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Byline: Oliver Norton

THIS pet puss is a real-life cat burglar who has stolen more than 30 pairs of socks from her owner's neighbours.

Marion McComb, 78, has a pile of incriminating evidence against her cat Patch, who has developed a habit of nicking socks.

She said: "Patch is a little thief - a kleptomaniac.

"She's brought in more than 30 socks and I have no idea why she is doing it.

"It used to be odd socks, but then it got into a real habit - socks in all colours and sizes.

"She just puts them at the back door and then lets me know what she's got.

"I think she has an obsession with stealing, but who knows what's going on in her mind? "I think she likes socks more than she likes birds. In the last year she has only brought back two birds but a huge amount of socks."

Now Marion has had to deal with 11-year-old Patch becoming the talk of the neighbourhood in her hometown of Arbroath.

She said: "My friends and neighbours think it's hilarious. They just go on about the 'sock thief' and hope that Patch doesn't steal from them.

"Whether she sneaks into people's houses and goes through their dirty laundry or she picks them from washing lines is a mystery.

"I've washed the socks and collected them in a bag, but if nobody picks them up I will give them to charity."

And Patch has the cheek to conduct her raids in broad daylight - she only leaves the house after Marion has her morning coffee.

Marion says she's never witnessed a sock theft, but if she did, she admits it would be impossible to stop Patch.

She said: "You can see her lying on top of people's roofs relaxing in the sun and you can hear her hollering out loud.

"But I'm certainly not going clambering over the roofs to go bering after her."


THIEF J Marion with Patch

SOCKS APPEAL Patch has been stealing from neighbours' washing and has built up an impressive haul of contraband
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 20, 2013
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