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Kit to verify LTA.

To check light transmission aggregometers, the LTA Check test kit allows the lab to verify aggregometer function, standardize and ensure precision and reliability of test results, document the reagent system, comply with CLIA laboratory regulations, identify and reduce QC variables, and validate consistent results across multiple sites. The kit is based on the ability of a plasma and reagent to induce agglutination which, when measured by the aggregometer being tested, produces both a slope and percent aggregation result. Ranges and limits for quality control and system functionality may be recorded manually or by using the monitoring software, which accepts data from the aggregometer and generates Levey-Jennings charts for review and evaluation of system performance based on West-gard rules for low-volume tests.


Bio/Data Corp.


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Title Annotation:Quality assurance/controls
Publication:Medical Laboratory Observer
Date:Nov 1, 2010
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