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Klaw couplings are safe and reliable.

UK-BASED Klaw Products is a world renowned company, which designs and manufactures breakaway couplings and emergency release systems. Accommodating a wide spectrum of applications, its products are utilised in any bulk transfer system where there is a risk of inadvertent forces being applied that may compromise the line's integrity.

Klaw provides the best solution, with continued development programmes, and with instinctive innovation Klaw can meet industries' changing demands and world legislation.

With applications that include road tankers, rail cars, ship to shore, ship to ship and ship to rig, Klaw Products protects loading/unloading systems from costly damage and significantly reduce expensive downtime. "Our products ensure the safe transfer of liquids, gases, and powders, whilst minimising pollution and environmental impact," says a company spokesman.

When considering the breakaway coupling options available, it is important to be confident in the design principles of the coupling, says the company. "Our original Flip-Flap design not only provides minimum head loss through the unit but also ensures that under no circumstances can the seal between the two coupling body halves open to atmosphere, before the internal flap valves have been released and provided a 100 per cent shut off.

This design feature eliminates the potentially hazardous scenario called 'partial break'. 'Partial break' is when the coupling has been partially parted but not fully, due to the applied force being prematurely removed (perhaps due to an operator beginning to move the vehicle and then realising they have not disconnected, thus stopping).

With some designs of breakaway coupling it could be possible for a 'partial break' and an uncontrollable spillage of media to occur. This cannot happen with the Klaw design of coupling," says the company.

KLAW INDUSTRIAL COUPLINGS Utilised in all industrial product transfer installations, the industrial breakaway coupling is specifically designed to be able to activate with a tensile force being applied at an angle to the plane of the coupling housing up to 90 degrees. It is typically installed into loading arm and hose assemblies, where at least one side of the coupling is attached to a rigid and fixed point.

KLAW MARINE COUPLINGS Marine breakaway couplings are designed to be specifically installed within a hose string, where the coupling would have a length of hose attached to both sides. Its unique design includes external features that provide increased resistance to bending movements and torsional forces which may be exerted upon the coupling and therefore preventing premature activation.

Typical applications include ship to offshore platform, and ship-to-ship transfer operations.

KLAW FULL-BORE COUPLINGS Full bore couplings are the world's first breakaway couplings specifically developed for service with dry powder, viscous or abrasive media. With all working mechanisms 100 per cent isolated from the media until activation, the Klaw full bore function is not affected by clogging or abrasion and provides instantaneous double shut off when a predetermined tensile load is applied. It is typically utilised for dry cement, bitumen, mud and waste products. The Klaw full bore coupling provides no line restriction and is piggable.

KLAW ERC The Klaw emergency release couplings (ERC) is suitable for dynamic applications such as ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore. With this model the release can be hydraulically controlled, and the ERC is activated prior to any excessive forces being applied by vessel movement. With automatic sensors or manual override, this system offers extensive flexibility and options for the operator.

The Klaw ERC can safely accommodate very high operational forces. With extensive choice in the control system the HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) can be electric or air driven, they can be of a bespoke design to accommodate the user's exact requirements.

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Publication:Oil & Gas News
Date:Sep 21, 2010
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