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Kitchen Sink Concert.

Kitchen Sink Concert

Ishbel Moore

Bewrite Books

363 Badminton Rd., Nidley, Bristol UK, BS37 5JF

ISBN: 1904224881 $8.83, 168 pages

At a church party, 16-year old Meredith Stevenson finds herself completely mesmerised with one of the boys. He's tall, handsome and has an air of danger about him, making her feel shy and insecure. After all, she's not one of those popular and gorgeous girls brimming with self-confidence.

Though he seems friendly and down-to-earth, there's one big problem: he's with a group of terrible-looking Skinheads. Why would a nice guy like that mix with that crowd? Eventually they meet. His name is Simeon and although he himself isn't in the group, his brother is. This doesn't completely solve the problem. For one thing, her parents would never approve of a boy with "Skinhead" family members.

To make matters worse, there's an accident during the party where the kitchen sink totally collapses and he and the Skinheads become prime suspects. In order to fix the sink they decide to organize a concert to raise the money, and Meredith is put in charge.

Will she be able to handle the responsibility of putting together a good concert? Will she trust herself enough to be able to sing? And what about "Prince" Simeon--will she be able to built a stable romantic relationship with him? But how can they when perfect and attentive Matt is always around Meredith like a puppy starved for love, and Simeon himself declares that they shouldn't see each other again, that they're simply two worlds apart and Meredith is better off without him?

A story sure to delight young teenagers, Kitchen Sink Concert raises issues with which they'll be able to identify-- boyfriend problems, fitting in, self-doubt. A well-written and entertaining story.
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Author:Calvani, Mayra
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Date:May 1, 2005
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