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Kiwis forced to suspend Duff Beer production.

Attorneys for the 20th Century Fox production company contacted a New Zealand Brewery 18 months ago, and ordered the company to change its name. Duffs Brewery in Dunedin, New Zealand had the misfortune to share a name with Homer Simpson's favorite beer on The Simpsons cartoon program. Twentieth Century Fox threatened Duffs with legal action unless it changed its name.

The company has now changed its name to McDuffs to avoid confusion with the fictional Duff beer portrayed in The Simpsons.

Brewery owner Gavin Duff told the Otago Daily Times: "I always thought the letter might come one day. What it boiled down to was small guys like us don't have enough money to fight big guys like them."

In 1996, the South Australian Brewing Company was banned from selling "Duff Beer" after 20th Century Fox took it to court.
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Date:Dec 10, 2001
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