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Kinnock betrays Wales on GM, claims Plaid.

PLAID Cymru's leader in the European Parliament has severely criticised fellow Euro-MP Glenys Kinnock for 'betraying the interests of the people of Wales in a key vote on GM crops'.

Jill Evans said Mrs Kinnock and her Labour colleagues voted against a principle which would have allowed regions to rule on keeping themselves free of genetically-modified (GM) crops. However, Mrs Evans added that Labour's votes weren't enough to defeat the proposals.

At a meeting in Strasbourg where the voting took place, Mrs Evans said Plaid Euro-MPs voted in favour of the motion. She explained that there was 'massive opposition' in Wales to GM crops with cross-party support seeing the Welsh Assembly back the principle of keeping Wales GM-free.

Mrs Evans said, 'I am appalled that Glenys Kinnock and other UK Labour MEPs should betray Wales in this cynical way.

'Mrs Kinnock and her Labour colleagues showed the most flagrant disregard for the interests of the Welsh people and for Welsh public opinion. Let us not forget that opinion polls consistently show massive public opposition to genetically-modified crops in Wales.

'Consumers want to know where their food has come from, how it's been produced and whether its free of GMs. It is a question of food safety and consumer rights and Mrs Kinnock's behaviour is a slap in the face for the Welsh.'
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Dec 27, 2003
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