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Articles from Kliatt (November 1, 2005)

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1776. Boyd, John E. Audiobook Review 203
44 Scotland Street. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 194
47. Scordato, Julie Children's Review 149
A Midsummer-Night's Dream. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 245
A Wish for Wings. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 201
Acceleration. Rosenzweig, Sue Audiobook Review 183
Akwesasne Notes, ed. Basic Call to Consciousness. Gillen, Katherine Book Review 221
Alphin, Elaine Marie. The perfect shot. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book Review 249
Amesse, Susan. Kissing Brendan Callahan. Marler, Myrna Book Review 232
Anderson, Maxine. Great Civil War Projects You can Build Yourself. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Book Review 166
Animals in Translation; Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior. Offner, Susan Audiobook Review 207
Anna Karenina. Edwards, Jacqueline Audiobook Review 158
Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception. Reich, Carol Audiobook Review 133
As Simple As Snow. Reich, Carol Audiobook Review 223
Bain, David Haward. The Old Iron Road: An Epic of Rails, Roads, and the Urge to Go West. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 298
Balchin, Jon. Science: 100 Essential Scientists. Cox, Ernie Book Review 189
Banks, Kate. Friends of the heart; amici del cuore. Marler, Myrna Book Review 273
Barnes, Trevor. World Faiths Series: Christianity. Rosser, Claire Book Review 190
Barron, T.A. Shadow on the stars. Winship, Michele Book Review 286
Bartoletti, Susan Campbell. Black Potatoes: The Story of the Great Irish Famine, 1845-1850. Griffin, Maureen Book Review 187
Bates, Judy Fong. Midnight at the Dragon Cafe. Lisowski, Heather Book Review 325
Belgue, Nancy. Summer on the Run. Theiss, Nola Book Review 193
Bell, Julia. Massive. Wells, Annette Book Review 244
Bennet, Holly. The Bonemender. Squicciarini, Stephanie Book Review 241
Bernstein, Jeremy. Oppenheimer. Levinson, Daniel Book Review 149
Black Virgin Mountain: A Return to Vietnam. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 234
Blacklaws, Troy. Karoo Boy, A Novel. Theiss, Nola Book Review 211
Bohjalian, Chris. Before You Know Kindness. Theiss, Nola Book Review 211
Boring, Justin & Hildebrandt, Greg. War on flesh. Galuschak, George Book Review 227
Bound for Canaan; The Underground Railroad and the War for the Soul of America. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 253
Boylan, Clare. Emma Brown. Power, Penelope Book Review 358
Braun, Eric, ed. Creationism vs. Evolution. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 163
Bullion. Klein, Miles Audiobook Review 156
Burns, Kerry L. and Burns, Cameron M., eds. Classic Climbing Stories: Thirteen Awesome Adventures. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Brief Article 197
Butler, Charles. The Fetch Of Mardy Watt. Rader, Heather Book Review 231
Califia's Daughters. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 212
Campbell, Jacqueline Glass. When Sherman Marched North from the Sea: Resistance on the Confederate Home Front. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 312
Capella, Anthony. The Food of Love. Zachary, Nancy Book Review 196
Case Of Lies. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 189
Cashin, Sheryll. The Failures of Integration: How Race and Class are Undermining the American Dream. Moore, Patricia Book Review 219
Catanese, P.W. The Brave Apprentice. Root, Deirdre Book Review 150
Chang, Lan Samantha. Inheritance. Theiss, Nola Book Review 216
Coghill, Sheila & Tammaro, Thom, eds. Visiting Frost : Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Robert Frost. Swaim, Jessica Book Review 288
Cohn, Rachel. Pop Princess. Rosser, Claire Book Review 359
Constable, Kate. The Singer of All Songs. Root, Deirdre Book Review 149
Cooley, Beth. Ostrich Eye. Rosser, Claire Book Review 222
Coy, John. Crackback. Rosser, Claire Book Review 177
De Alcantara, Pedro. Befiddled, A Novel. Marler, Myrna Book Review 271
De Guzman, Michael. The Bamboozlers. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 182
Dead As A Doornail. Klein, Miles Audiobook Review 175
Devil's Corner. Moxley, Melody Audiobook Review 181
Douglas, Lola. True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet, A Novel. Marler, Myrna Book Review 279
Drvenkar, Zoran. Tell Me What You See . Rosser, Claire Book Review 209
Dunbar, Fiona. The Truth Cookie. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book Review 234
Dying to Cross: The Worst Immigrant Tragedy in American History. Boyd, John E. Audiobook Review 206
Empire Rising. Offner, Susan Audiobook Review 204
Fat Girl: A True Story. Chaplin, Nancy Audiobook Review 153
Fisher, Catherine. Snow-walker. Winship, Michele Book Review 191
Formichelli, Linda & Martin, W. Eric. Tools of Timekeeping: A Kid's Guide to the History of Science and Telling Time. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Book Review 153
Friedman, Aimee. South Beach. MacGregor, Amanda Book Review 238
Fuqua, Jonathon Scott. King of the Pygmies. Rosser, Claire Book Review 244
Gaita, Raimond. The Philosopher's Dog: Friendships with Animals. Hart, Ann Book Review 219
Gaughen, Shasta, ed. Endangered Species. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 206
Gilbert and Sullivan Set Me Free. Moxley, Melody Audiobook Review 223
Gray, Heather M. & Phillips, Samantha. Real Girl, Real World : A Guide to Finding Your True Self. Smith, Debra Book Review 191
Hamilton, Tim, adaptor. Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. Galuschak, George Book Review 247
Harris, Frances Jacobson. I Found it on the Internet: Coming of Age Online. Goldsmith, Francisca Book Review 320
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Reich, Carol Audiobook Review 184
Hautman, Pete. Godless. Rosser, Claire Book Review 326
Hautman, Pete. Hole in the sky. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 396
Hawthorne, Rachel. Island Girls (and Boys). MacGregor, Amanda Book Review 223
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Scordato, Julie Audiobook Review 165
Hitz, Frederick P. The Great Game: The Myth and Reality of Espionage. Theiss, Nola Book Review 238
Honey, Elizabeth. The Ballad of Cauldron Bay. MacGregor, Amanda Book Review 280
Hopkins, Cathy. Mates, Dates Guide to Life, Love, and Looking Luscious. Ginsberg, Sherri Book Review 215
Houston, Julian. New Boy. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 260
Hoving, Isabel. The Dream Merchant. Farmer, Lesley Book Review 183
How I Live Now. Allison, Susan Audiobook Review 260
How to succeed in children's books by trying really, really hard. Gutman, Dan 634
Hughes, Pat. Open Ice. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 220
Ikumi, Mia. Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode. Galuschak, George Brief Article 254
In the Shadow of the Law. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 199
Jane Eyre. Edwards, Jacqueline Audiobook Review 198
John Rawlings Mysteries: Death At Apothecaries' Hall. Julian, Janet Audiobook Review 317
Kaneda, Mario. Girls bravo. Galuschak, George Brief Article 231
Kearney, Meg. The Secret of Me. Rosser, Claire Book Review 283
Kennedy, Kate. More than Petticoats: Remarkable Maine Women . Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Book Review 117
Kent-Drury, Roxanne M. Using Internet Primary Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skills in World Literature. Pucci, Anthony Book Review 317
Kermode, Frank. The Age of Shakespeare. Pucci, Anthony Book Review 372
Kirwan, Anna. Portraits : Of Flowers and Shadows. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book Review 215
Kitchen, Judith, ed. Short Takes: Brief Encounters with Contemporary Nonfiction. Julian, Janet Book Review 186
Kovarik, Chiara Angela. Interviews with Muslim Women of Pakistan. Hart, Ann Book Review 264
Lachenmeyer, Nathaniel. 13: The Story of the World's Most Notorious Superstition. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Book Review 141
Lawrence, Iain. The Cannibals. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 272
Lawrence, Michael. A crack in the Line. Cox, Ernie Book Review 221
Leeway Cottage. Boardman, Edna Audiobook Review 187
Leitch, Will. Catch. Squicciarini, Stephanie Book Review 270
Lenhard, Elizabeth. Chicks with Sticks: It's a Purl Thing. Rosser, Claire Book Review 190
Lifeguard. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 180
Locked Rooms. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 320
Lynch, Chris. Inexcusable. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 215
MacLeod, Ken. Newton's Wake; a space opera. Armstrong, Ginger Book Review 330
Maisie Dobbs Mysteries: Birds of a Feather. . Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 215
Malone, Patricia. Lady Ilena: Way of the Warrior. Rosser, Claire Book Review 181
Market, Howard. When Germs Travel: Six Major Epidemics That Have Invaded America and the Fears They Have Unleashed. Theiss, Nola Book Review 335
Mates, Dates and Portobello Princesses. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 208
Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. Palmer, Jean Audiobook Review 282
McGhee, Alison. All Rivers Flow to the Sea. Marler, Myrna Book Review 237
McNab, Andy & Rigby, Robert. Traitor. Rosser, Claire Book Review 237
Mendoza, Louis & Shankar, S., eds. Crossing into America: The New Literature of Immigration. Hart, Ann Young Adult Review 317
Mikaelsen, Ben. Tree girl, a novel. Rosser, Claire Book Review 309
Mitchell, Judith Claire. The last day of the war. Power, Penelope Book Review 389
Moyers, Bill. Moyers on America: A Journalist and His Times. Moore, Patricia Book Review 136
Mr. Starlight. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 198
Murphy, Rita. Looking for Lucy Buick. Marler, Myrna Book Review 270 Rohrlick, Paula 314
Never Let Me Go. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 214
Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 216
Niven, Larry. Ringworld's Children. Hoy, Sherry Book Review 127
Nixon, Joan Lowery. Nightmare. Rosser, Claire Book Review 186
Now You See Her. Moxley, Melody Audiobook Review 207
O'Connor, Kerrie. Through the Tiger's Eye. Rader, Heather Book Review 215
O'Hara, Shelley. Improving Your Study Skills: Study Smart, Study Less. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Book Review 155
One L: The Turbulent True Story of A First Year at Harvard Law School. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 204
Oppel, Kenneth. Skybreaker. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 206
Parrish, Thomas. The Submarine: A History. Julian, Janet Book Review 317
Philip, Neil, ed. In a Sacred Manner I Live; Native American Wisdom. Moore, Patricia Book Review 173
Pictures from the Fire. Boardman, Edna Audiobook Review 220
Pierce, Tamora. The Will of the Empress. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 205
Piquemal, Michel, with Melissa Daly. When Life Stinks: How to Deal with Your Bad Moods, Blues, and Depression. Goldsmith, Francisca Book Review 248
Pray Hard. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 207
Priestley, Chris. The White Rider. Cox, Ernie Book Review 224
Private Peaceful. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 149
Project Mulberry. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 291
Queen Bees and Wannabes. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 135
Rabin, Staton. Black Powder. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book Review 232
Rees, Douglas. Vampire High. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 237
Rococo. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 194
Roman, Benjamin & Giffen, Keith. I Luv Halloween. Galuschak, George Book Review 171
Rose, Malcolm. Traces: Roll call. Cox, Ernie Book Review 229
Rosenbloom, Eileen. Stuck Down. Cox, Ernie Book Review 215
Roth, Philip. The plot against America, a novel. Rosenzweig, Sue Book Review 149
Rottman, S.L. Shadow of a Doubt. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 216
Rumours of War. Boyd, John E. Audiobook Review 192
Run the Risk. Israel, Jodi L. Audiobook Review 201
Sails on the Horizon. Klein, Stephen Audiobook Review 207
Santiago, Esmeralda. The Turkish lover, A Memoir. Rosser, Claire Book Review 269
Satrapi, Marjane. Persepolis 2 : The Story of a Return. Galuschak, George Book Review 234
Say the Magic Words. Chaplin, Nancy Audiobook Review 181
Secret Meeting. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 249
Shahan, Sherry. Death Mountain. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book Review 238
Shreve, Anita. Light on Snow, A Novel. Rosser, Claire Book Review 257
Shusterman, Neal. Red Rider's Hood. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 187
Singleton, Linda Joy. Last Dance. Hoy, Sherry Book Review 197
Skyler, Heather. The perfect age. Zachary, Nancy Book Review 227
Smith, Jeff. Bone: The Great Cow Race. Galuschak, George Book Review 221
Snakecharm. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 191
Sones, Sonya. One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies. Rosser, Claire Book Review 297
Sonny's House of Spies. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 194
Specimen Days. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 201
Spragg, Mark. An Unfinished Life, A Novel. Theiss, Nola Book Review 216
Star of the Sea. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 201
Stewart, Sharon. Raven Quest. Farmer, Lesley Book Review 144
Stokes, Philip. Philosophy: 100 Essential Thinkers. Levinson, Daniel Book Review 144
Stolarz, Laurie Faria. Red Is for Remembrance. Squicciarini, Stephanie Book Review 321
Strathern, Paul. Hemingway in 90 Minutes. Pucci, Anthony Book Review 231
Strathern, Paul. James Joyce in 90 Minutes. Pucci, Anthony Book Review 242
Strathern, Paul. Virginia Woolf in 90 minutes. Pucci, Anthony Book Review 326
Sugisaki, Yukiru. Rizelmine. Galuschak, George Book Review 348
Taylor, Stephen. Caliban's Shore: The Wreck of the Grosvenor and the Strange Fate of Her Survivors. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 358
The Age of Napoleon. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 192
The Big Over Easy. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 198
The Book of Job. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 147
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Purucker, Mary Young Adult Review 148
The Chinese in America. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 172
The Closers. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 188
The Crazyladies Of Pearl Street. Levitov, Francine Brief Article 205
The Dark Bride. Woodman, Helen Elizabeth Audiobook Review 289
The Dark Pond. Tibbetts, Sally Audiobook Review 240
The Deep Dark. Klein, Miles Audiobook Review 216
The Genius Factory: The Curious History of the Noble Prize Sperm Bank. Chaplin, Nancy Audiobook Review 207
The Ghost of Raven Hill. Ginsberg, Sherri Audiobook Review 181
The Great Baltimore Fire. Offner, Susan Audiobook Review 211
The Ha-Ha. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 211
The Historian. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 212
The Inheritance. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 190
The King of Slippery Falls. Klein, Miles Audiobook Review 188
The Labours of Hercules. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 184
The Memory Keeper's Daughter. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 212
The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 209
The Nanny Murders. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 160
The Other Face of America. Chaplin, Nancy Audiobook Review 200
The Pirates of Pompeii. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 206
The Purple Emperor. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 200
The River. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 211
The Search for Belle Prater. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 212
The Sign of the Book. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 189
The Silver Donkey. Dole, Pat Audiobook Review 306
The Trudeau Vector. Palmer, Jean Audiobook Review 137
The Witch's Boy. Israel, Jodi L. Audiobook Review 278
Thomas, Jane Resh. The Counterfeit Princess. Rosser, Claire Book Review 210
Those Who Save Us. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 206
Tom Clancy's Op-Center #12: War of Eagles. Boyd, John E. Audiobook Review 200
Tucker, Mike. Among Warriors in Iraq: True Grit, Special Ops, and Raiding in Mosul and Fallujah. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 374
Turner, Jack. Spice: The History of a Temptation. Levinson, Daniel Book Review 244
Tyrannosaur Canyon. Palmer, Jean Audiobook Review 216
Vernon, Olympia. Logic. Hinton, Kaa Vonia Book Review 297
Wandering Home. Dole, Pat Audiobook Review 201
Weeks, Sarah. So B, It, a novel. Rosser, Claire Book Review 346
Wheeler, Susan. Record Palace. Theiss, Nola Book Review 257
Wild Boy: A Tale of Rowan Hood. Tibbetts, Sally Audiobook Review 260
William Carlos Williams: The Voice of the Poet. Julian, Janet Audiobook Review 616
Williams, Chris & Wright, Barry. How to Live with Autism and Asperger Syndrome: Practical Strategies for Parents and Professions. Scanlon, Donna Book Review 289
Wood, Gordon S. The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin. Julian, Janet Book Review 288
Yumoto, Kazumi. The Friends. Julian, Janet Book Review 267
Zeises, Lara M. Anyone But You. Rosser, Claire Book Review 368
Zullo, Allan & Bovsun, Mara. Survivors: True Stories of Children in the Holocaust. Griffin, Maureen Book Review 220

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