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War for and against women: the U.S. military is planning to use women as infantry--close-quarter combat soldiers--despite the preponderance of evidence showing that the decision is a grave mistake. Apr 22, 2013 3296
ACORN's nutty antics: most Americans have now heard of the activist group ACORN, but they don't know much about it beyond the fact that it was involved with voter-registration fraud. Nov 9, 2009 2898
Muslim face of the EU: as overall birth rates throughout Europe collapse, falling well below replacement levels, the birth rates and immigration rates of Muslims have been high. Because Muslims often don't assimilate, strife is inevitable. Aug 3, 2009 2988
Forecast: justice will reign: thanks to the revelation of President Obama's connection to Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers, justice may finally be served for the victims of Weathermen bombings. Apr 13, 2009 1328
War at the border: the recent murder of Border Patrol agent Luis Aguilar highlights the increasing border violence. Mar 3, 2008 638
The picture: in a new book, Cuban exile Humberto Fontova exposes the real Che Guevara. Nov 12, 2007 2632
Dauntless high flyer: Charles Lindbergh campaigned to keep the United States out of war as leader of the America First Committee, then placed himself in harm's way when we did go to war. Aug 20, 2007 2224
Will Congress turn its back on you: when it comes to immigration? The immigration legislation before Congress casts the die not only for cultural and national ruin, but also for a North American Union. Cover story Jun 11, 2007 2689
Social Security for immigrants: at President Bush's behest, plans have been created, and are being implemented, for a "totalization agreement" with Mexico--which would give U.S. Social Security benefits to millions of Mexican citizens. Cover story Jun 11, 2007 1237
John Wayne: Mr. America: a look back at John Wayne on the 100th anniversary of his birth reveals that he clearly understood the potential for Hollywood to be a positive influence on American culture. May 28, 2007 2170
Roadkillers: unlicensed, drunk-driving illegal aliens are killing Americans and each other, by the carload. Apr 2, 2007 1898
Crime wave: as an illegal-alien crime wave overtakes America, government officials do nothing because they either support open borders or fear to anger the Hispanic community. Jan 8, 2007 2530
Christmas vs. holiday: how did America, a nominally Christian nation, get to the point that a cheerful "Merry Christmas" is seen as intolerant and our gifts are placed under "holiday trees"? Dec 25, 2006 1608
ER overload: a survey of the research available shows that uninsured illegal immigrants are an imponderable burden in our nation's hospitals, in particular emergency rooms. Cover story Nov 27, 2006 2457
A resurgence of deadly diseases: diseases once thought to be nearly eradicated in America, such as tuberculosis and leprosy, are now rising as illegal immigrants bring their health problems to our country. Cover story Nov 27, 2006 1048
What did or didn't happen at Duke: a look at the case of an alleged rape at Duke University reveals the bias of the major media and the need for moral order to once again be upheld on college campuses. Sep 18, 2006 1212
Young patron: America's storied general began his fighting career in an Old West shootout with Pancho Villa's riders. Sep 4, 2006 2230
Border town violence: as illegal immigrants flood the United States, a wave of crimes committed by illegals is crashing into border towns and threatening to engulf our entire nation. Aug 7, 2006 2215
Batting a thousand at being a man: Lou Gehrig always stepped up to the plate to meet whatever life pitched his way--even his own impending death--with the integrity, humility, and equanimity of a real man. Biography Aug 7, 2006 2771
What government can do to you: our government has steadily, and increasingly openly, treated Americans as dispensable assets--to be used or discarded at will. Viewpoint essay Jul 24, 2006 1936
Selling his brand of salvation: the novel The Da Vinci Code not only attacks the basic tenets of Christianity but promotes a religious outlook based on free sex. Jun 12, 2006 2142
Sink the Dubai ports deal! Our ports are gateways to America, and it does not make sense to put them under the control of a foreign power--particularly an Islamic regime tied to al-Qaeda. Cover story Mar 20, 2006 3586
Mohammed's Looney Toons: the recent cartoon controversy illuminates Muslim intolerance for debate and the danger of a growing Islamic population in the West. Mar 6, 2006 1249
The real American Cowboy: the real men and women of the Old West were truly as legendary as classic Hollywood cinema and traditional Western fiction have led us to believe. Cover Story Feb 20, 2006 2969
Homos on the range: a look at how liberal cultural elites gave "blockbuster" stature to a perverse movie--Brokeback Mountain--and what they hoped to accomplish. Feb 20, 2006 1678
The gathering storm: Islamic violence in France, fostered by French anti-Christian political and cultural elites, gives a glimpse of what our own elites are bringing upon us via uncontrolled immigration. Jan 23, 2006 3568
Time for honesty by the left & right. Jul 25, 2005 811
The real problem with Kelo: by intervening without jurisdiction in a state-level eminent domain case, the U.S. Supreme Court has imperiled property rights nationwide. Jul 25, 2005 1737

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