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Kleveman, Lutz. The new great game; blood and oil in Central Asia.

KLEVEMAN, Lutz. The new great game; blood and oil in Central Asia. Grove. 304p. map. Notes. index. c2003. 0-8021-4172-2. $15.00. SA

The thirst for oil has caused the US to fight wars and risk its reputation around the world. Kleveman, a noted war correspondent, sees Central Asia, the area around the Caspian Sea, as the new battleground for oil. Chapter by chapter, country by country, he explores and explains how each of the countries and republics surrounding this great inland sea is governed and how it views the US. The very names of some of these geographical areas--Uzbekistan, Kasakhstan, Turkmenistan--reflect how foreign and unknown they are to the average American, while others--China, Iran, Pakistan-are familiar for reasons other than oil. Yet oil is the likely cause of future conflicts between the US and these countries. This book is well researched and presents a frightening picture of a future fight over oil. Nola Theiss, Sanibel, FL

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Author:Theiss, Nola
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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