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Kiunjuri's Nyeri meeting meant to launch water project turns chaotic.

A meeting by Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri in Gatitu shopping center in Nyeri town on Saturday turned chaotic.

It was meant to launch a Sh 262 million Riamukurwe water project but was cut shot after Tangatanga and Kieleweke politics played out

The acrimonious meeting took a record 40 minutes.

Nyeri women representative Rahab Mukami of Tanganga squad and a staunch supporter of deputy president William Ruto was not allowed to speak.

The CS tried unsuccessfully to calm residents three times.

Kiunjuri had arrived at the venue accompanied by Mukami.

Sensing the tension, the CS read the riot act to those present saying he would not entertain politics in the meeting.

The CS called on supporters of various politicians to remain silent and desist from jeering or cheering speakers saying that was a development meeting and not a political rally.

'If leaders stand here to speak, I do not want to hear anyone jeering or cheering them,' said the CS.

Kiunjuri said only five people would speak who included the project chairman, nominated MCA Julia Wanjiku, area MCA Simon Muturi, the MP and Mukami then the CS. Wambugu was yet to arrive.

He arrived about three minutes after Kiunjuri read the riot act.

But the meeting turned chaotic when area MCA stood to speak where supporters of the two camps started exchanging blows while others shouted Muturi down.

The second time Kiunjuri stood warned he would be the only person to address the meeting if they continue misbehaving but they shouted him down claiming the area MP must address.

He had to retract the statement.

Muturi went ahead to say amid jeers that Mukami was behind the project and not Wambugu and continue to make other allegations including insulting the area MP making things even worse.

Wambugu stood and calmed the residents saying the meeting would continue with condition that no 2022 politics.

Wambugu invited Kiunjuri to speak and warned that the project was initiated by Uhuru Kenyatta's government and no leader should take the credit.

'Whoever thinks he or she is the one, who donated the money, let them leave the meeting now. This is Uhuru's project. As Nyeri people we shall not allow people to come here and disrespect Uhuru in our presence. That is unacceptable,' he said.

He said there are people who have been disrespecting voters and the president and feel that they played no part in taking them to parliament.

Wambugu did not allow Mukami to address the meeting and instead invited Kiunjuri.

Kiunjuri attempted to invite Mukami but Wambugu and his supporters refused.

Immediately Kiunjuri gave his address, Wambugu called off the meeting.

When Kiunjuri stood to speak, he said it was normal for people to disagree on issues but said by respecting the project, people will be showing their respect to the president.

He said he will call leaders together so that they can speak and iron out the issues.

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
Date:Jun 29, 2019
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