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Kirin introduces Ichiban in NYC.

Kirin introduces Ichiban in NYC

Kirin Ichiban, a beer that has been a great success in the Japanese home market, has been recently introduced in the United States. According to Kirin, Ichiban enjoyed a record-setting introductory year in Japan, selling 35 million cases in 1990.

At a press conference announcing the introduction, Kazu Kato, president of Kirin U.S.A., said, "Today, we are introducing Kirin Ichiban to the American market-place. We believe that once Americans taste Kirin Ichiban, they will understand why the brew has achieved amazing success in Japan and is currently the most popular beer in that nation.

"Ichiban means number one in Japanese," Kato continued, "and we named the product Ichiban because it is made from the first press in the brewing process. We are happy to share Kirin Ichiban, the purest form of beer, with our American friends."

The first Kirin Ichiban arrived in this country in November 1990, with a shipment of 75,000 cases earmarked for markets in New York, San Francisco, and L.A.

According to Kato, Kirin Ichiban was originally marketed towards the Japanese population in America. "Surprisingly," he says, "Americans are catching on, probably because it is a refreshing beer with no afterstate, which appeals to the American palate.

"Sale of Ichiban in the U.S. are doing much better than expected," confirms John Gomatos, vice president of sales for Kirin U.S.A. "We hope that Kirin Ichiban continues to surprise us and that we share in the same amazing success that it's having in Japan."
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Title Annotation:Kirin U.S.A.; Kirin Ichiban; New York City
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 10, 1991
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