve days; the story of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Puffer, Raymond Book review 349
Shaw, George Bernard. Man and Superman. Levitov, Francine Sound recording review 269
Shepard, Sara. Flawless; a Pretty Little Liars novel. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 271
Shoup, Barbara. Everything you want. Rosser, Claire Book review 347
Shusterman, Neal. Everlost. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 265
Simic, Charles. Sixty poems. Rosser, Claire Young adult review 149
Smelcer, John. The trap. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 298
Smiley, Patricia. Short change. Kellerman, Carol Brief article 260
Sonnenberg, Susanna. Her last death. Levitov, Francine Brief article 249
Spanogle, Joshua. Flawless. Purucker, Mary Audiobook review 269
Spinelli, Jerry. Smiles to go. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 213
Spradlin, Michael P.: The chase for the chalice. Galuschak, George Brief article 304
Stahler Jr., David. Otherspace. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 227
Stein, Tammar. High dive. Marler, Myrna Book review 296
Stewart, David O.: The summer of 1787. Crowder-Chaplin, Nancy Audiobook review 328
Swoish, Tammy. Hot Scots, castles, and kilts. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 277
Tamaki, Mariko. Skim. Galuschak, George Young adult review 271
Tashjian, Janet. Tru confessions. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 279
Thompson, Kate. The last of the high kings. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 206
Torday, Paul. Salmon fishing in the Yemen. Theiss, Nola Brief article 270
Tram, Dang Thuy. Last night I dreamed of peace; the diary of Dang Thuy Tram. Theiss, Nola Brief article 267
Triana, Gaby. The temptress four. Rosser, Claire Book review 221
Turner, Nancy E.: These is my words; the diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901, Arizona Territories. Purucker, Mary Brief article 293
Van Draanen, Wendelin. Confessions of a serial kisser. Marler, Myrna Book review 301
Van Etten, David. Likely story. Rosser, Claire Book review 243
Vega, Denise. Fact of life #31. Marler, Myrna Book review 307
Venkatraman, Padma. Climbing the stairs, a novel. Rosser, Claire Book review 244
Walden, Mark. H.I.V.E. Scanlon, Donna Book review 369
Ward, Amanda Eyre. Forgive me. Ammon, Bette Audiobook review 202
Wedekind, Annie. A horse of her own. Rosser, Claire Book review 245
Westerfeld, Scott. Extras. Ginsberg, Sherri Audiobook review 379
Winspear, Jacqueline. An incomplete revenge; a Maisie Dobbs novel. Palmer, Jean Brief article 225
Wodehouse, P.G.: The code of the Woosters. Theiss, Nola Brief article 262
Wood, Jamie Martinez. Rogelia's house of magic, a novel. Marler, Myrna Book review 323
Woodard, Colin. The republic of pirates; being the true and surprising story of the Caribbean pirates and the man who brought them down. Purucker, Mary Brief article 262
Wyndham, John. The Kraken wakes. Theiss, Nola Young adult review 368

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