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Articles from Kliatt (January 1, 2007)

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Acampora, Paul. Defining Dulcie. Purucker, Mary 236
Alphin, Elaine Marie. Picture perfect. Squicciarini, Stephanie 248
Alvarez, Julia. Saving the world. Theiss, Nola 265
Amend, Bill. Jam-packed Foxtrot. Rohrlick, Paula 198
Anderson, Jodi Lynn. The secrets of peaches. Squicciarini, Stephanie 220
Antieau, Kim. Broken moon. Marler, Myrna 343
Atlas, Nava. Vegetarian soups for all seasons; bountiful vegan soups and stews for every time of year. Reis, Shirley 223
Atwood, Margaret. Moral disorder. Theiss, Nola Audiobook review 241
Atwood, Margaret. The Penelopiad. Levitov, Francine Book review 202
Auseon, Andrew. Funny little monkey. Durant, Olivia 235
Avi. The book without words; a fable of medieval magic. Rohrlick, Paula Book review 255
Baer, Robert. Blow the house down. Purucker, Mary 258
Balliett, Blue. The Wright 3. Forgash, Sherri 144
Barnes, Derrick. The making of Dr. True, love. Hinton, KaaVonia 249
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn. Golden. Israel, Jodi L. 214
Barrie, J.M. Peter Pan. Rosenzweig, Sue 216
Barry, Dave & Pearson, Ridley. Peter and the shadow thieves. Ammon, Bette 206
Bauer, Cat. Harley's ninth. Flint-Ferguson, Janis 270
Beam, Matt. Getting to first base with Danalda Chase. Rohrlick, Paula 223
Bielski, Nella. The year is '42, a novel. Paldino, Lorie 275
Birdsall, Olivia. Notes on a near-life experience. Rosser, Claire 274
Bitton-Jackson, Livia. Hello, America; a refugee's journey from Auschwitz to the New World. Paldino, Lorie 346
Blacker, Terence. Parent swap. Tibbetts, Sally 205
Bledsoe, Lucy Jane. The ice cave; a woman's adventures from the Mojave to the Antarctic. Theiss, Nola 252
Boggess, Eileen. Mia the Meek. Rosser, Claire 347
Bondoux, Anne-Laure. Life as it comes. Rosser, Claire 248
Booth, Coe. Tyrell. Rohrlick, Paula 173
Brashares, Ann. Forever in blue. Rosser, Claire 242
Brooks, Kevin. Being. Rohrlick, Paula 299
Bruchac, Joseph. Code talker; a novel about the Navajo Marines of World War Two. Purucker, Mary Audiobook review 319
Bruen, Ken. Calibre. Rosenzweig, Sue 181
Burke, James Lee. Pegasus descending. Ammon, Bette 201
Caletti, Deb. The nature of Jade. Rosser, Claire 367
Caletti, Deb. Wild roses. Rosser, Claire 295
Calloway, Colin G. One vast winter count; the Native American West before Lewis and Clark. Moore, Patricia 175
Carney, Jeff. The adventures of Michael MacInnes. Rohrlick, Paula 188
Cart, Michael, ed. Rush hour; reckless. Pucci, Anthony 246
Case, John. Ghost dancer. Rosenzweig, Sue 215
Cheshire, Simon. The prince and the snow-girl. Rohrlick, Paula 190
Chesney, Marion. Snobbery with violence. Rosenzweig, Sue 188
Cohen, Deborah Bodin. Lilith's ark; teenage tales of biblical women. Griffin, Maureen 214
Cohn, Rachel. Cupcake. Marler, Myrna 289
Conviser, Josh. Echelon. Armstrong, Ginger 277
Copeland, Jeffrey S. Inman's war; a soldier's story of life in a colored battalion in WW II. Puffer, Raymond 438
Cox, Lynne. Grayson. Chaplin, Nancy Crowder 269
Crosby, Ellen. The merlot murders. Levitov, Francine 249
Dalecki, Linden. Kid B. MacGregor, Amanda 267
Davidson, MaryJanice. Undead and unpopular. Israel, Jodi L. Brief article 215
Denman, K.L. Battle of the bands. Carlson, Lisa 299
Desai, Kiran. The inheritance of loss. Theiss, Nola 277
Doctorow, E.L. Creationists; selected essays, 1993-2006. Chaplin, Nancy Crowder 264
Donohue, John. Deshi. Boyd, John E. 243
Duncan, David James. The river why. Julian, Janet 268
Duncan, Hal. Vellum; the book of all hours. Armstrong, Ginger 310
DuPrau, Jeanne. Car trouble, a novel. Rohrlick, Paula 245
Edwards, Jo. Love undercover. MacGregor, Amanda 274
Elliott, Patricia. Ambergate. Rosser, Claire 314
Ellis, Deborah. I am a taxi. Griffin, Maureen 234
Ely, Leanne. Saving dinner basics; how to cook even if you don't know how. Reis, Shirley Book review 284
Esquivel Laura. Malinche. Theiss, Nola 245
Estep, Maggie & Starr, Jason, eds. Bloodlines; a horse racing anthology. Theiss, Nola 236
Farrow, Anne, Lang, Joel, Frank, Jenifer. Complicity; how the North promoted, prolonged, and profited from slavery. Moore, Patricia 295
Fergus, Jim. One thousand white women: the journals of May Dodd, a novel. Allison, Susan 289
Fforde, Jasper. The fourth bear. Purucker, Mary 261
Fick, Nathaniel. One bullet away; the making of a Marine officer. Puffer, Raymond 395
Fitch, Janet. Paint it black. Levitov, Francine 253
Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The essential Fitzgerald: "Bernice bobs her hair.". Levitov, Francine 269
Flanagan, John. The ruins of Gorlan. Allison, Susan 297
Foner, Eric. Forever free; the story of Emancipation & Reconstruction. Puffer, Raymond 318
Forbes, Jake T. Jim Henson's return to Labyrinth, vol. 1. Feigelman, Jennifer 299
Forsyth, Frederick. The Afghan. Purucker, Mary 245
Fox, Margaret S. & Bear, John B. Morning food; breakfasts, brunches & more for savoring the best part of the day. Reis, Shirley 276
Frank, Lucy. Lucky stars. Durant, Olivia 279
Fredericks, Mariah. In the cards; love. Rosser, Claire 252
Fullerton, Alma. Walking on glass. Rohrlick, Paula 222
Gannon, Kathy. I is for infidel, J is for Jihad, K is for Kalashnikov. Theiss, Nola 285
George, Margaret. Helen of Troy. Levitov, Francine 263
Gilbert, Martin. Churchill and America. Boyd, John E. 243
Gleitzman, Morris. Two weeks with the queen. Dole, Pat 244
Golden, Christopher. Straight on 'til morning. DeMarco, Joseph 284
Gorman, Carol. Games; a tale of two bullies. Rohrlick, Paula 261
Grant, K.M. Green Jasper. Theiss, Nola 233
Gray, Alex. Shadows of sounds. Kellerman, Carol 234
Green, John. An abundance of Katherines. Julian, Janet Audiobook review 324
Grenville, Kate. The secret river. Purucker, Mary 255
Gruen, Cara. Water for elephants. Ammon, Bette Young adult review 301
Guerra Frontera, Ernesto. You, them and the others. Neissa, Peter 322
Guibert, Emmanuel & Sfar, Joann. Sardine in outer space. Galuschak, George 269
Gunter, Michael M., Jr. Building the next ark; how NGOs work to protect biodiversity. Theiss, Nola 285
Haab, Sherri. Beaded macrame jewelry; stylish designs, exciting new materials. Reis, Shirley 181
Hardy, LeAnne. Glastonbury Tor. Rosser, Claire 294
Harlow, Joan Hiatt. Midnight rider. Rosser, Claire 294
Harmon, Michael. Skate. Rohrlick, Paula 260
Harrison, Jim. The summer he didn't die. Kramer, Avi 419
Hata, Kenjiro. Hayate the combat butler. Galuschak, George 264
Hautman, Pete. Rash. Squicciarini, Stephanie Audiobook review 431
Hernandez, Jo Ann Yolanda. The throwaway piece. Goldsmith, Francisca 235
Hidier, Tanuja Desai. Born confused. Julian, Janet 240
Hill, Laban Carrick. A brush with Napoleon; an encounter with Jacques-Louis David. Rosser, Claire Book review 475
Hill, Stuart. Blade of fire. Winship, Michele 300
Hodgman, John. The areas of my expertise. Theiss, Nola 276
Hogan, James P. Kicking the sacred cow; questioning the unquestionable and thinking the impermissible. Puffer, Raymond 373
Hopkins, Ellen. Impulse. Marler, Myrna 302
Horn, Stacy. The restless sleep. Moxley, Melody Audiobook review 268
Horowitz, Anthony. Stormbreaker: the graphic novel. Feigelman, Jennifer Book review 272
Horrocks, Anita. Almost Eden. Bush, Krista 303 Cox, Ernie 320
Howe, James, ed. 13; thirteen stories that capture the agony and ecstasy of being thirteen. Squicciarini, Stephanie Book review 219
It's not what they're teachin' me in school: promoting boys' reading. Kramer, Avi 3006
Jablonski, Carla. Silent echoes. Rosser, Claire 352
Jance, J.A. Dead wrong. Purucker, Mary 228
Jeapes, Ben. The new world order. Rosser, Claire 310
Johnston, Jeffry W. Fragments. Wise, Jay 224
Jones, Claudia. Riding out the storm. Squicciarini, Stephanie 249
Jones, Edward P. All Aunt Hagar's children. Chaplin, Nancy Crowder Audiobook review 255
Jones, Frewin. The faerie path. Scanlon, Donna 365
Jonsberg, Barry. Am I right or am I right? Rosser, Claire 346
Jonsberg, Barry. The crimes and punishments of Miss Payne. Marler, Myrna 283
Josephson, Paul R. Resources under regimes; technology, environment, and the state. Theiss, Nola 283
Kavin, Kim. Tools of Native Americans; a kid's guide to the history & culture of the First Americans. Moore, Patricia 241
Kenyon, Sherrilyn. Dark side of the moon. Israel, Jodi L. 284
Kershaw, Alex. The few; the American "knights of the air" who risked everything to fight in the Battle of Britain. Boyd, John E. Audiobook review 273
Kure, Yuki. La corda d'oro, vol. 1. Galuschak, George Book review 270
Labunski, Richard. James Madison and the struggle for the Bill of Rights. Julian, Janet Audiobook review 303
Laird, Elizabeth, with Sonia Nimr. A little piece of ground. MacGregor, Amanda 290
Langston, Laura. Exit point. MacGregor, Amanda 255
Laskas, Gretchen Moran. The miner's daughter. Rosser, Claire 445
Lemoine, Ray & Neumann, Jeff. Babylon by bus. Klein, Miles 239
Leopold, Aldo. A Sand County almanac. Theiss, Nola 269
Levaas, Laura. Beader's stash; designs from America's favorite bead shops. Reis, Shirley 213
Levine, Gail Carson. Writing magic; creating stories that fly. Pucci, Anthony 259
Lynds, Gayle. The last spymaster. Rosenzweig, Sue 186
Lyons, Mary E. Letters from a slave boy; the story of Joseph Jacobs. Rohrlick, Paula 301
MacDonald, George. The light princess. Dole, Pat 173
Maguire, Gregory. Son of a witch. Theiss, Nola 253
Malarkey, Tucker. Resurrection. Allison, Susan 233
Marillier, Juliet. Wildwood dancing. Scanlon, Donna 354
Marsden, John. Incurable: the Ellie chronicles. Julian, Janet 279
Marsden, John. The Tomorrow Series. Tomorrow, when the war began. Rosser, Claire Book review 282
Martin, Ann M. The Babysitters Club: the truth about Stacey, vol. 2. Feigelman, Jennifer 253
Marvel, William. Andersonville; the last depot. Puffer, Raymond 418
Maugham, W. Somerset. The painted veil. Levitov, Francine 255
McCaughrean, Geraldine. The white darkness. Rosser, Claire 366
McCullough, Colleen. On, off. Dole, Pat 250
McDonnell, Kathleen. 1212; year of the journey. Rosser, Claire 438
Meyer, Kai. The stone light. Rohrlick, Paula 218
Mitchard, Jacquelyn. Cage of stars. Moxley, Melody A. 238
Montiel, Dito. A guide to recognizing your saints; a memoir. Chaplin, Nancy Crowder 255
Moore, Lisa. Alligator. Theiss, Nola 289
Morgenroth, Kate. Echo. Flint-Ferguson, Janis 289
Morris, Gerald. The princess, the crone, and the dung cart knight. Rosser, Claire 284
Moses, Shelia P. The baptism, a novel. Hinton, KaaVonia Book review 311
Mosley, Walter. Fear of the dark. Chaplin, Nancy Crowder 238
Mueller, Pamela Bauer. An angry drum echoed; Mary Musgrove, queen of the Creeks. Flint-Ferguson, Janis 342
Muller, Marcia. Vanishing point. Ammon, Bette 176
Murdock, Catherine Gilbert. Dairy queen. Ginsberg, Sherri Forgash 285
Myers, Walter Dean. Autobiography of my dead brother. Hinton, KaaVonia 366
Myrick, Leland. Missouri boy. Galuschak, George 210
Nicholson, Williams. Seeker. Flick, Hugh, Jr. 247
Noyes, Deborah, ed. Gothic! Ten original dark tales. DeMarco, Joseph 274
Ohlin, Alix. The missing person, a novel. Kramer, Avi 351
Ortiz, Michael L. Swan Town. Levitov, Francine 220
Peet, Mal. Tamar; a novel of espionage, passion, and bertrayal. Rosser, Claire 293
Pelecanos, George. The night gardener. Chaplin, Nancy Crowder 277
Perry, Anne. Dark assassin. Julian, Janet 214
Picoult, Jodi. The pact. Ammon, Bette 213
Pierce, Tamora. Street magic. Squicciarini, Stephanie 251
Pierce, Tamora. Terrier. Farmer, Lesley 349
Pike, Christopher. The Shaktra. Hoy, Sherry 273
Pinner, Patty. Sweets; soul food desserts & memories. Reis, Shirley Book review 203
Pletcher, Larry. Massachusetts disasters; true stories of tragedy and survival. Griffin, Maureen 302
Preble, Laura. The Queen Geek Social Club. MacGregor, Amanda 290
Prosek, James. The day my mother left. Rosser, Claire 374
Quammen, David. The reluctant Mr. Darwin; an intimate portrait of Charles Darwin and the making of his theory of evolution. Offner, Susan 235
Quindlen, Anna. Rise and shine. Theiss, Nola 222
Rabb, Margo. Cures for heartbreak, a novel. Marler, Myrna 305
Read, Cornelia. Field of darkness. Rosenzweig, Sue 179
Reinhardt, Dana. Harmless. Rosser, Claire 270
Reisz, Kristopher. Tripping to somewhere. Wiseman, Holley 129
Richardson, E.E. Devil's footsteps. Flint-Ferguson, Janis 277
Richardson, Nigel. The wrong hands. Theiss, Nola 289
Ripslinger, Jon. Derailed. MacGregor, Amanda 300
Robbins, David L. The assassins gallery. Klein, Miles 242
Rose, Malcolm. Final lap. Campbell, Heather 345
Rosen, Michael & Ingpen, Robert. Shakespeare; his work & his world. Neissa, Peter Book review 222
Russell, Christopher. Brind and the dogs of war. Allison, Susan 322
Russon, Penni. Breathe. Flint-Ferguson, Janis 259
Ryan, Darlene. Saving Grace. Carlson, Lisa 276
Sanderson, Brandon. Elantris. Chancellor, Cara 314
Scheeres, Julia. Jesus land, a memoir. Theiss, Nola 296
Schneider, Robyn. Better than yesterday. Marler, Myrna 289
Scott, Jerry & Borgman, Jim. Are we out of the driveway yet? Rohrlick, Paula 229
Selzer, Adam. How to get suspended and influence people. Rohrlick, Paula 200
Sheinkin, Steve. The adventures of Rabbi Harvey; a graphic novel of Jewish wisdom and wit in the Wild West. Feigelman, Jennifer 285
Shenk, David. The immortal game: a history of chess or how 32 carved pieces on a board illuminated our understanding of war, art, science, and the human brain. Offner, Susan 282
Siegel, Jeffrey. Keyboard conversations with Jeffrey Siegel, pianist; a concert with commentary. Rosenzweig, Sue 181
Skousen, Mark, compiler, editor. The compleated autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Reich, Carol 231
Snadowsky, Daria. Anatomy of a boyfriend. Rosser, Claire 323
St. Antoine, Sara, ed. The Gulf Coast; a literary field guide. Theiss, Nola 310
Strathern, Paul. Borges in 90 minutes. Neissa, Peter 285
Thompson, Kate. The new policeman. Rohrlick, Paula 265
Tolstoy, Leo. War and peace. Theiss, Nola 250
Tracy, Kristen. Lost it. Wiseman, Holley 129
Turtledove, Harry. Ruled Britannia; a novel of alternate history. Hoy, Sherry 253
Vaite, Celestine. Breadfruit. Theiss, Nola 287
Vaughan, Brian K. Pride of Baghdad. Feigelman, Jennifer 293
Wade, Rebecca. The theft & the miracle. Marler, Myrna 288
Walde, Christine. The candy darlings. Theiss, Nola 272
Weis, Margaret & Hickman, Tracy. Dragons of the dwarven depths. Flick, Hugh, Jr., 219
Weis, Margaret. Master of dragons. Flick, Hugh, Jr., 198
Werker, Kim. Get hooked; simple steps to crochet cool stuff. Reis, Shirley 203
Weyn, Suzanne. Water song; a retelling of "The Frog Prince.". Campbell, Heather 396
Whelan, Gloria. Listening for lions. Rosser, Claire 274
Whitcomb, Laura. A certain slant of light. Theiss, Nola 285
White, Andrea. Surviving Antarctica; reality TV 2083. Winship, Michele 322
Whitehead, Colson. Apex hides the hurt. Chaplin, Nancy Crowder 243
Wiess, Laura. Such a pretty girl. Musher, Samantha 255
Williams, Marjorie with Timothy Noah, ed. The woman at the Washington Zoo; writings on politics, family, and fate. Theiss, Nola 291
Wortman, Marc. The Millionaires' Unit; the aristocratic flyboys who fought the Great War and invented American air power. Klein, Miles Audiobook review 263
Wright, Nina. Homefree. MacGregor, Amanda 302
Yeomans, Ellen. Rubber houses. Marler, Myrna 279
Yoshida, Sunao. Trinity blood. Galuschack, George 258
Zarr, Sara. Story of a girl. Flint-Ferguson, Janis 293

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