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Kitchen counter extends as "soda fountain" booth.

Raising the floor instead of lowering the counter did more than just define this Lshaped, banquette-backed breakfast area. Builtinto a corner during a remodel of the kitchen, the 3- by 4-foot tabletop is an extension of the 36-inch-high kitchen counter. The dining surface abuts the counter surface along a 10-inch overlap.

From the kitchen side, the table provides convenient extra room for preparing or serving food. But counter height is too high for comfortable seating, so the floor rises 6 inches underneath to bring the table's height to an ideal 30 inches.

Directly beneath the table, the elevated portion of the floor stretches out almost as far as the tabletop's edge. But where people step up to reach the banquette, it narrows to become little more than a broad tread-minimizing the area's intrusion into the kitchen. Cream-colored ceramic tile covers both floor sections.

The 18-inch-high banquette sits on a wooden base with a drawer in the accessible end. Its upholstered seat and back run 92 inches along the side wall, then turn the corner and continue 46 inches to butt into the kitchen cabinets.

An inset strip of hardwood trims the edges of the synthetic marble (Corian) countertop and table. Topping the banquette and the counters, a band of black tiles becomes a backsplash in the kitchen.

Honolulu architect Charles R. Sutton of Sutton Candia Partners designed the remodel for Leona Quinn.
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Date:Oct 1, 1988
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