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Kirin scores with incentive program.

In mid-September Kirin USA's distributors, senior management from Molson Breweries USA, and Kirin's own executives met in Tucson, AZ, at the 1992 Kirin Cup Classic incentive program.

According to John Gomatos, vice president sales for Kirin USA, the goals for this year's contest were specific. "We wanted to increase our summer sales by 14 percent--a tall order by any standard in today's economy.

"In order to achieve this," Gomatos continued, "Kirin invested in the Kirin Cup Golf Classic, an annual event which is now in its sixth successful year."

The vice president added that the results spoke for themselves, as overall Kirin sales rose 15 percent over 1991's figures. Gomatos attributed this to the "increased excitement generated by the contest and the creative marketing and advertising tools used throughout the period."

The details of the incentive program were arranged by Richard Gaeta, president of Premier Incentives, which has run the Kirin program for the past six years. "It's not as simple as putting together a travel package as a prize for a contest," Gaeta said.

"These programs are designed to add sales dollars to the bottom line," he went on, "and they have to drive product."

In Kirin's case, the plan worked. According to Gomatos, of the 65 distributors involved, 45 qualified for the Classic.
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Title Annotation:Kirin USA
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 21, 1992
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