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Kiwi Girl.

Two newsletters published by teenage girls have come to our attention:

Kiwi Girl was launched online in the summer of 2000 when editor Leila was 11 years old. Every other month (for $10/ year), she publishes articles on fitness and health, volunteering opportunities and crafts, as well as recipes, career interviews, book reviews, poems, fun facts, how-to's, and short stories.

Kiwi Girl (named "after my teddy bear from Build-A-Better Workshop") was featured on the front page of Leila's hometown newspaper, has won a website design award, and was written up in Girl's Life Online (

Kiwi Girl is at www.crestani. com/kiwigirl.htm.
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Title Annotation:Next generation
Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Jun 30, 2003
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