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Articles from Kliatt (January 1, 2002)

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A Bend in the Road. Theiss, T. Nola Book Review 187
A River Running West. Offner, Susan Book Review 231
Absent in the Spring. Offner, Susan Book Review 149
Adams, Carol J. Living among meat eaters; the vegetarian's survival handbook. Rosser, Claire Book Review 329
African-American Achievers Series. Black filmmakers. Rosser, Claire Book Review 333
An Hour Before Daylight; memories of a rural boyhood. Boyd, John E. Book Review 207
And then there were none. Palmer, Jean Book Review 102
Andrews, V.C. Rose. Ginsberg, Sherri Forgash Book Review 142
Animal Instincts. Theiss, Nola Book Review 185
Anne Manx and the Ring of Minotour. Reich, Carol Book Review 157
Anthony, Mark. The dark remains. Farmer, Lesley S.J. Book Review 258
Armstrong, Lance. It's not about the bike; my journey back to life. Adamich, Tom Book Review 151
Baldacci, David. Wish you well. Silverman, Judith H. Book Review 310
Bat-Ami, Miriam. Two suns in the sky. Rosser, Claire Book Review 317
Berry, Dave & Hawsey, David. America's elite colleges; the smart buyer's guide to the Ivy League and other top schools. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 151
Billinghurst, Jane. Growing up royal; life in the shadow of the British throne. Ginsberg, Sherri Forgash. Book Review 121
Biography Series. The Beatles. Rosser, Claire Book Review 157
Bishop, Anne. The pillars of the world. Silverman, Judith H. Book Review 307
Black Americans of Achievement Series. Al Sharpton. Rosser, Claire Book Review 319
Black, Jonah. The Black Book: Diary of a Teenage Stud series. Ginsberg, Sherri Forgash Book Review 224
Bladholm, Linda. Latin and Caribbean grocery stores demystified. Reis, Shirley Book Review 190
Bleiler, David, ed. TLA film, video, & DVD guide; the discerning film lover's guide. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 218
Bottoms, Greg. Angelhead; a memoir. Mckee, Barbara Jo Book Review 152
Boyne, Daniel J. The red rose crew; a true story of women, winning, and the water. Holab-Abelman, Robin S. Book Review 217
Bragg, Rick Somebody told me; the newspaper stories of Rick Bragg. Adamich, Tom Book Review 175
Caesar: the life story of Panda-Leopard. Berg, Vivian E. Book Review 220
Campbell, Susan. The American West; people, places, and ideas. Moore, Patricia A. Book Review 154
Cappo, Nan Willard. Cheating lessons. Rosser, Claire Book Review 299
Carey, Diane. Chainmail. Flick, Hugh M., Jr. Book Review 148
Carroll, Jenny. Code Name: Cassandra. Remick, Lynne Book Review 207
Cart, Michael, ed. Tomorrowland; stories about the future. Root, Deirdre B. Book Review 176
Chandler, Elizabeth. No time to die. Tibbetts, Sally M. Book Review 319
Cheyenne Raiders. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 242
Cold Zero: inside the FBI Hostage Rescue Team. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 223
Colley, David P. The road to victory; the untold story of World War II's Red Ball Express. Boyd, John E. Book Review 284
Connolly, Cressida. The happiest days. Smith, Debra Mitts Book Review 208
Cornell, Kari A., comp. Holiday cooking around the world. Reis, Shirley Book Review 150
Crown in Darkness. Julian, Janet Book Review 322
Dantes' Inferno. Kellerman, Carol Book Review 195
Death in Paradise. Palmer, Jean Book Review 216
Deuker, Carl. Night hoops. Rosser, Claire Book Review 347
Don Zimmer; a baseball life. Theiss, Nola Book Review 166
Douglas, Sara. The wayfarer redemption. Conrad, Stacey Book Review 212
Edelson, Edward. Gregor Mendel and the roots of genetics. Julian, Janet Book Review 158
Ellis, Jerry. Walking the trail; one man's journey along the Cherokee Trail of Tears. Gillen, Katherine E. Book Review 270
Encarta Reference Library 2002. Rohrlick, Paula Product/Service Evaluation 276
Energy and the Environment. Hammer, Brad Product/Service Evaluation 483
Extraordinary Correspondence from American Wars: War Letters. Boyd, John E. Book Review 215
Faith, Nicholas. Blaze; the forensics of fire. McKee, Barbara Jo Book Review 127
Fifty Poems of Emily Dickinson. Palmer, Jean Book Review 130
Fleischman, Lisa Huang. Dream of the walled city. Allison, Susan G. Book Review 367
Founding Brothers. Rosenzweig, Sue Book Review 129
Fowler, Brenda. Iceman; uncovering the life and times of a prehistoric man found in an Alpine glacier. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 333
Frank, E.R. America. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 348
French Lesson. Moxley, Melody A. Book Review 172
Frey, William H., Abresch, Bill, & Yeasting, Jonathan. America by the numbers; a field guide to the U.S. population. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 215
Gardon, Anne. Comfort food fast; easy and elegant food that soothes the soul. Reis, Shirley Book Review 144
Gores, Joe. Cases. McKee, Barbara Jo Book Review 108
Grant, Linda. When I lived in modern times; a novel. Rosser, Claire Book Review 299
Greenberg, Martin H. & Potter, Alexander, eds. Assassin. Armstrong, Ginger Book Review 270
Greenberger, Robert. Doors into chaos. Flick, Hugh M., Jr. Book Review 153
Grimes, Nikki. Bronx masquerade. Rosser, Claire Book Review 277
Grits; what makes us Southerners. Dole, Pat Book Review 208
Hall, Dede. The starving students' vegetarian cookbook. Reis, Shirley Book Review 151
Hall, Tarquin. To the elephant graveyard. Holab-Abelman, Robin S. Book Review 196
Hansen, Joyce. The heart calls home. Rosser, Claire Book Review 242
Hearts and Bones. Edwards, Jacqueline S. Book Review 169
Holland, Cecelia. The angel and the sword. Rosser, Claire Book Review 377
Hometown Legend. Theiss, Nola Book Review 194
Hornby, Nick, guest ed.; Ben Schafer, series ed. Da Capo best music writing 2001; the year's finest writing on rock, pop, jazz, country, & more. Cooper, Jeffrey Book Review 360
Horowitz, Anthony. The Devil and his boy. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 246
Howard, Megan & Barret, Jon. Faith; stories of belief and spirituality. Zachary, Nancy Book Review 136
Hoyt, Edwin P. Yamamoto; the man who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor. Puffer, Raymond L. Book Review 363
Hughes, Dean. Soldier boys. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 322
Icarus. Miles, Klein Book Review 221
Incriminating Evidence. Miles, Klein Book Review 173
Jarvis, Robin. The dark portal. Root, Deirdre B. Book Review 169
John Adams. Boyd, John E. Book Review 197
Joyful Noise. Tibbetts, Sally M. Book Review 169
Kamdar, Mira. Motiba's tattoos; a grand-daughter's journey from American into her Indian family's past. Moore, Patricia A. Book Review 210
Karr, Mary. Cherry. Theiss, Nola Book Review 151
Keizer, Garret. God of beer. Rosser, Claire Book Review 280
Keyssar, Alexander. The right to vote; the contested history of democracy in the United States. Boyd, John E. Book Review 259
Killing the Shadows. Palmer, Jean Book Review 133
King, Thomas. Truth & Bright Water. Healy, Michael P. Book Review 315
Kohner, Frederick. Gidget. Zachary, Nancy Book Review 312
Kranz, Gene. Failure is not an option; mission control from Mercury to Apollo 13 and beyond. Puffer, Raymond L. Book Review 402
Kydd. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 184
Lansdale, Joe R. The bottoms. Bees, Janice Book Review 269
Lantz, Francess. Letters to Cupid. Rosser, Claire Book Review 340
Last Trout in Venice. Short, Carroll Dale Book Review 242
Lauck, Jennifer. Blackbird, a childhood lost and found. Goldsmith, Francisca Book Review 287
Le Guin, Ursula. The telling. Farmer, Lesley S.J. Book Review 199
Lee, Gentry. The tranquility wars. Hoy, Sherry S. Book Review 283
Lee, Tanith. Wolf tower. Rosser, Claire Book Review 210
Leith, Valery. The way of the rose. LaValley, Liz Book Review 391
Levitin, Sonia. Clem's chances. Rosser, Claire Book Review 371
Lifted Up by Angels. Berg, Vivian E. Book Review 211
Lord of the Silent. Rosser, Claire Book Review 208
Love's Labour's Lost. Edwards, Jacqueline S. Book Review 229
Main Street. Palmer, Jean Book Review 183
Main, Jan. The best freezer cookbook; freezer friendly recipes, tips and techniques. Reis, Shirley Book Review 194
Maldonado, David, Jr. Crossing Guadalupe Street; growing Up Hispanic & Protestant. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 443
Mann, Nick. Operating codes. Rosser, Claire Book Review 309
Maran, Meredith. Class dismissed; a year in the life of an American high school, a glimpse into the heart of a nation. Fontinha, Rita M. Book Review 174
Mathtype 5.0. Downey, Thomas S. Product/Service Evaluation 839
Matthews, Kezi. Scorpio's child. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 251
McCunn, RuthAnne Lum. The moon pearl. Griffin, Maureen K. Book Review 147
McFeely, Mary Drake. Can she bake a cherry pie? American women and the kitchen in the twentieth century. Toth, Frieda Book Review 415
McNally, John, ed. The Student body; short stories about college students and professors. Mills, Owings Book Review 256
Meyer, Stephanie H. & Meyer John. Teen Ink; friends and family. Rhorlick, Paula Book Review 137
Midnight in the Sunken Cathedral. Short, Carroll Dale Book Review 341
Milton, Giles. Big Chief Elizabeth; the adventures and fate of the first English colonists in America. Julian, Janet Book Review 399
Moeller, Bill & Jan. The Oregon Trail; a photographic journey. Moore, Patricia A. Book Review 207
Morris, Evan. The word detective; solving the mysteries behind those pesky words and phrases. Cooper, Jeffrey Book Review 164
Mr. Midshipman Hornblower. Julian, Janet Book Review 264
Murder can Spoil Your Appetite. Palmer, Jean Book Review 153
Musgrave, Susan, ed. Nerves out loud; critical moments in the lives of seven girls. Silva, Shaunna S. Book Review 335
My Name is Martha Brown. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 238
Nasdijj. The blood runs like a river through my dreams; a memoir. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 422
Niles, Douglas. World fall. Farmer, Lesley S.J. Book Review 223
Nine Minutes, Twenty Seconds. Theiss, Nola Book Review 190
Noble House. Boyd, John E. Book Review 242
O'Connor, Garry. William Shakespeare; a popular life. Pucci, Anthony J. Book Review 478
Oates, Joyce Carol. The Best American Essays of the Century. Moore, Patricia A. Book Review 154
On the Street Where You Live. Theiss, Nola Book Review 170
Out of the Night that Covers Me. Israel, Jodi L. Book Review 209
Partridge, Elizabeth. Restless spirit; the life and work of Dorothea Lange. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 189
Patton, Fiona. The golden sword. LaValley, Liz Book Review 287
Pelzer, Dave. Help yourself; finding hope, courage, and happiness. DeMarco, Joseph R. Book Review 331
Ponton, Lynn. The sex lives of teenagers; revealing the secret world of adolescent boys and girls. DeMarco, Joseph R. Book Review 319
Priestess of Avalon. Dole, Pat Book Review 225
Pyle, Robert Michael. Chasing monarchs; migrating with the butterflies of passage. Gillen, Katherine E. Book Review 172
Schwartz, Virginia Frances. If I just had two wings. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 248
Scott, Jerry & Borgman, Jim. Big honkin' Zits; a Zits treasury. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 171
Scott, Melissa. The Jazz. Armstrong, Ginger Book Review 356
Selected Stories From May There Be a Road. Theiss, Nola Book Review 203
Shayla's Double Brown Baby Blues. Ammon, Bette D. Book Review 155
Shusterman, Neal. The Shadow Club rising. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 295
Simmons, Virginia McConnell. The Ute Indians of Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 268
Snell, Alma Hogan. Matthews, Becky, ed. Grandmother's grandchild; my Crow Indian life. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 359
Snow Crash. Klein, Miles Book Review 172
Spite Fences. Rosenzweig, Sue Book Review 146
Standage, Tom. The Neptune file; a story of astronomical rivalry and the pioneers of planet hunting. Puffer, Raymond L. Book Review 305
Staples, Suzanne Fisher. Shiva's fire. Smitt, Debra Mitts Book Review 487
Star Trek: Sarek. Ammon, Bette D. Book Review 153
StarGirl. Ammon, Bette D. Book Review 139
Stolen Lives: twenty years in a desert jail. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 232
Suarez, Virgil & Van Cleave, Ryan G., eds. American Diaspora; poetry of displacement. Beschta, James Book Review 292
Swann, S. Andrew. The dragons of the Cuyahoga. Hoy, Sherry S. Book Review 283
Swift As Desire. Kellerman, Carol Book Review 200
Takaki, Ronald. Double victory; a multicultural history of America in World War II. Kircher, V. William Book Review 326
Tarr, Judith. Pride of kings. LaValley, Liz Book Review 356
The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial. Israel, Jodi L. Book Review 193
The Cassandra Compact. Palmer, Jean Book Review 131
The Classical Continental Traveler's Companion. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 99
The Coalwood Way. John E. Boyd Book Review 134
The exploitation of children: past and present. Ryan, Judy 1451
The Fracture Zone: a return to the Balkans. Boyd, John E. Book Review 189
The Gates of the Alamo. Boyd, John E. Book Review 223
The Life and Works of Beethoven. Offner, Susan Book Review 197
The Mummy Congress. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 196
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: a baker's dozen of the original radio broadcasts. Julian, Janet Book Review 214
The New Joys of Yiddish. Palmer, Jean Book Review 218
The Northern Lights. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 204
The Pearl Harbor Murder. Palmer, Jean Book Review 152
The Seeing Stone. Palmer, Jean Book Review 235
The Shakespeare Handbooks. Hamlet; a guide. Rosser, Claire Book Review 211
The Summer House. Israel, Jodi L. Book Review 187
The Tin Drum. Cooperman, Bernard D. Book Review 228
The Up and Comer. Theiss, Nola Book Review 178
Those Who Trespass. Klein, Miles Book Review 158
Tinling, Marion. Sacagawea's son; the life of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau. Harris, Kim Book Review 250
Touching my Father's Soul. Offner, Susan Book Review 184
Trent's Last Case. Julian, Janet Book Review 192
Under the Color of Law. Kellerman, Carol Book Review 210
Unwinding the Clock. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 238
Valhalla Rising. Palmer, Jean Book Review 173
Victory in the Pacific. Tibbetts, Sally M. Book Review 241
Walden. Palmer, Jean Book Review 143
Wallace, Joseph. A gathering of wonders; behind the scenes at the American Museum of Natural History. Levine, Gloria Book Review 335
Washington Square. Edwards, Jacqueline S. Book Review 150
Weill, Sabrina. We're not monsters; teens speak out about teens in trouble. Goldsmith, Francisca Book Review 205
Whelan, Gloria. Homeless bird. Applegate, Sarah Book Review 157
Williams, Glyn. The prize of all the oceans; Commodore Anson's daring voyage and triumphant capture of the Spanish treasure galleon. Puffer, Raymond L. Book Review 293
Willis, Jennifer Schwamm, ed. Wizards; stories of mischief, magic and mayhem. Conrad, Stacey Book Review 142
Willis, Sarah. Some things that stay. Tibbetts, Sally M. Book Review 355
Wilson, Robert Charles. The Perseids and other stories. Armstrong, Ginger Book Review 316
Witness. Ammon, Bette D. Book Review 209
Wittlinger, Ellen. What's in a name. Rohlick, Paula Book Review 248
Wizard of Earthsea. Ammon, Bette D. Book Review 172
Woodson, Jacqueline. Hush. Rosser, Claire Book Review 350
World War II Airmen. Boardman, Edna M. Book Review 220
Wright, John W., ed. The New York Times almanac 2002. Rohrlick, Paula Book Review 145
YU, Ling. Cooking the Chinese way; rev. & expanded ed. Reis, Shirley Book Review 148

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