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Articles from Kliatt (March 1, 2008)

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A modern valediction Forbidding mourning. Levitov, Francine Bibliography 2839
Abrahams, Peter. Into the dark. Rosser, Claire Book review 195
Ackerman, Diane. The zookeeper's wife; a war story. Rosenzweig, Sue Audiobook review 208
Adams, Maureen. Shaggy muses. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 266
Adler, David A.: Don't talk to me about the war. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 232
Adlington, L.J.: The diary of Pelly D. Winship, Michele Book review 290
Alexander, Alma. Spellspam. Chancellor, Cara Book review 244
Amano, Kozue. Aria; volume one. Galuschak, George Brief article 283
Anderson, M. T.: The pox party. Chaplin, Nancy Book review 309
Angier, Natalie. The canon; a whirligig tour of the beautiful basics of science. Theiss, Nola Brief article 273
Apter, Terri. The sister knot; why we fight, why we're jealous, and why we'll love each other no matter what. Theiss, Nola Book review 338
At issue series. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 487
Avi. The seer of shadows. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 281
Baker, Kage. The machine's child; a Company novel. Farmer, Lesley Book review 156
Ball, Heather. Astonishing women artists. Rosser, Claire Book review 120
Barrett, Andrea. The air we breathe. Levitov, Francine Young adult review 267
Beaufrand, Mary Jane. Primavera. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 279
Bjarnason, Paul Rossetti. Stargazers; stories of the first philosophers. Levinson, Daniel Book review 320
Blechman, Andrew D.: Pigeons; the fascinating saga of the world's most revered and reviled bird. Theiss, Nola Book review 294
Blight, David W.: A slave no more; two men who escaped to freedom, including their own narratives of emancipation. Boyd, John E. Audiobook review 274
Block, Lawrence. Lucky at cards. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 259
Brande, Robin. Evolution, me & other freaks of nature. Allison, Susan Audiobook review 229
Bruchac, Joseph. Code talker; a novel about the Navajo Marines of World War Two. Klein, Miles Young adult review 426
Bunce, Elizabeth C.: A curse dark as gold. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 334
Cabot, Meg. Queen of babble in the big city. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook review 243
Caletti, Deb. The fortunes of Indigo Skye. Rosser, Claire Book review 407
Caveney, Philip. Sebastian Darke; prince of fools. Marler, Myrna Book review 317
Chandrasekaran, Rajiv. Imperial life in the emerald city; inside Iraq's Green Zone. Boyd, John E. Brief article 251
Chase, Clifford. Winkie. Theiss, Nola Book review 281
Christgau, Robert, ed.: Best music writing, 2007. Levinson, Daniel Brief article 242
Clark, Clare. The nature of monsters. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 263
Cobain, Bev. When nothing matters anymore; a survival guide for depressed teens. Moore, Patricia Book review 313
Cooney, Caroline B.: Enter three witches. Levitov, Francine Brief article 228
Cooney, Caroline B.: Hit the road. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 291
Crane, E.M.: Skin deep. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 292
Crilley, Mark. Miki Falls; autumn. Sweeney, Jennifer Book review 292
Crilley, Mark. Miki Falls; winter. Sweeney, Jennifer Book review 231
Delaney, Joseph. The last apprentice; attack of the fiend. Farmer, Lesley Book review 253
Dessen, Sarah. Lock and key. Rosser, Claire Book review 312
Dewolf, Thomas Norman. Inheriting the trade; a northern family confronts its legacy: the largest slave-trading dynasty in U.S. history. Rosenzweig, Sue Brief article 209
Donohue, Keith. The stolen child, a novel. Theiss, Nola Book review 332
Doyle, Marissa. Bewitching season. Rosser, Claire Book review 193
Dray, Philip. Stealing God's thunder; Benjamin Franklin's lightning rod and the invention of America. Boyd, John E. Brief article 212
Drury, Bob & Clavin, Tom. Halsey's typhoon; the true story of a fighting admiral, an epic storm, and an untold rescue. Puffer, Raymond Book review 420
Editors' choice audiobooks for 2007. Audiobook review 308
Editors' choice: best of the year's hardcover YA fiction. Bibliography 356
Eggers, Dave. What is the what; the autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng, a novel. Moore, Patricia Book review 241
Ellis, Joseph J.: American creation; triumphs and tragedies at the founding of the Republic. Boyd, John E. Brief article 248
Enthoven, Sam. Tim, Defender of the Earth. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 191
Erickson, Carolly. The secret life of Josephine, Napoleon's bird of paradise. Theiss, Nola Audiobook review 432
Eto, Miyuki & The Jigoku Shoujo Project. Hell girl. Galuschak, George Book review 277
Ferraro, Tina. How to hook a hottie. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 279
Fischer, Debbie Reed. Braless in wonderland. Rosser, Claire Book review 265
Fitzgerald, Dawn. Getting in the game. Rosser, Claire Book review 259
Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The great Gatsby. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 255
Follett, Ken. World without end. Julian, Janet Audiobook review 394
Forster, Margaret. Lady's maid. Rosenzweig, Sue Audiobook review 168
Friesner, Esther. Nobody's prize. Rosser, Claire Book review 260
Fukui, Isamu. Truancy. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 277
Gehrman, Jody. Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty. Larsen, Ashleigh Book review 243
Gifford, Rob. China Road; a journey into the future of a rising power. Julian, Janet Brief article 304
Gonzalez, Julie. Imaginary enemy. Marler, Myrna Book review 323
Gonzalez-Crussi, F.: A. short history of medicine; a modern library chronicle. Offner, Susan Brief article 236
Gordimer, Nadine. Beethoven was one-sixteenth black. Dole, Pat Brief article 196
Goyal, Anuj, ed.: Higher ground; stories inspired by the courage and hope of children who survived the 2004 tsunami disaster. Theiss, Nola Young adult review 291
Gratz, Alan. Something rotten. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 246
Green, Tim. Football hero. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 258
Greenwood, Ed.: Dark lord. Flick, Hugh, Jr. Brief article 232
Grey, Christopher. Leonardo's shadow; or, my astonishing life as Leonardo da Vinci's servant. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 341
Gurwitch, Annabelle. Fired again; stories from the book Fired! Tales of the canned, canceled, downsized, and dismissed. Theiss, Nola Brief article 208
Gutman, Dan. Jim & me. Rohrlick, Paula Brief article 216
Hale, Marian. The truth about sparrows. Theiss, Nola Book review 281
Harding, Louisa. Knitting little luxuries; beautiful accessories to knit. Theiss, Nolan Book review 266
Harmon, Michael. The last exit to normal. Rosser, Claire Book review 330
Hart, John. Down river. Allison, Susan Young adult review 250
Hartnett, Sonya. Stripes of the sidestep wolf. Dole, Pat Audiobook review 296
Hautman, Pete & Logue, Mary. Doppelganger. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 190
Head, Glenn, ed.: Hotwire Comics; volume 2. Galuschak, George Book review 239
Heinlein, Robert A. & Robinson, Spider. Variable star. Julian, Janet Audiobook review 317
Heller, Joseph. Catch-22. Dole, Pat Audiobook review 375
Hill, Lawrence. Someone knows my name. Theiss, Nola Audiobook review 357
Hine, David. Poison candy. Sweeney, Jennifer Book review 277
Hobbs, Will. Go big or go home. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 247
Hogan, Mary. Perfect face. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 276
Houston, Julian. New boy. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 296
Hughes, Dan. Search and destroy. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 341
Johnson, Kirk. Cruisin' the fossil freeway. Julian, Janet Book review 272
Johnson, Maureen. The key to the golden Firebird, a novel. Rosser, Claire Book review 327
Johnson, Varian. My life as a rhombus. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 294
Jones, Carrie. Love (and other uses for duct tape). Rosser, Claire Brief article 335
Jones, Frewin. The faerie path. Scanlon, Donna Book review 378
Jonnes, Jill. Conquering Gotham; a Gilded Age epic: the construction of Penn Station and its tunnels. Offner, Susan Audiobook review 278
Kaiser, Scott. Shakespeare's wordcraft. Julian, Janet Book review 174
Kalla, Daniel. Blood lies. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 263
Kalstein, Dave. Prodigy. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook review 249
Kasischke, Laura. Feathered. Marler, Myrna Brief article 302
Katzenbach, John. The wrong man. Moxley, Melody Audiobook review 200
Klass, David. Whirlwind. Rohrlick, Paula Brief article 226
Kluger, Steve. My most excellent year; a novel of love, Mary Poppins & Fenway Park. Rosser, Claire Book review 364
Knight, E.E.: Dragon outcast. Scanlon, Donna Book review 329
Laird, Thomas. The story of Tibet; conversations with the Dalai Lama. Theiss, Nola Young adult review 273
Lam, Vincent. Bloodletting & miraculous cures; stories. Levitov, Francine Brief article 266
Langrish, Katherine. Troll mill. Winship, Michele Book review 262
Larson, Kirby. Hattie big sky. Rosser, Claire Book review 331
Lat. Town boy. Galuschak, George Book review 291
Lethem, Jonathan. Girl in landscape. Klein, Miles Audiobook review 250
Lord, M.G.: Astro turf; the private life of rocket science. Julian, Janet Book review 254
Lupica, Mike. The big field. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 275
Lutz, Lisa. The Spellman files. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook review 223
Mac, Carrie. Pain and Wastings. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 310
Mailer, Norman. The castle in the forest. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 250
Marr, Melissa. Wicked lovely. Squicciarini, Stephanie Brief article 198
Marriott, Zoe. The swan kingdom. Rosser, Claire Book review 322
Miller, Arthur. The man who had all the luck. Levitov, Francine Brief article 265
Moore, Susanna. The big girls. Kellerman, Carol Brief article 265
Moses, Shelia P.: The return of Buddy Bush. Rosser, Claire Book review 272
Nieuwenhuizen, Agnes. Right book--right time; 500 great reads for teenagers. Rosser, Claire Book review 339
O'Connell, Carol. Find me. Rosenzweig, Sue Brief article 192
Olmstead, Robert. Coal black horse. Boyd, John E. Audiobook review 243
Opposing Viewpoints Series. AIDS. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 413
Oshinsky, David M.; Polio; an American story. Offner, Susan Brief article 247
Park, Linda Sue. Keeping score. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 293
Patterson, Richard North. The race. Boyd, John E. Brief article 224
Pearson, Mary E.: The adoration of Jenna Fox. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book review 309
Perdue, Theda & Michael D. Green. The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears. Boyd, John E. Brief article 287
Pyykkonen, Carrie & Washington, Linda. Secrets of The Wee Free Men and Discworld; the myths and legends of Terry Pratchett's multiverse. Rohrlick, Paula Young adult review 311
Quinn, Anthony. Ceramic design course; principles, practice, and techniques; a complete guide for ceramicists. Rosser, Claire Book review 156
Revkin, Andrew C.: The North Pole; puzzles and perils at the top of the world. Puffer, Raymond Book review 385
Rosoff, Meg. Just in case, a novel. Rosser, Claire Book review 360
Rule, Ann. Too late to say goodbye. Levitov, Francine Brief article 250
Runholt, Susan. The mystery of the third Lucretia. Rosser, Claire Book review 318
Sachar, Louis. Small steps. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 256
Sacks, Oliver. Musicophilia. Woodman, Betsy Audiobook review 339
Saks, Elyn R.: The center cannot hold; my journey through madness. Woodman, Betsy Audiobook review 368
Sanders, Scott Loring. The hanging woods. Marler, Myrna Book review 306
Savin-Williams, Rich C.: The new gay teenager. Howard, Sarah Book review 287
Schmidt, Gary D.: Trouble. Larsen, Ashleigh Book review 266
Segal, Nancy L.: Indivisable by two; lives of extraordinary twins. Julian, Janet Book review 360
Selzer, Adam. Pirates of the retail wasteland. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 212
Sevan, Adriana. Taking flight. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook review 250
Shanower, Eric. Betrayal, Part One. Galuschak, George Book review 311
Sleator, William. Test. Rosser, Claire Book review 300
Sloan, Brian. A really nice prom mess. Marler, Myrna Young adult review 302
Smith, Jennifer E.: The comeback season. Rosser, Claire Book review 348
Sparrow, Rebecca. The year Nick McGowan came to stay. Rosser, Claire Book review 308
Spinelli, Jerry. Love, Stargirl. Theiss, Nola Brief article 230
Stanley, Diane. Bella at midnight. Winship, Michele Book review 271
Staples, Suzanne Fisher. The house of djinn. Rosser, Claire Book review 259
Stratton, Allan. Chanda's wars, a novel. Hinton, KaaVonia Book review 312
Tabor, James M.: Forever on the mountain. Rosenzweig, Sue Brief article 187
The ultimate teen guide series. Rosser, Claire Book review 381
Tomkins, Stephen. William Wilberforce, a biography. Moore, Patricia Book review 213
Trethewey, Natasha. Native guard. Beschta, James Book review 290
Trueman, Terry. Hurricane; a novel. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 216
van Diepen, Allison. Snitch. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 398
Vivian, Siobhan. A little friendly advice. Marler, Myrna Book review 292
Vonnegut, Kurt. Hocus pocus. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 259
Walters, Eric. Sketches. Marler, Myrna Book review 297
Walters, Eric. Splat! Larsen, Ashleigh Book review 209
Weaver, Will. Saturday night dirt. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 226
Wein, Elizabeth E.: The empty kingdom. Rosser, Claire Book review 193
Weiner, Tim. Legacy of ashes; the history of the CIA. Chaplin, Nancy Audiobook review 352
Westerfeld, Scott. Blue noon. Winship, Michele Book review 246
White, Ethel Lina. The lady vanishes. Levitov, Francine Audiobook review 263
Wiess, Laura. Leftovers. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 326
Wilson, William Julius & Richard P. Taub.: There goes the neighborhood; racial, ethnic and class tensions in four Chicago neighborhoods and their meaning for America. Moore, Patricia Book review 309
Wood, Maryrose. My life; the musical. Marler, Myrna Book review 321
Wood, Trish. What was asked of us; an oral history of the Iraq war by the soldiers who fought it. Puffer, Raymond Book review 344
Wright, Nina. Sensitive. MacGregor, Amanda Book review 375
Young, E.L.: STORM; the infinity code. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 265
Zaar, Sara. Sweethearts. Larsen, Ashleigh Book review 234
Zipora, Malka. Rather laugh than cry; stories from a Hassidic household. Julian, Janet Brief article 198

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