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Articles from Kliatt (March 1, 2005)

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Abarat. Ammon, Bette Audiobook Review 259
Abrahams, Peter. Down the rabbit hole; an Echo Falls mystery. Rosser, Claire Book Review 389
An Unfinished Life. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 334
And None Shall Sleep. Julian, Janet Young Adult Review 211
Anderson, Laurie Halse. Prom. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 250
Any Place I Hang My Hat. Israel, Jodi L. Audiobook Review 218
Arnesen, Liv & Bancroft, Ann, with Cheryl Dahle. No horizon is so far; two women and their historic journey across Antarctica. Gillen, Katherine Brief Article 404
Around The World In 80 Days. Overmire, Rozelle Young Adult Review 281
Autumn Bridge. Dole, Pat Audiobook Review 327
Avery, Christopher, et al. The early admissions game; joining the elite. Levinson, Daniel Book Review 190
Ayers, Edward L. In the presence of mine enemies; the Civil War in the heart of America, 1859-1863. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 365
Baca, Jimmy Santiago. Winter poems along the Rio Grande. Beschta, James Book Review 266
Bait. Ammon, Bette Audiobook Review 183
Be More Chill. Julian, Janet Audiobook Review 213
Before We Were Free. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 308
Before You Know Kindness. Palmer, Jean Audiobook Review 308
Bell, Hilari. Fall of a kingdom. Rohrlick, Paula Young Adult Review 372
Bell, Hilari. The wizard test. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 340
Bennett, Cherie. Life in the fat lane. Squicciarini, Stephanie Book Review 269
Birds Without Wings. Offner, Susan Audiobook Review 258
Bissell, Tom. Chasing the sea; lost among the ghosts of empire in central Asia. Theiss, Nola Brief Article 232
Black Water. Klein, Miles Audiobook Review 246
Black, Jim. River season. Theiss, Nola Brief Article 171
Blacker, Terence. Boy 2 girl. Winship, Michele Book Review 296
Blind Beauty. Dole, Pat Audiobook Review 422
Blow Out. Ammon, Bette Audiobook Review 187
Bonecrack. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 224
Bragg, Rick. "I am a soldier, too"; the Jessica Lynch story. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 333
Brazaitis, Peter. You belong in a zoo! Tales from a lifetime spent with cobras, crocs, and other extraordinary creatures. Gillen, Katherine Brief Article 276
Brimstone. Klein, Miles Audiobook Review 225
Brooks, Kevin. Candy. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 256
Bruchac, Joseph. Code talker; a novel about the Navajo Marines of World War Two. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 324
Butcher, Nancy. Beauty. Goldsmith, Francisca Young Adult Review 251
Camilla's Roses. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 223
Canterbury Tales, Volume II. Edwards, Jacqueline Audiobook Review 244
Carbone, Elisa. Last dance on Holladay Street. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Brief Article 364
Card, Orson Scott. The crystal city. Hoy, Sherry Young Adult Review 229
Castellucci, Cecil. Boy proof. Rosser, Claire Brief Article 342
Chen, Da. Wandering warrior. Rosser, Claire Young Adult Review 276
Churchill, Ward. Kill the Indian, save the man; the genocidal impact of American Indian residential schools. Moore, Patricia Book Review 212
Circle of Magic: Briar's Book. Ginsberg, Sherri Audiobook Review 256
Clapham, Phil. Right whales; natural history & conservation. Theiss, Nola Brief Article 170
Clark, Johnnie M. Gunner's glory; untold stories of Marine machine gunners. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 339
Clarke, Judith. Kalpana's dream. Rosser, Claire Book Review 265
Cliffe, Susan. Thread of deceit; a tale of crime and betrayal in Upper Canada. Julian, Janet Brief Article 187
Cohn, Rachel. Shrimp. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 266
Cook, Lorna J. Departures, a novel. Theiss, Nola Young Adult Review 184
Creech, Sharon, Granny Torrelli makes soup. Rosser, Claire Young Adult Review 361
Crime and Punishment. Grant, Sunie Audiobook Review 162
Crouch, Tom D. Wings; a history of aviation from kites to the space age. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 479
Crutcher Chris. King of the mild frontier; an ill-advised autobiography. Marler, Myrna Book Review 235
David, Peter. Stone and anvil. Flick, Hugh, Jr. Young Adult Review 178
Davis, Kenneth C. Don't know much about Thomas Jefferson. Moore, Patricia Book Review 183
Dawson, Ted. Spooner: love is strange. Galuschak, George Book Review 239
Death of a Poison Pen. Theiss, Nola Young Adult Review 187
DeCandido, Keith R.A. A time for war, a time for peace. Flick, Hugh, Jr. Young Adult Review 217
Deception. Theiss, Nola Young Adult Review 185
DeFelice, Cynthia. The missing manatee. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book Review 294
Denenberg, Barry. Shadow life: a portrait of Anne Frank and her family. Winship, Michele Book Review 262
Dent, Grace. LBD: live & fabulous! Marler, Myrna Book Review 250
Devil in the Details. Boardman, Edna Brief Article 277
Diary of an Ordinary Woman. Grant, Sunnie Young Adult Review 228
Dragon Bones. Julian, Janet Young Adult Review 248
Dragons in the archives; the best of Weis & Hickman anthology. Armstrong, Ginger Book Review 329
Draper, Sharon M. The battle of Jericho. Ammon, Bette Young Adult Review 183
Dunn, Jane. Elizabeth & Mary; cousins, rivals, queens. Levinson, Daniel Brief Article 176
Dunn, Stephen, Local visitations; poems. Lizardo, Beth Brief Article 266
DUVAL, Pete. Rear view, stories. Theiss, Nola Book Review 213
Elderkin, Susan. The voices. Power, Penelope Young Adult Review 328
Ellis, Deborah. Mud city. Rosser, Claire Young Adult Review 287
Empire: the Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power. Boyd, John E. Audiobook Review 266
Evolution. Offner, Susan Young Adult Review 256
Father Joe: The Man Who Saved My Soul. Boardman, Edna Young Adult Review 258
Finding Miracles. Allison, Susan Young Adult Review 226
Fisher, Catherine. The oracle betrayed. Winship, Michele Book Review 299
Fitzgerald, Dawn. Getting in the game. Rosser, Claire Book Review 251
Friedman, Michael Jan. Stargazer Enigma. Flick, Hugh, Jr. Book Review 226
Fussell, Betty. The story of corn. Boardman, Edna Brief Article 273
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel. Living to tell the tale. Pucci, Anthony Book Review 314
Garden of Beasts. Klein, Miles Young Adult Review 262
George Orwell. Cooperman, Bernard Young Adult Review 247
Geras, Adele. Other echoes. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Brief Article 256
Gillow, John & Sentance, Bryan. World textiles; a visual guide to traditional techniques. Cooper, Rhonda Book Review 316
Girl, 15, Charming But Insane. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 176
Gonzales, Susan & ABRAHAM, Denise. Cecilia's year. Marler, Myrna Young Adult Review 260
Gonzalez, Julie. Wings. Marler, Myrna Young Adult Review 263
Goode, Caroline. Cupidity. Pisano, Lynne Book Review 221
Gormley, Beatrice. Maria Mitchell; the soul of an astronomer. Griffin, Maureen Book Review 258
Granado, Alberto. Traveling with Che Guevara; the making of a revolutionary. Chrismer, Nancy Brief Article 437
Great Tales from English History, Volume One. Griffin, Maureen Young Adult Review 222
Green, John. Looking for Alaska. Rohrlick, Paula Young Adult Review 282
Greenberg, Martin H. & Helfers, John, eds. Little Red Riding Hood in the big bad city. Kulpa, Kathryn Book Review 436
Groopman, Jerome. The anatomy of hope; how people prevail in the face of illness. Levinson, Daniel Book Review 210
Grover, Lorie Ann. Hold me tight. Rosser, Claire Young Adult Review 281
Gutkind, Lee, ed. In fact; the best of creative nonfiction. Theiss, Nola Brief Article 216
Haab, Sherri. The hip handbag book; 25 easy-to-make totes, purses, and bags. Ginsberg, Sherri Book Review 251
Harlow, Joan Hiatt. Shadows on the sea. Squicciarini, Stephanie Young Adult Review 271
Harris, Jennifer, ed. 5,000 years of textiles. Cooper, Rhonda Book Review 287
Hart, Alison. Samuel's horses. Hinton, KaaVonia Young Adult Review 376
Hayden, Patrick Nielsen, ed. New skies; an anthology of today's science fiction. Wells, Annette Book Review 307
Hemphill, Stephanie. Things left unsaid; a novel in poems. Rosser, Claire Young Adult Review 278
Hetley, James A. The winter oak. Hoy, Sherry Book Review 211
High Druid of Shannara: Tanequil. Flick, Hugh, Jr. Audiobook Review 254
Hikawa, Kyoko. From far away. Galuschak, George Book Review 252
Horowitz, Anthony. Scorpia. Rohrlik, Paula Young Adult Review 238
How I Paid for College. Reich, Carol Audiobook Review 365
Hughes, Kathleen. Dear Mrs. Lindbergh, a novel. Theiss, Nola Young Adult Review 246
Hunt, Linda Lawrence. Bold spirit; Helga Estby's forgotten walk across Victorian America. Boardman, Edna Brief Article 349
Hurley, Valerie. St. Ursula's girls against the atomic bomb. MacGregor, Amanda Young Adult Review 306
In a Dark House. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 236
In the Shadow of the Ark. Dole, Pat Audiobook Review 301
Itani, Frances. Deafening. Zachary, Nancy Young Adult Review 259
Ivanhoe. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 193
Ives, David. Scrib. Rohrlick, Paula Young Adult Review 250
Jeapes, Ben. The new world order. Rosser, Claire Young Adult Review 299
Jinks, Catherine. Pagan's scribe. Rohrlick, Paula Young Adult Review 297
Johnston, Basil. Honour Earth mother. Boardman, Edna Book Review 245
Justice for None. Boardman, Edna Audiobook Review 242
Kilian, Michael. The Shiloh sisters; a Harrison Raines Civil War mystery. Rosser, Claire Young Adult Review 138
Kirk, Andrew. Civil Disobedience. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Brief Article 195
Kleveman, Lutz. The new great game; blood and oil in Central Asia. Theiss, Nola Book Review 196
Klise, Kate. Deliver us from Normal. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Young Adult Review 294
Kogler, Jennifer Anne. Ruby Tuesday. Rosser, Claire Young Adult Review 347
Krulik, Nancy. She's got the beat. Pisano, Lynne Brief Article 225
Langridge, Roger. Fred the clown. Galuschak, George Book Review 306
Larry Bond's First Team. Boyd, John E. Audiobook Review 238
Lauer, Brett Fletcher & Kelley, Aimee, eds. Isn't it romantic; 100 love poems by younger American poets. Lizardo, Beth Brief Article 299
Lion Boy, the Chase. Theiss, Nola Young Adult Review 240
Literary Reference Online. Paula, Rohrlick Review 214
Little, Kimberley Griffiths. The last snake runner. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 325
Loaded Dice. Purucker, Mary Young Adult Review 227
Love, D. Anne. The secret prince. Winship, Michelle Young Adult Review 267
Lyga, Allyson A.W., with Barry Lyga. Graphic novels in your media center; a definitive guide. Galuschak, George Book Review 301
MacGillivray, Alex. Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Book Review 167
Mark Twain's Letters from Hawaii. Theiss, Nola Young Adult Review 203
McNaughton, Janet. An earthly knight. Rosser, Claire Book Review 310
McNaughton, Janet. The secret under my skin. Rosser, Claire Young Adult Review 339
Melling, O.R. The hunter's moon. Marler, Myrna Young Adult Review 257
Menendez, Aria. Loving Che. Chaplin, Nancy Young Adult Review 209
Mills, Claudia. Makeovers by Marcia. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Young Adult Review 285
Mills, Stephen. Tiger. Theiss, Nola Book Review 219
Mizuno, Junko. Princess Mermaid. Galuschak, George Young Adult Review 334
Moloney, James. Black taxi. Marler, Myrna Young Adult Review 231
Monahan, Evelyn M. & Neidel-Greenlee, Rosemary. And if I perish; frontline U.S. Army nurses in World War II. Boardman, Edna Book Review 289
Morrison, Toni. Love, a novel. Theiss, Nola Brief Article 205
Murder On Nob Hill. Palmer, Jean Young Adult Review 251
Murillo, Kathy Cano. The crafty diva's D.I.Y. stylebook. Ginsberg, Sherri Brief Article 247
Murray, Aaron R., ed. Vietnam War: battles and leaders. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 182
My Left Foot. Theiss, Nola Young Adult Review 199
My Sister's Keeper. Julian, Janet Young Adult Review 255
My unbrilliant career (or how I wrote my first Novel in just 26 years). Rosoff, Meg Review 1065
Myracle, Lauren. Rhymes with witches. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Young Adult Review 263
Narby, Jeremy & Francis Huxley, eds. Shamans through time; 500 years on the path to knowledge. Boardman, Edna Book Review 264
Nasu, Yukie. Here is Greenwood. Galuschak, George Book Review 337
Neenan, Colin. Idiot! Julian, Janet Book Review 224
Niven, Jennifer. Ada Blackjack; the true story of survival in the Arctic. Boardman, Edna Book Review 302
Oates, Joyce Carol. Sexy. Winship, Michele Young Adult Review 232
Odgers, Sally. Boy down under. Lisowski, Heather Book Review 322
Odhiambo, David. Kipligat's chance, a novel. Marler, Myrna Young Adult Review 258
Owen, David. Final frontier; voyages into outer space. Puffer, Raymond Brief Article 288
Park, Linda Sue. Project Mulberry. Rohrlick, Paula Young Adult Review 317
Patterson, James. Maximum Ride: the Angel experiment. Rohrlick, Paula Young Adult Review 276
Paulsen, Gary. The Glass Cafe; or, the stripper and the state: how my mother started a war with the system that made us kind of rich and a little bit famous. Rohrlick, Paula Young Adult Review 333
Paver, Michelle. Wolf brother. Winship, Michele Young Adult Review 275
Pendergrast, Mark. Mirror/mirror; a history of the human love affair with reflection. Levinson, Daniel Brief Article 201
Perry, James M. Touched with fire; five presidents and the Civil War battles that made them. Moore, Patricia Book Review 271
Peter and the Starcatchers. Theiss, Nola Young Adult Review 162
Pinkwater, Daniel. The education of Robert Nifkin. Durant, Olivia Young Adult Review 321
Plan of Attack. Boyd, John E. Young Adult Review 270
Race to the Pole. Offner, Susan Audiobook Review 272
Raichlen, Steven. Raichlen's Indoor! Grilling: 270 Recipes Just for Grill Pans, Countertop Grills, Grilling Machines, Stovetop Grills, Rotisseries & Fireplaces. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 214
Reed, Stephanie. Across the wide river. KaaVonia, Hinton Young Adult Review 320
Ryan, Darlene. Rules for life. Durant, Olivia Young Adult Review 264
Sa, Shan. The girl who played go. Marler, Myrna Young Adult Review 294
Sachar, Louis. Sideways stories from Wayside School. Darr, Erin Book Review 359
Sachs, Marilyn. Lost in America. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Young Adult Review 253
Saturn. Theiss, Nola Young Adult Review 204
Saucer: the Conquest. Boyd, John E. Young Adult Review 258
SAVA, Scott Christian. The lab: hey ... test this! Galuschak, George Book Review 280
Scott, Martin. Death and thraxas. Armstrong, Ginger Book Review 381
Scribbling the Cat. Boardman, Edna Young Adult Review 258
Secret Smile. Ammon, Bette Young Adult Review 261
Sedgwick, Marcus. The dark horse. Rohrlick, Paula Young Adult Review 276
Seriously Weird. Kellerman, Carol Young Adult Review 223
Shanahan, Bill & John P. Brackin. Stealth patrol; the making of a Vietnam ranger. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 311
Shearer, Alex. Sea legs. Winship, Michele Young Adult Review 243
Sheppard, Charles. Coral reefs; ecology, threats, & conservation. Theiss, Nola Book Review 174
Skeleton Man. Tibbetts, Sally Young Adult Review 264
Skrentny, John D. The minority rights revolution. Theiss, Nola Book Review 185
Sleator, William. The last universe. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Young Adult Review 237
Smith, Jeff. Bone #1: out from Boneville. Galuschak, George Book Review 349
Smith, John David, ed. Black soldiers in blue; African American troops in the Civil War era. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 383
Solomon, Barbara H. & Panetta, Eileen, eds. Once upon a childhood; stories and memoirs of American youth. Theiss, Nola Book Review 216
Someone Not Really Her Mother. Theiss, Nola Young Adult Review 219
Something Rotten. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 278
Spinner, Stephanie. Quicksilver. Rosser, Claire Book Review 151
Stolls, Amy. Palms to the ground. Marler, Myrna Book Review 271
Strasser, Todd. Cut back, Book 1. Applegate, Sarah Young Adult Review 246
Takagi, Junko, The best of tofu. Reis, Shirley Book Review 249
Tamura, Yumi. Wild Com. Galuschak, George Book Review 304
Taylor, Jeannie St. John. Out at home: A Novel. LaMontagne, Phyllis Young Adult Review 275
The Bourne Legacy. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 212
The Child in Time. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 178
The Children's Hour. Theiss, Nola Young Adult Review 202
The Dangerous Hour. Ammon, Bette Young Adult Review 178
The Full Cupboard of Life. Woodman, Betsy Young Adult Review 319
The Girl Next Door. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 167
The Heart of the Matter. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 167
The Invisible Detective: the Paranormal Puppet Show. Scordato, Julie Audiobook Review 219
The Jupiter Myth. Julian, Janet Audiobook Review 311
The Name of the Enemy: Jihadi Salafis. Boardman, Edna Young Adult Review 246
The Plot Against America. Rosenzweig, Sue Young Adult Review 240
The Ruby in the Smoke. Reich, Carol Young Adult Review 263
The White Company. Offner, Susan Audiobook Review 239
Thesman, Jean. Singer. Rosser, Claire Book Review 303
Thimmesh, Catherine. The sky's the limit; stories of discovery by women and girls. Chrismer, Nancy Book Review 320
This Sceptred Isle: 1901-1919. Boyd, John E. Audiobook Review 238
Torrey, Michele. To the Edge of the World. Winship, Michele Young Adult Review 273
Traitor. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 227
Troller, Norbert. Theresienstadt; Hitler's gift to the Jews. Marler, Myrna Book Review 279
Turtledove, Harry. Gunpowder empire. Hoy, Sherry Book Review 268
Twenty-seven Bones. Klein, Miles Audiobook Review 243
Utley, Robert M. After Lewis and Clark; mountain men and the paths to the Pacific. Moore, Patricia Book Review 253
Vapnyar, Lara. There are Jews in my house, stories. Theiss, Nola Book Review 179
Victor, David G. The collapse of the Kyoto Protocol and the struggle to slow global warming. Theiss, Nola Book Review 226
Walsh, Robb. Are you really going to eat that? Reflections of a culinary thrill seeker. Reis, Shirley Book Review 234
Warrick, Leanne. Chillin' trix for cool chix. Reis, Shirley Book Review 116
Weart, Spencer R. The discovery of global warming. Theiss, Nola Book Review 157
Weeping. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 185
Weingarten, Kaethe. Common shock; witnessing violence every day. Theiss, Nola Book Review 194
Weinstein, Matt & Barber, Luke. Dogs don't bite when a growl will do; what your dog can teach you about living a happy life. Hart, Ann Book Review 271
Wendy. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 243
Westerfeld, Scott. Uglies. Musher, Samantha Book Review 241
Whispering to Witches. Reich, Carol Audiobook Review 224
White, Ruth. Belle Prater's boy. Palmer, Jean Young Adult Review 150
White, Ruth. The search for Belle Prater. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book Review 262
Why I write. Lion, Melissa Book Review 1067
Whyman, Matt. Boy kills man. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 280
Wittlinger, Ellen. Zigzag. Rosser, Claire Young Adult Review 325

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