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Virtual surgery: doctors can simulate heart operations with the click of a mouse. Jul 28, 2007 2433
Sensor sensibility: the mathematics of shapes is illuminating the structure of wireless sensor networks. May 5, 2007 2269
Crafty geometry: mathematicians are knitting and crocheting to visualize complex surfaces. Dec 23, 2006 2386
The mind of the swarm: math explains how group behavior is more than the sum of its parts. Nov 25, 2006 2287
Springfield theory: mathematical references abound on The Simpsons. Jun 10, 2006 1360
Pushing the limit: digital-communications experts are zeroing in on the perfect code. Nov 5, 2005 2477
Pieces of numbers: a proof brings closure to a dramatic tale of partitions and primes. Jun 18, 2005 2155
Navigating celestial currents: math leads spacecraft on joy rides through the solar system. Cover Story Apr 16, 2005 2457
Manuscripts as fossils: population-biology equations estimate medieval texts' likelihood of survival. Apr 9, 2005 825
Life on the scales: simple mathematical relationships underpin much of biology and ecology. Feb 12, 2005 2462
Take a chance: scientists put randomness to work. Dec 4, 2004 2415
Oddballs: it's easier to pack spheres in some dimensions than in others. Oct 2, 2004 2288
Generous players: game theory explores the Golden Rule's place in biology. Jul 24, 2004 2291
Theorems for sale: an online auctioneer offers math amateurs a backdoor to prestige. Jun 12, 2004 1450
Glimpses of genius: mathematicians and historians piece together a puzzle that Archimedes pondered. May 15, 2004 1809
Math lab: computer experiments are transforming mathematics. Apr 24, 2004 2303
Computation's new leaf: plants may be calculating creatures. Feb 21, 2004 1332
Bookish math: statistical tests are unraveling knotty literary mysteries. Dec 20, 2003 2402
The shape of space: have cosmologists glimpsed signs that the universe is bounded? Nov 8, 2003 1296
Best guess: economists explore betting markets as prediction tools. Oct 18, 2003 2500
Infinite wisdom: a new approach to one of mathematics' most notorious problems. Aug 30, 2003 1921
Short e-mail chains reach targets worldwide. Aug 16, 2003 623
If it looks like a sphere...Exploring the newly proposed solution to a famous problem about three-dimensional shapes. Jun 14, 2003 2410
Digital cells: computer circuits made of genes may soon program bacteria. Apr 26, 2003 2093
Knotty calculations: a quantum version of braids could lay the groundwork for tomorrow's computers. Feb 22, 2003 2364
Election selection: are we using the worst voting procedure? Nov 2, 2002 2458

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