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Kiribati Road Rehabilitation Project Additional Financing.

Proposed Development Objectives-

Current Project Development Objectives Parent

The project will improve the condition of South Tarawa's main road network and help strengthen road financing and maintenance capacity.

Project Description -

Component Name -

Component A: Civil Works

Comments (optional)-

This component consists of the main civil works activities to be undertaken on the South Tarawa road infrastructure. The activities include:

- Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Paved Roads on South Tarawa. Betio Toll booth to Ananau Causeway (~19.25 km), Ananau Causeway (~2.25 km), Temaiku road (~6.10 km). 11km of

water main.

- Rehabilitation of Paved Roads in Betio & Bairiki. Repairs to localized pavement failures and drainage improvements in Betio.

- Sealing of Feeder Roads. Up to 8 km of unsealed urban feeder roads with high traffic volumes will be sealed and provided with improved drainage.

- Road Safety Improvements. Improvements including solar street lighting, road signage and pavement markings.

- Consulting Services. For the design and supervision of civil works.

Component Name -

Component B: Road Sector Reform

Comments (optional)-

Activities to strengthen the road sector and ultimately lead to more sustainable main road infrastructure in South Tarawa:

- Micro-Enterprises for Routine Road Maintenance. Provision of assistance in the form of (i) training, (ii) procurement of basic plant and equipment, and (iii) operational support for the management and monitoring of contracts, in order to promote the establishment of micro-enterprises to undertake routine maintenance.

-Road Safety Action Plan. Development and implementation of a multi-sectoral road safety action plan.

- Drafting of Legislation. Updating the Kiribati road law as well as legislation dealing with speed and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Component Name-

Component C: Project Support

Comments (optional) -

Specialist support to the GOK for implementation of the project.

Establishment of the Kiribati Fiduciary Services Unit (KFSU) to ensure the smooth operation of the project. The KFSU will handle procurement and financial management, planing and reporting.

- Establishing the Project Support Team (PST). A PST Manager/Technical Auditor will support the MPWU with implementation of the civil works activities.

-Project associated incremental operating costs (e.g. telecommunications, local workshops for stakeholders, procurement-associated activities, etc.)

-A valuation specialist to identify the appropriate compensation rates for trees and other assets affected.

- An NGO to monitor implementation of the RPF.


Name: Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

Contact: Mr. Eriati Manaima

Title: Secretary

Tel: 68621806


Project completion date : 2018-12-31 12:00:00

Major organization : Ministry of Public Works and Utilities

Address : Botaki Ibukin Mwakuri Karikirake AO Korakora

P.O.Box 498, Betio, Tawara

Tel: 26143,26192

Country :Kiribati

Email :

Financier : World Bank (WB),

Financier address : World Bank

1818 H Street, NW

Washington, D.C. 20433, USA

Telephone: (202) 458-4500

Fax: (202) 522-1500


Contact: Christopher R. Bennett

Title: Lead Transport Specialist

Tel: 5740+6422 /


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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:Apr 14, 2015
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