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Articles from Kliatt (May 1, 2003)

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A Few Quick Ones & Hot Water. Flick, Hugh M., Jr. Audiobook Review 284
A Finer End. Chaplin, Nancy C. Audiobook Review 152
A Murder at Ford's Theatre. Ginsberg, Sherri Forgash Audiobook Review 194
A Treasury of Sherlock Holmes: A Collection of Seven Stories & The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes V. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 182
Abaluck, Jason, et al. Up your score: the underground guide to the SAT. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 187
All My Dangerous Friends. Tibbetts, Sally M. Audiobook Review 213
Armstrong, Jennifer & Butcher, Nancy. The kindling. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 236
Arrington, Frances. Prairie whispers. Rosser, Claire Book Review 360
Arthur At The Crossing Places. Theiss, Nola Young Adult Review 210
At the sign of the star. Purucker, Mary I. Audiobook Review 192
Backpack Books Series. 1001 facts about ancient Egypt; 1001 facts about rocks and minerals; 1001 facts about insects. Julian, Janet Book Review 120
Bad Boy Brawly Brown. Klein, Miles Audiobook Review 205
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress. Reich, Carol Audiobook Review 193
Barrett, Tracy. Cold in summer. Winship, Michele Book Review 215
Beers, Kylene. When kids can't read; what teachers can do; a guide for teachers 6-12. Pucci, Anthony J. Book Review 432
Bell, Hilari. A matter of profit. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 252
Blind Faith; The Miraculous Journey of Lula Hardaway. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 188
Blow, Richard. American son; a portrait of John F. Kennedy, Jr. McKee, Barbara Jo Book Review 146
Blunt, Judy, Breaking clean. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 385
Bova, Ben. The precipice. LaValley, Liz Book Review 288
Bowler, Tim. Storm catchers. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 166
Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker. For freedom; the story of a French spy. Rosser, Claire Book Review 303
Brooks, Kevin. Lucas. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 290
Brooks, Kevin. Martyn Pig. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 178
Cabot, Meg. Princess in love. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 170
Cahalan, James M. Edward Abbey, a life. Hart, Ann Book Review 388
Campbell, Marjorie Wilkins. The Nor'Westers; the fight for the fur trade. Hoyte, Carol-Ann Book Review 236
Campbell, Mary Baine. Trouble. Budin, Sue E. Book Review 252
Catalyst. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 202
Chen, Da. China's son; growing up in the Cultural Revolution. Tibbetts, Sally M. Book Review 300
Chernenko, Dan. The bastard king. Hoy, Sherry S. Book Review 232
Child of My Heart. Ammon, Bette D. Audiobook Review 138
Clara Callan. Boardman, Edna M. Audiobook Review 237
Clark, Hattie. It happened at a hanging. Rosser, Claire Book Review 227
Cloud of Sparrows. Dole, Pat Audiobook Review 251
Clute, John. Appleseed. Armstrong, Ginger Book Review 288
Coe, Jonathan. The rotters' club. Julian, Janet Book Review 141
Conant, Susan. The wicked flea. Julian, Janet Book Review 162
Copeland, Cynthia L. Elin's island. Rosser, Claire Book Review 300
Cose, Ellis. The envy of the world; on being a black man in America. Gerrity, Mary T. Book Review 215
Cutter, Leah R. Paper mage. Hoy, Sherry S. Book Review 182
Danneberg, Julie. Women artists of the West; five portraits in creativity and courage. Hoyte, Carol-Ann Book Review 250
Darkside. Rosenzweig, Sue Audiobook Review 155
December 6. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 148
Deuker, Carl. High heat. Rosser, Claire Book Review 291
DeVillers, Julia. GirlWise; how to be confident, capable, cool, and in control. Ginsberg, Sherri Forgash Book Review 150
Dixon, Dougal. The future is wild; a natural history of the future. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 170
Duffield, Wendell A. Chasing Lava: A Geologist's Adventures at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. Gillen, Katherine E. Book Review 231
Dunlop, Storm. The weather identification handbook. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 147
Ehrlich, Gretel. This cold heaven; seven seasons in Greenland. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 362
Ehrlich, Robert. Nine crazy ideas in science. Reeds, Karen Book Review 284
Eppes, Cindy. South of reason, a novel. Rosser, Claire Book Review 200
Esckilsen, Erik E. The last mall rat. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 242
Fair Weather. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 199
Fat Cat and Friends. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 109
Fatal Deception: The Untold Story of Asbestos. Dole, Pat Audiobook Review 308
Final Witness. Rosenzweig, Sue Audiobook Review 175
Frank, E.R. Friction. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 265
Frank, Lucy. Just ask Iris. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 340
Fred and Edie. Boatner, E.B. Audiobook Review 193
Freund, Diane. Four corners, a novel. Theiss, Nola Book Review 225
Friedman, Jeff. Taking down the angel. Beschta, James Book Review 273
Fuller, Alexandra. Don't let's go to the dogs tonight; an African childhood. Purucker, Mary I. Book Review 199
Gellman, Rabbi Marc & Hartman, Monsignor Thomas. Bad stuff in the news; a guide to handling the headlines. Banas, Jennifer Book Review 198
Genereaux, Bruce. Beyond the comfort zone; confessions of an extreme sports junkie. Adamich, Tom Book Review 212
George, Jean Craighead. Tree Castle Island. Rosser, Claire Book Review 302
Ghost Image. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 166
Giles, Gail. Dead girls don't write letters. Rosser, Claire Book Review 140
Glick, Daniel. Powder burn; arson, money, and mystery on Vail Mountain. Theiss, Nola Book Review 251
Glick, Susan. One shot. Rosser, Claire Book Review 351
Going Solo. Overmire, Rozelle R. Audiobook Review 189
Goobie, Beth. Who owns Kelly Paddik? & Halverson, Marilyn. Bull rider. . Rosser, Claire Book Review 221
Graham, Rosemary. My not-so-terrible time at the hippie hotel. Rosser, Claire Book Review 344
Greenwood, Ed. A dragon's ascension. Farmer, Lesley S.J. Book Review 253
Gregory, Kristiana. Prairie River; journey of faith. Griffin, Maureen K. Book Review 208
Hamilton, Lyn. The Etruscan chimera; an archaeological mystery. McKee, Barbara Jo Book Review 129
Hardy, Leanne. The wooden ox, a novel. Griffin, Maureen K. Book Review 184
Hautman, Pete. Sweet blood, a vampire novel. Rosser, Claire Book Review 210
Heathrow Nights. Boardman, Edna M. Audiobook Review 203
Hendee, Barb & J.C. Dhampir. Root, Deirdre B. Book Review 148
Hesse, Karen. Witness. Rosser, Claire Book Review 255
Hobbs, Will. Wild man island. Rosser, Claire Book Review 236
Holt, Kimberly Willis. Keeper of the night. Winship, Michele Book Review 216
Hopkins, Cathy. Mates, dates, and cosmic kisses. Forgash, Sherri Book Review 160
Horowitz, Anthony. Skeleton Key. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 299
How To Be Alone: Essays. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 189
Howe, James, ed. The color of absence; 12 stories about loss and hope. Goldsmith, Francisca Book Review 242
Hughes, Dean. Soldier boys. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 328
Hush. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 195
I Only Say This Because I Love You. Offner, Susan Audiobook Review 176
In Her Shoes. Israel, Jodi L. Audiobook Review 199
Jacobstein, Roy. Ripe. Hoyte, Carol-Ann Book Review 194
James, Brian. Tomorrow, maybe. Kaplan, Deborah Book Review 129
Jarman, Heather. The gray spirit. Flick, Hugh M., Jr. Young Adult Review 134
Jenkins, A.M. Damage. Rosser, Claire Book Review 484
Johnson, Angela. The first part last. Rosser, Claire Book Review 238
Jones, Diana Wynne. Deep secret. Conrad, Stacey Book Review 205
Joseph, Allison. Imitation of life. Beschta, James Book Review 268
Juby, Susan. Alice, I think. Rosser, Claire Book Review 299
Kamler, Kenneth. Doctor on Everest; emergency medicine at the top of the world. Boyd, John E. Book Review 223
Kasischke, Laura. The life before her eyes; a novel. Goldsmith, Francisca Book Review 302
Kirberger, Kimberly. No body's perfect; stories by teens about body image, self-acceptance, and the search for identity. Applegate, Sarah Book Review 85
Konstam, Angus. The history of pirates; The history of shipwrecks. . Puffer, Raymond L. Book Review 311
Laceys of Liverpool. Laceys, E.B. Audiobook Review 185
Lachtman, Ofelia Dumas. A good place for Maggie. Ginsberg, Sherri Forgash Book Review 173
Lackey, Mercedes. The gates of sleep. Farmer, Lesley S.J. Book Review 236
Lanier, Shannon & Feldman, Jane. Jefferson's children; the story of one American family. Gerrity, Mary T. Book Review 166
Laubach, Christyna M., Laubach, Rene & Smith, Charles W.G. Raptor! A kid's guide to birds of prey. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 185
Lawrence, Iain. The buccaneers. Rosser, Claire Book Review 248
Lazell, Marguerite. Tour de France; the illustrated history. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 167
Lee, Wen Ho. My country versus me; the first-hand account by the Los Alamos scientist who was falsely accused of being a spy. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 370
LePore, Jill. A is for American; letters and other characters in the newly United States. Moore, Patricia A. Book Review 259
Levine, Gail Carson. The two princesses of Bamarre. Rosser, Claire Book Review 262
Lyon, Elizabeth, A writer's guide to nonfiction. Bees, Janice Book Review 406
Madigan, Tim. The burning; massacre, destruction, and the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. Theiss, Nola Book Review 240
Marrin, Albert. Commander in Chief: Abraham Lincoln and the civil War. Moore, Patricia A. Book Review 196
Marrin, Albert. George Washington & the founding of a nation. Power, Penelope Book Review 270
McCaffrey, Anne. Freedom ransom. Hoy, Sherry S. Book Review 208
McDonald, Joyce. Shades of Simon Gray. Kaplan, Deborah Book Review 135
McEwan, Ian. Atonement. Rosser, Claire Book Review 276
McKillip, Patricia A. Ombria in shadow. Root, Deirdre B. Book Review 142
Mead, Alice. Girl of Kosovo. Rosser, Claire Book Review 336
Mead, Alice. Year of no rain. Rosser, Claire Book Review 270
Merullo, Roland. Revere Beach elegy; a memoir of home and beyond. Gorman, Barbara Book Review 288
Mikaelsen, Ben. Red midnight. Rosser, Claire Book Review 276
Miklowitz, Gloria D. The enemy has a face. Rosser, Claire Book Review 290
Mitchell, David. Number 9 dream. Allison, Susan G. Book Review 262
Morgawr. Reich, Carol Audiobook Review 165
Murder in Montparnasse. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 223
Murray, Martine. The slightly true story of Cedar B, Hartley (who planned to live an unusual life). Rosser, Claire Book Review 313
Myers, Walter Dean. Handbook for boys; a novel. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 279
Myers, Walter Dean. The dream bearer. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 284
Mystery Stories of Violet Strange. Ammon, Bette D. Audiobook Review 183
Naidoo, Beverley. The other side of truth. Rabinowitz, Rebecca Book Review 204
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Patiently Alice. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 307
Nixon, Joan Lowery. Playing for keeps. Julian, Janet Book Review 219
No One To Trust. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 160
North by Night. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 246
Peters, Julie Anne. Keeping you a secret. Rosser, Claire Book Review 348
Potts, Roll. Vagabonding; an uncommon guide to the art of long-term world travel. Gillen, Katherine E. Book Review 218
Pratchett, Terry. The wee free men. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 283
Pressler, Mirjam. Malka. Winship, Michele Book Review 225
Prue, Sally. Cold Tom. Rosser, Claire Book Review 249
Pure Dead Wicked. Purucker, Mary I. Audiobook Review 259
Purity in Death. Rosenzweig, Sue Audiobook Review 159
Red Rabbit. Boyd, John E. Audiobook Review 206
Rennison, Louise. Knocked out by my nunga-nungas; further, further confessions of Georgia Nicolson. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 191
Reversible Errors. Rosenzweig, Sue Audiobook Review 169
Richardson, V.A. The house of Windjammer. Rosser, Claire Book Review 259
River of Darkness. Julian, Janet Audiobook Review 208
Ruddick, James. Death at the priory; love, sex, and murder in Victorian England. Theiss, Nola Book Review 225
Saksena, Kate. Hang on in there, Shelley. Rosser, Claire Book Review 376
Salisbury, Graham. Lord of the deep. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 299
Sanchez, Alex. Rainbow boys. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 331
Sandburg Out Loud. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 99
Schultz, Duane. The most glorious fourth; Vicksburg and Gettysburg, July 4th, 1863. Puffer, Raymond L. Book Review 257
Schwartz, Virginia Frances. If I just had two wings. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 251
Seal, Jeremy. Treachery at Sharpnose Point; unraveling the mystery of the Caledonia's final voyage. Healy, Michael P. Book Review 254
Seedfolks. Reich, Carol Audiobook Review 124
Seven Classic Plays. Griffin, Maureen K. Audiobook Review 150
Sharpe's Prey. Purucker, Mary I. Audiobook Review 217
Short and Tall Tales. Ginsberg, Sherri Forgash Audiobook Review 206
Shreve, Anita. Sea glass. Forgash, Sherri Book Review 198
Shusterman, Neal. Full tilt. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 167
Smith, Deborah, ed. Mossy Creek. Theiss, Nola Book Review 243
Sones, Sonya. What my mother doesn't know. Rosser, Claire Book Review 221
Spies. Julian, Janet Audiobook Review 239
Spoon River Anthology. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 178
Standing Like a Stone Wall. Boyd, John E. Audiobook Review 216
Stenhouse, Ted. A dirty deed. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 203
Stirling, S.M. The Peshawar lancers. Hoy, Sherry S. Book Review 179
Students, write for the world: display your work on the Web. Weber, Chris 2440
Studyworks! Mathematics Deluxe. Downey, Thomas S. Product/Service Evaluation 501
Swallow, Pamela Curtis. It only looks easy. Rosser, Claire Book Review 307
Take on the Street: What Wall Street and Corporate America Don't Want You To Know; What You Can Do To Fight Back. Berg, Vivian E. Audiobook Review 197
Tan, Amy. The bonesetter's daughter. Moxley, Melody A. Book Review 210
Tarr, Judith. Daughter of Lir. Armstrong, Ginger Book Review 315
The Adams Round Table. Murder on the run. McKee, Barbara Jo Book Review 111
The billboard illustrated encyclopedia of rock. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 197
The Bodyguard's Story. Berg, Vivian E. Audiobook Review 179
The Cell: Inside The 9/11 Plot; And Why The FBI And CIA Failed To Stop It; & Age of Sacred Terror. Boardman, Edna Audiobook Review 295
The Eighth Day. Rosenzweig, Sue Audiobook Review 131
The Food Revolution. Kellerman, Carol Audiobook Review 168
The Great Chase. Offner, Susan Audiobook Review 201
The Piano Tuner. Moxley, Melody A. Audiobook Review 175
The Princess Tally. Theiss, Nola Audiobook Review 173
The Summer of My Greek Taverna. Berg, Vivian E. Audiobook Review 188
The Voice from the Grave. Julian, Janet Audiobook Review 201
Thuvia, Maid of Mars. Flick, Hugh M., Jr. Audiobook Review 151
Towler, Katherine. Snow Island, a novel. Glantz, Shelley Book Review 230
Van Tighem, Patricia. The bear's embrace; a story of survival. Hart, Ann Book Review 272
Verdick, Elizabeth & Lisovskis, Marjorie. How to take the grrrr out of anger. McKee, Barbara Jo Book Review 148
Voices of Black America: historical Recordings of speeches, poetry, humor & drama; 1908-1947. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 125
Walking in This World. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 129
Warning of War. Boyd, John E. Audiobook Review 186
Weisberg, Joseph. 10th grade, a novel. Zachary, Nancy Book Review 259
White Doves at Morning. Klein, Miles Audiobook Review 190
Who's Afraid of Virginia Ham? Ammon, Bette D. Audiobook Review 139
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears & Norfolk Tales. Grant, Sunnie Audiobook Review 136
Wiesel, Elie & Heffner, Richard D. Conversations with Elie Wiesel. Moore, Patiricia A. Book Review 197
Williams, Lori Aurelia. Shayla's double brown baby blues. Rosser, Claire Book Review 251
Wilson, Jacqueline. Girls in tears. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 238
Wings of Fire. Boyd, John E. Audiobook Review 180
Wittlinger, Ellen. Razzle. Rosser, Claire Book Review 255
World War II: Europe. Boyd, John E. Audiobook Review 258
Wrede, Patricia & Stevermer, Caroline. Sorcery & Cecelia; or, The enchanted chocolate pot. Winship, Michele Book Review 206
Wrede, Patricia C. The magician's ward. Scanlon, Donna L. Book Review 162
Wright, Cora M. More hot links: linking literature with the middle school curriculum. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 236
WritersCorps. Paint me like I am. Tibbetts, Sally M. Book Review 261
Yolen, Jane. Sword of the rightful king; a novel of King Arthur. Rosser, Claire Book Review 255
YORK, Sherry. Children's and young adult literature by Latino writers; a guide for librarians, teachers, parents, and students. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 176
Zindel, Paul. The gadget. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 309

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