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Kinsey's hidden child abuse: though lauded in the media as an exemplary man of science, Alfred Kinsey instigated, perpetuated, and covered up the molestation of children in the name of research.

If you and your family are hooked into the Mainstream Managed Media, you, no doubt, already have noticed the enormous campaign underway to promote Kinsey, the new movie about the world's most famous "sex scientist." Led by the New York Times and the television giants --Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS--the massive media onslaught is once again making the name of Alfred C. Kinsey a household word. Kinsey is being touted as a surprise favorite to bring home the Hollywood gold in the upcoming Oscar sweepstakes.

The tragedy--and outrageous travesty of justice--in all of this is that these media giants are aiding and abetting the cinematic transformation of an infamous, despicable child-sex criminal into a noble hero. Kinsey's fraudulent use of statistics and his unethical "research" methodologies to promote his perverse sexual agenda are well documented. It also has been public knowledge for quite a few years now that Kinsey and his researchers knowingly, willingly, and enthusiastically sponsored, supported, and engaged in the most horrid criminal sexual abuse of children. I say this is "public knowledge" in the sense that the documents and admissions concerning the Kinsey sex crimes against children are in the public realm. But "the public" is largely ignorant of this information because the pro-Kinsey, pro-hedonist media have censored this information in the interest of protecting and furthering the so-called Sexual Revolution. By willfully continuing this cover-up of Kinsey's record and by elevating him to virtual sainthood, they have become willing accomplices to his unconscionable crimes.

Following the Formula

Starring Liam Neeson, the intellectuals' glamour guy, Kinsey's early scenes show the young Alfred being badgered by his domineering father (played by John Lithgow), a lay Methodist preacher who, naturally, fits the negative Hollywood stereotype of a rigid, sexually repressed, religious bigot. In spite of this terrible handicap (according to the movie), young Alfred heroically overcomes the religious inhibitions that are keeping him sexually stunted. And in the process, he also liberates the libidos of a generation, throughout America and the world. Thanks to Kinsey, we are told, universal ignorance and fear of sex were conquered.

Here is a small sampling of the accolades being heaped upon Kinsey:

* A.O. Scott, New York Times: "I can't think of another movie that has dealt with sex so knowledgeably and, at the same time, made the pursuit of knowledge seem so sexy."

* Mike Clark, USA Today: "makes Kinsey a complex hero ... one of the year's better movies."

* Michael Rechtshaffen, Hollywood Reporter: "boasts exceptional lead performances and lovely writing."

* Lou Lumenick, New York Post: "it's as purely entertaining as it is thought-provoking and timely."

* Peter Travers, Rolling Stone: "knockout of a movie."

Contrast these adulatory bouquets with the savage treatment dished out over the past year to Mel Gibson and his inspiring movie, The Passion of the Christ. Many of the same reviewers who viciously attacked The Passion as "obscene," "pornographic," and "sadistic" are absolutely in love with Kinsey, even though these derogatory adjectives accurately describe Kinsey, the movie, as well as Kinsey, the man.

However, far more important than the glowing reviews of Kinsey have been the print and broadcast promotionals posing as legitimate news stories. The major media organizations have used the movie's release as a hook to showcase and promote the Kinseyite gospel of unrestrained sexual "liberation." Something is very fishy here. According to Yahoo Weekend Box Office Actuals, Kinsey only opened in five theaters nationally on November 12. Yet it has had huge publicity, including tens of millions of dollars worth of free media hype, by selected Kinsey-friendly reviewers, editors, and reporters. The producers and directors of Kinsey know that the message in their movie is completely at odds with the concern for morality that so many voters expressed in the recent election exit polls. They know that Dr. Kinsey was the celebrated leader of the revolution that has, in a brief time span, almost undone the moral fabric of our nation. They do not want the American public to make the connection between the Kinseyite view of sexuality--now-dominant among our media mavens and intelligentsia--and the societal woes that are dragging us into the cesspool and toward national extinction.

They have not allowed Kinsey critics like me to preview the movie. As I reported in a previous article for THE NEW AMERICAN, "Promoting Kinsey, Censoring Grandma," November 15 issue, I twice journeyed to Los Angeles to attend previews of Kinsey, only to have the showings cancelled once the studio execs learned I was in the audience. They were not about to allow film critics to preview their celluloid sex propaganda, only reliable pro-Kinsey cronies. This, undoubtedly, is also behind Fox's marketing strategy to open in so few theaters. Their plan is to build media buzz and unstoppable momentum for the movie before Kinsey critics can see it and expose their idol's abominable record.

The Kinsey Cult

The Madison Avenue blitzkrieg surrounding Kinsey, the movie, is an attempt to repeat the successful campaign to popularize Kinsey, the man, over half a century ago. Kinsey's two landmark books, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953), claimed to be scientific studies documenting the sexual attitudes and practices of the average, normal American man and the average, normal American woman. In truth, Kinsey's books are really about his own perverse passions and habits. They did not represent an honest sampling of normal males and females, but were slanted to obtain the results he desired by including large samplings of prostitutes, convicts, homosexuals, pedophiles, and other reprobates.

When I bring up Kinsey's indefensible sexual crimes against children, Kinsey's defenders are wont to object that there is no "proof" that Kinsey himself, personally, raped and sodomized any of the children involved in his research. By the same token, we have no proof that Hitler, Stalin, or Mao personally murdered any of the millions of their victims.

However, the evidence for Kinsey's posthumous indictment is overwhelming. One of Kinsey's main associates and co-author, Paul Gebhard, admitted in a British television documentary that he, Kinsey, and their fellow researchers knowingly collaborated with criminal pedophiles. In the British production, Kinsey's Paedophiles, Gebhard, a former director of the Kinsey Institute, states: "It was illegal and we knew it was illegal, but it's very important to study childhood sexuality...."

Gebhard (played in Kinsey by Timothy Hutton) also confirmed, in a 1992 phone interview, that several pedophiles timed child sexual acts with stop watches, "at our suggestion." Gebhard said that "we would ask them to watch it, and take notes, and ... report back to us." One of these "researchers" was a notorious pedophile whom the Kinsey "scientists" identified only as "Mr. X" or "Mr. Green." According to Kinsey co-author (and sex partner) Wardell Pomeroy, Mr. X had committed immoral acts with over 800 children. Dr. Gebhard informs us that Mr. X had also committed unnatural acts with men and animals."

This was just the kind of "expert" who really turned Kinsey on. Kinsey biographer James H. Jones writes that "Kinsey considered Mr. X not merely a sexual phenomenon but a scientific treasure." Kinsey colleague Vincent Nowlis says that Kinsey looked on Mr. X as a "hero" because "the guy had the courage and the ingenuity and the sexual energy and the curiosity to have this fantastic multi-year odyssey ... and never get caught."

Unspeakable Crimes

Table 31 in Kinsey's own book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, clearly shows that babies as young as two months were criminally sexually abused. Gebhard, in his seminar with fellow sexologists Masters and Johnson, admitted that what he, Kinsey, and their associates were involved in was "definitely coercion." However, Gebhard justified these activities with the claim that "coercion is acceptable in the interest of encouraging research participation."

Paul Gebhard wrote to me in 1981. I had asked where the Kinsey Institute had gotten these children. Who were the adult "researchers?" He answered: "Some ... were parents, mostly college educated. A few were nursery school owners or teachers. Others were homosexual males interested in older, but still prepubertal, children. One was a man who had numerous sexual contacts with male and female infants and children and, being of a scientific bent, kept detailed records of each encounter."

The Kinsey Institute has refused to release the names of these child rapists. All of the successive directors of the Kinsey Institute--Kinsey himself, Paul Gebhard, June Reinisch, John Bancroft, and now, current director Julia Heiman, have perpetuated the cover-up.

Kinsey and his associates were guilty of unethical practice and would have been legally at risk of prosecution (as they well knew) even if they had only been guilty of encouraging and covering up the child sex crimes of Mr. X/Mr. Green and their other pedophile collaborators. The impression given by the Institute is that Kinsey only availed himself of the pedophiles' "research" in the interest of furthering "science." He is, therefore, supposedly insulated from moral or criminal culpability because the deeds were done by others somewhere else, and he was merely recording it for science and posterity.

However, Kinsey's biographers and associates all agree that Kinsey was the ultimate "hands-on" scientist. He was never satisfied with merely reading the research reports of others. From this character trait as well as abundant evidence, it is, I believe, almost certain that Kinsey participated directly in some child sex crimes. In fact, it turns out that his co-author and fellow pornography performer, Paul Gebhard, has acknowledged that on at least one occasion a mother brought her four-year-old girl to Kinsey so that he could observe the girl engage in sexual acts with her teddy bear. Well, there is a slight slip into criminality here, no?

Then there is the testimony of Dr. Clarence A. Tripp, a photographer/pornographer at the Kinsey Institute, who worked closely with Kinsey for many years. In the documentary, Kinsey's Paedophiles, Tripp was asked: "But if Kinsey states something as a fact, can we be certain that he observed it himself?"

Dr. Tripp responded: "Almost always.... He wanted to see everything. This is a hands-on scientist.... But he had to see it to really believe it."

Concerning Kinsey's involvement with Mr. X/Mr. Green, the admitted mass rapist of 800 infants and children, Tripp said: "Kinsey had contact with all [the pedophiles] that he could find. It's true that nobody would he trust as much as Green." However, it appears that Kinsey even checked up on (and observed in action) his "hero," Mr. X/Mr. Green. Tripp went on to say:
 I hesitate to even call Green a paedophile.
 It is true he had some children,
 his girlfriend did most of the really
 young ones, but it occasionally
 showed up. [Kinsey] would always
 check it. Nobody ever knew that he
 had observed. I think you will find
 that nobody, in any documentary, ever
 mentions it. That I am the first one
 that ever told you? Or told anybody.
 It is guarded like a secret. There is no
 reference to it anywhere, let alone in
 print. Even in the documentaries.

A Presidential Apology to the Victims

Kinsey's "research" was funded, principally, by the Rockefeller Foundation and the National Research Council. Other sponsors such as the Russell Sage Foundation, Ford Foundation, and other tax-exempt foundations (as well as Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner) have joined the Rockefeller radicals in pouring millions of dollars into the Kinsey campaign to normalize sexual abnormality. Additionally, our tax dollars, in the form of government grants, also have gone directly into funding the Kinsey Institute's perverse agenda, and our tax dollars are at work on another Kinsey movie, soon to be released on PBS's American Experience.

However, instead of allowing Rockefeller, Ford, the Kinsey Institute, and the puppet press to popularize the most infamous child-sexual molester in western history, I would like to urge a formal apology from President George Bush to the child victims of Kinsey's bogus studies.

There is strong precedent for such a presidential apology. Bill Clinton presented a formal apology to the Tuskegee syphilis victims (1932-1972) and radiation victims (1944-1974). President Ford issued such an apology to the victims of the CIA LSD experiments (1947-1972). The guilty offenders were medical doctors and scientists and their staffs, who used their prestige, authority, and government funding to deliberately and illegally experiment on the minds and bodies of innocent, non-consenting adults.

The Kinsey Institute's pedophile team was guilty of deliberate sexual torture of children and was financed by state monies and by federal funds. Moreover, despite decades of their covering up these crimes, the Kinsey Institute continues today to receive federal funds for its "scientific" studies on sexuality, pornography, and the like.

Such a formal presidential apology could smash the Kinsey sexuality paradigm and open the floodgates to investigations and legal challenges that could shake the foundations of the sex industrial complex--from the Kinsey Institute itself to Planned Parenthood to the massive pornography industry.
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