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Articles from Kliatt (July 1, 2005)

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(Un)arranged Marriage. Woodman, Betsy Audiobook Review 278
11th Month; 11th Day; 11th Hour; Armistice Day, 1918. Boardman, Edna Audiobook Review 270
A Changed Man. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 198
A Complicated Kindness. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 249
A Thread of Grace. Boardman, Edna Audiobook Review 245
A Very Long Engagement. Ginsberg, Sherri Audiobook Review 205
Aidinoff, Elsie V. The garden. Green, Heidi Hauser Book Review 310
Alexander Hamilton. Berg, Vivian Audiobook Review 158
Ali, Dominic. Illustrated by Michael Cho. Media Madness: An Insider's Guide to Media. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Book Review 177
Allende, Isabel. City of the beasts. Theiss, Nola Book Review 184
Allende, Isabel. Kingdom of the Golden Dragon. Edwards, Jacqueline Book Review 160
Amaryllis. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 220
Andrews, Tamra. Wonders of the Air. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Book Review 214
Ashley, Bernard. Johnnie's Blitz. Boyd, John E. Book Review 286
Babylon Sisters. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 293
Baker Towers. Boardman, Edna Audiobook Review 248
Baker, Kage. The Anvil of the World. Hoy, Sherry Book Review 266
Baker, Kyle. Plastic Man: on the lam. Galuschak, George Book Review 265
Bamberger, Michael. Wonderland: A Year In the Life of an American High School. Durant, Olivia Book Review 299
Barnstone, Tony & Ping, Chou, eds. The Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry: From Ancient to Contemporary, the Full 3000-year Tradition. Lizardo, Beth Young Adult Review 270
Baxter, Charles. Saul and Patsy. Swaim, Jessica Book Review 248
Berger, Larry, et al. Up Your Score, the Underground Guide to the SAT. Lizardo, Beth Book Review 162
Black, Holly. Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie. Winship, Michele Book Review 283
Blue Blood. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 196
Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin; Writers Running Wild in the Twenties. Julian, Janet Audiobook Review 227
Booth, Martin. Soul Stealer. Rosser, Claire Book Review 193
Boynton, Robert S., ed. The New New Journalism: Conversations With America's Best Nonfiction Writers on Their Craft. Levinson, Daniel Book Review 241
Bras and Broomsticks. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 226
Bray, Libba. Rebel Angels. Rosser, Claire Book Review 307
Bree, Marlin. Broken Seas: True Tales of Extraordinary Seafaring Adventures. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 343
Brilliance of the Moon. Reich, Carol Audiobook Review 313
Broken for You. Dole, Pat Book Review 364
Bruchac, Joseph. Whisper In the Dark. Rosser, Claire Young Adult Review 232
Bubbles a Broad. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 201
Bucking the Sarge. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 246
Buhle, Paul & Schulman, Nicole, eds. Wobbliss! A Graphic History of the Industrial Workers of the World. Levinson, Daniel Book Review 159
Burnham, Niki. Sticky Fingers. MacGregor, Amanda Book Review 263
Butler, Dori Hillestad. Do You Know the Monkey Man? Rosser, Claire Book Review 181
Cabot, Meg. Ready or Not. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 335
Canales, Viola. The Tequila Worm. Rosser, Claire Book Review 407
Cann, Kate. California Holiday or, How the World's Worst Summer Job Gave Me a Great New Life. Green, Heidi Hauser Book Review 332
Carroll, Susan. The Dark Queen: A Novel. Farmer, Lesley Book Review 326
Carwardine, Mark. Shark. Lizardo, Beth Book Review 134
Chatter. Boardman, Edna Audiobook Review 259
Chronicles, Volume One. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 235
Clairday, Robynn. Confessions of a Boyfriend Stealer (A Blog). MacGregor, Amanda Book Review 293
Cleeve, Jan. More than petticoats: remarkable Nevada women. Boardman, Edna Book Review 317
Clement, Claude. Don't Be Shy. Ginsberg, Sherri Book Review 164
Cline, Sandra. Pug Sheridan. Theiss, Nola Young Adult Review 286
Cofer, Judith Ortiz. The Meaning of Consuelo: A Novel. Goldsmith, Francisca Book Review 285
Colfer, Eoin. Artemis Fowl: The eternity code. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 245
Colfer, Eoin. Artemis Fowl; the Opal deception. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 278
Colfer, Eoin. The supernaturalist. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 254
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 212
Collins, Yvonne & Rideout, Sandy. Introducing Vivien Leigh Reid: Daughter of the Diva: A Novel. MacGregor, Amanda Book Review 322
Compass. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 226
Connor, Leslie. Dead on Town Line. Marler, Myrna Book Review 275
Coonts, Stephen, ed. On Glorious Wings: The Best Flying Stories of the Century. Dobosz, Steve Book Review 372
Couloumbis, Audrey. Summer's End. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 254
Covington, Dennis. Redneck Riviera: Armadillos, Uutlaws, and The Demise of an American Dream. Theiss, Nola Book Review 294
Croggon, Alison. The Naming. Farmer, Lesley Book Review 273
Current Controversies Series. Drug Legalization. Rohrlick, Paul Book Review 310
Dancing Shoes. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 227
Dann, Jack, ed. Nebula Awards Showcase 2005: The Year's Best SF and Fantasy. Armstrong, Ginger Book Review 427
Danticat, Edwidge. The Dew Breaker. Power, Penelope Book Review 377
Dark Eye. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 192
Deep Black Biowar. Boyd, John E. Audiobook Review 215
Di Giovanni, Janine. Madness Visible, a Memoir of War. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 314
Di Robilant, Andrea. A Venetian Affair: A True Tale of Forbidden Love in the Eighteenth Century. Durant, Olivia Book Review 339
Dragon Rider. Scordato, Julie Audiobook Review 174
Drew, Naomi. The Kids' Guide to Working Out Conflicts: How to Keep Cool, Stay Safe, and Get Along. Ginsberg, Sherri Book Review 238
Earls, Nick. After summer. Smith, Debra Book Review 255
Electric Universe: The Shocking True Story of Electricity. Boardman, Edna Audiobook Review 227
Elliot, Jessie. Girls Dinner Club. Rosser, Claire Book Review 297
Emshwiller, Carol. Mister Boots. Winship, Michele Book Review 280
Entombed. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 191
Erikson, Steven. Gardens of The Moon. Armstrong, Ginger Book Review 342
Fagan, Brian. The Long Summer: How Climate Changed Civilization. Theiss, Nola Book Review 273
Falling Off Air. Moxley, Melody Audiobook Review 235
Finke, Beth. Long Time, No See. Hart, Ann Book Review 266
Flight to Mons. Boyd, John E. Audiobook Review 252
Fox, William Price. Satchel Paige's America. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 344
Full Bloom. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 241
Giff, Patricia Reilly. Nory Ryan's Song. LaMontagne, Phyllis Book Review 244
Girls in Pants. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 193
Gliori, Debi. Pure Dead Trouble. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 265
Glover, Bonnie J. The Middle Sister: A Novel. Dasher-Alston, Robin Book Review 298
Golden, Christopher & Gilmore, Ford Lytle. Horseman. Green, Heidi Hauser Book Review 187
Golden, Christopher & Hautala, Rick. Throat culture. Smith, Debra Book Review 269
Goobie, Beth. Something Girl. MacGregor, Amanda Book Review 254
Grant, Vicki. Dead-end Job. Squicciarini, Stephanie Book Review 244
Greater Boston Cooperative Library Association reading list--grades 11 & 12. 3524
Griffin, Geoff, ed. Are Athletes Good Role Models? Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 270
Guarente, G.A. Hook, Line and Sinker: A Novel. Smith, Debra Book Review 272
Guernsey, Joann Bren. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hart, Ann Book Review 211
Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Escape from Memory. Rosser, Claire Book Review 307
Halfe, Louise Bernice. Blue Marrow. Beschta, James Book Review 309
Hardorff, Richard G., ed. Indian Views of the Custer Fight: A Source Book. Moore, Patricia Book Review 224
Harper, Timothy & Harper, Elizabeth. Your Name In Print: A Ten's Guide to Publishing For Fun, Profit and Academic Success. Pucci, Anthony Young Adult Review 353
Harris, Nancy, ed. Space Exploration. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 240
Hart, Matthew. The Irish Game. Hart, Ann Book Review 266
Hautman, Pete. No Limit. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 285
Hayden, Patrick Nielsen, ed. New Magics: An Anthology of Today's Fantasy. Root, Deirdre Young Adult Review 256
Henkes, Kevin. Olive's Oean. Rosser, Claire Book Review 347
Hertzog, Francis. Home, a novel. Green, Heidi Hauser Book Review 259
Hesse, Karen. Aleutian Sparrow. Rosser, Claire Book Review 273
Hill, Kirkpatrick. Dancing at the Odinochka. Rosser, Claire Book Review 154
Hinton, Nigel. Collision Course. Hart, Ann Book Review 313
Horowitz, Anthony. Raven's Gate. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 266
Horvath, Polly. The vacation. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book Review 281
How the Dead Will Dance the Mambo. Julian, Janet Brief Article 214
I Capture the Castle. Edwards, Jacqueline Audiobook Review 235
Ingold, Jeanette. Mountain Solo. Rosser, Claire Book Review 329
Jakeman, Jane. In the Kingdom of Mists. Theiss, Nola Book Review 280
Jenkins, McKay. The Last Ridge: The Epic Story of America's first mountain Soldiers and the Assault on Hitler's Europe. Puffer, Raymond Young Adult Review 414
Kaulfersch, Ron & Schwark, Mike. Van Von Hunter. Galuschak, George Young Adult Review 289
Kay, Guy Gavriel. The last light of the sun. Farmer, Lesley Book Review 192
Kehret, Peg. The Ghost's Grave. Winship, Michele Book Review 309
Knaak, Richard A. Warcraft: dragon hunt. Galuschak, George Young Adult Review 266
Kobak, Annette. Joe's War: My Father Decoded. Theiss, Nola Book Review 290
Krovatin, Christopher. Heavy metal and you. Rosser, Claire Book Review 351
Labaton, Vivien & Martin, Dawn Lundy, eds. The Fire This Time: Young Activists and the New Feminism. Theiss, Nola Book Review 218
Lachtman, Ofelia Dumas. Looking for La Unica. Kulpa, Kathryn Book Review 299
Lane, Dakota. The Orpheus Obsession. Rosser, Claire Book Review 271
Larochelle, David. Absolutely, Positively Not ... Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book Review 248
Lavender, William. Just Jane. Green, Heidi Hauser Book Review 294
Lawlor, Laurie. Dead Reckoning: A Pirate Voyage With Captain Drake. Rosser, Claire Book Review 327
Leonard, Elizabeth D. Lincoln's Avengers: Justice, Revenge, and Reunion after the Civil War. Moore, Patricia Book Review 283
Lindskold, Jane. The buried pyramid. Hoy, Sherry Book Review 257
Lisle, Janet Taylor. The Crying Rocks. Rosser, Claire Book Review 332
Loop Group. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 176
Lubar, David. Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 268
Maclean, Anna. Louisa and the Country Bachelor. Wells, Annette Book Review 244
Maffit, Rocky, Rhythm and Beauty. Lizardo, Beth Book Review 207
Making Waves. Moxley, Melody Audiobook Review 193
Malcolm, Jahnna N. Message in a Bottle. Durant, Olivia Book Review 242
Mayer, Melody. The Nannies. MacGregor, Amanda Book Review 299
Maynard, Joyce. The Cloud Chamber. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book Review 334
Mazer, Harry. Heroes Don't Run: A Novel of the Pacific War. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 306
McCaughrean, Geraldine. Not the End of the World. Rosser, Claire Book Review 391
McCaughrean, Geraldine. Stop the Train! LaMontagne, Phyllis Book Review 297
McPherson, James M., ed. "To the Best of My Ability": The American Presidents. Moore, Patricia Book Review 215
Melson, Gail F. Why the Wild Things Are: Animals in the Lives of Children. Theiss, Nola Book Review 304
Meyer, L.A. Under the Jolly Roger: Being an Account of the Further Nautical Adventures of Jacky Faber. Rosser, Claire Book Review 224
Moodie, Craig. The Sea Singer. Rosser, Claire Book Review 295
Moredun, P.R. The Dragon Conspiracy. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book Review 320
Morris, Gerald. The ballad of Sir Dinadan. Rosser, Claire Book Review 225
Mueller, Larry & Reiss, Marguerite. Bear Attacks of the Century: True Stories of Courage and Survival. Hart, Ann Book Review 276
Muser, Regina. College Knowledge, the A+ Guide to Eearly College Planning. Lizardo, Beth Book Review 170
My Kind of Place. Overmire, Rozelle Audiobook Review 223
Myers, Walter Dean. Autobiography of my dead brother. Hinton, KaaVonia Book Review 357
Nash, Naomi. Senses Working Overtime. Green, Hauser Heidi Book Review 335
Nazer, Mende & Damien Lewis. Slave: My True Story. Moore, Patricia Book Review 223
Nilsson, Per. Heart's Delight. Rosser, Claire Book Review 259
Niven, Larry. Scatterbrain. Root, Deirdre Book Review 175
Oppel, Kenneth. Airborn. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 265
Opposing Viewpoints Series. Epidemics. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 274
Orringer, Julie. How to Breathe Underwater: Stories. Swaim, Jessica Book Review 266
Ostow, Micol. 30 guys in 30 days. Wells, Annette Book Review 222
Out of the Deep I Cry. Moxley, Melody Audiobook Review 256
Page, Philip & Pettit, Marilyn. Twelfth Night. Pucci, Anthony Book Review 235
Paolini, Christopher. Eragon. Winship, Michele Book Review 286
Pascal, Francine. Kill Game; a Gaia Moore novel. Pisano, Lynne Book Review 229
Past Perfect, Present Tense. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 277
Pearsall, Shelley. Crooked River. Marler, Myrna Book Review 281
Pearson, Mary E. A Room on Lorelei Street. Rosser, Claire Book Review 414
Peck, Robert Newton. Bro. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 266
Pieces of Me: The Voices of WriteGirl. Goldsmith, Francisca Book Review 178
Pinned. Boardman, Edna Audiobook Review 237
Pollack, John. Cork Boat: A True Story of the Unlikeliest Boat Ever Built. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 412
Pollen, Bella. Hunting unicorns. Wells, Annette Book Review 278
Pollet, Alison. The Pity Party. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book Review 257
Quilliam, Susan. Body Language: Learn to Read and Use the Body's Secret Signals. Ginsberg, Sherri Young Adult Review 186
Rennison, Louise. Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers: More Mad, Marvy Confessions of Georgia Nicolson. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 262
Richardson, E.E. Devil's footsteps. Flint-Ferguson, Janis Book Review 267
Rinaldi, Ann. Mutiny's daughter. Rosser, Claire Book Review 293
Rinaldi, Ann. Sarah's ground. Rosser, Claire Book Review 310
Roberts, Laura Peyton. The Queen of Second Place. Marler, Myrna Book Review 272
Rud, Jeff. In the paint. Smith, Debra Book Review 186
Sabbeth, Carol. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Their Lives and Ideas, 24 Activities. Lizardo, Beth Book Review 179
Salisbury, Graham. Eyes of the Emperor. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 294
Sam's Letters to Jennifer. Moxley, Melody Audiobook Review 236
Sang-sun, Park. Tarot Cafe. Galuschak, George Book Review 220
Scagell, Robin. Night Sky Atlas. Lizardo, Beth Book Review 177
Scanlan, W.J. Rebellion. Boyd, John E. Book Review 281
Season of the Snake. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 223
Segamu. Sokora Refugees, vol.1. Galuschak, George Book Review 251
Shadow of the Giant. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 221
Shinn, Sharon. The Truth-Teller's Tale. Winship, Michele Book Review 256
Sight Hound. Ginsberg, Sherri Audiobook Review 237
Skolnick, Solomon M. The Great American Citizenship Quiz. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Book Review 236
Sleeper. Klein, Miles Audiobook Review 215
Sloan, Brian. A Really Nice Prom Mess. Marler, Myrna Book Review 289
Smith, Greg Leitich. Tofu and T. Rex. Rosser, Claire Book Review 182
Smith, Linda. The minstrel's daughter. Darr, Erin Book Review 273
Sorrells, Walter. Fake ID, a Mystery. Rosser, Claire Book Review 234
Spence, Pam. Sun Observer's Guide. Julian, Janet Book Review 164
St. Dale. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 234
Steinberg, Sally Levitt. The Donut Book: The Whole Story in Words, Pictures and Outrageous Tales. Reis, Shirley Book Review 220
Stenhouse, Ted. A dirty deed. Green, Heidi Hauser Book Review 264
Stewart, Amy. The Earth Moved: On the Remarkable Achievements of Earthworms. Julian, Janet Book Review 351
Stravaganza: City of Stars. Moxley, Melody Audiobook Review 285
Sutherland, Robert. Son of the hounds. Boyd, John E. Book Review 249
Taylor, Jane. Petra and the Lost Kingdom of the Nabataeans. Rosser, John Book Review 342
Ten Big Ones. Moxley, Melody Audiobook Review 208
The 9/11 Commission Report. Berg, Vivian Brief Article 184
The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. Rosenzweig, Sue Audiobook Review 203
The Book of Dead Days. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 188
The Broker. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 234
The Captured: A True Story of Abduction By Indians on the Texas Frontier. Boardman, Edna Audiobook Review 291
The Cat Ate My Gymsuit. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 242
The Cat Who Came in From the Cold. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 269
The Cay. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 265
The Confessor. Edwards, Jacqueline Audiobook Review 206
The Daydreamer. Reich, Carol Audiobook Review 262
The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios. Dole, Pat Audiobook Review 266
The First Part Last. Julian, Janet Audiobook Review 279
The Flight of the Phoenix. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 192
The Great Fire of London in That Apocalyptic Year, 1666. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 190
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Tertiary Phase. Flick, Hugh, Jr. Audiobook Review 202
The Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World. Theiss, Nola Brief Article 248
The Last Kingdom. Offner, Susan Audiobook Review 242
The Lives of the Kings and Queens of England. Griffin, Maureen Brief Article 204
The Ninth Life of Louis Drax. Purucker, Mary Audiobook Review 241
The People Could Fly: American Black Folktales Told by Virginia Hamilton. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 233
The Postman Always Rings Twice. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 197
The Reformation. Boardman, Edna Brief Article 267
The Secret History of the Pink Carnation. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 255
The Serpent on the Crown. Julian, Janet Audiobook Review 254
The Sword of Night and Day. Flick, Hugh, Jr. Audiobook Review 220
The Teacher's Funeral: A Comedy in Three Parts. Reich, Carol Audiobook Review 236
The Temple of Music. Julian, Janet Audiobook Review 258
The Vagabonds. Theiss, Nola Brief Article 212
The Worthing Saga. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 212
TI-SmartView. Downey, Tom 407
Time Pieces: The Book of Times. Boardman, Edna Audiobook Review 299
Took, Roger. Running with Reindeer: Encounters in Russian Lapland. Theiss, Nola Book Review 249
Torrey, Michele. Voyage of Plunder. Winship, Michele Book Review 293
Triana, Gaby. Backstage pass. Rosser, Claire Book Review 297
Truman, Margaret. The President's House: 1800 to the Present. Gerrity, Mary Book Review 278
Trumble, Angus. A Brief History of the Smile. Levinson, Daniel Book Review 223
Twisted. Rosenzweig, Sue Audiobook Review 213
Ulysses S. Grant. Boyd, John E. Brief Article 270
Vivaldo, Denise. Do it for Less! Parties. Reis, Shirley Book Review 206
Von Ziegesar, Cecily. Nobody does it better; a Gossip Girl novel. Solomon, Joanna Book Review 393
Wallraff, Barbara. Your Own Words. Pucci, Anthony Book Review 333
Walters, Eric. Juice. Squicciarini, Stephanie Book Review 271
Waltman, Kevin. Learning the Game. Rosser, Claire Book Review 384
We Are All the Same. Kellerman, Carol Brief Article 258
Weingarten, Kaethe. Common shock; witnessing violence every day. Theiss, Nola Book Review 271
Whelan, Gloria. Listening for Lions. Rosser, Claire Book Review 263
When We Were Orphans. Levitov, Francine Audiobook Review 255
While I Live: The Ellie Chronicles. Julian, Janet Audiobook Review 251
Wilhelm, Doug. The revealers. Smith, Debra Book Review 223
Wishinsky, Frieda. Queen of the toilet bowl. MacGregor, Amanda Book Review 288
Withers, Pam. Camp Wild. Green, Heidi Hauser Book Review 286
Wittlinger, Ellen. Sandpiper. Rosser, Claire Book Review 272
Wolves Eat Dogs. Boardman, Edna Audiobook Review 282
Yolen, Jane & Hayden, Patrick Nielsen, eds. The year's best science fiction and fantasy for teens. Hoy, Sherry Book Review 286
Yolen, Jane & Stemple, Adam. Pay the piper. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 250
Young, Alfred F. Masquerade: The Life and Times of Deborah Sampson, Continental Soldier. Puffer, Raymond Book Review 307

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