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By June of this year, Kingston Branch had one hundred and twenty-three members. We were recognized at the UELAC Annual General Meeting as being in sixth place, percentage of improved membership. Four of our members attended the conference in Regina, June 2005.

The January meeting was very special to our Branch as we handed out our new Branch brochure. For a program, the Williamsville book committee entertained us with a brief talk and skits about the life and times of the community of Williamsville. Their book contains photographs and family interviews collected over the past forty years.

At our April 2nd meeting, the Branch invited Sue Bazely, Regional Archaeologist for the Cataraqui Research Foundation, to speak on Early Cemeteries within Kingston and its outskirts.

On May 5th and 6th our Branch set up a display at the Regional Kingston Historical Fair, at McArthur Hall. Our Branch donated three prizes to students with the best displays on Loyalist-era topics.

Retired County Archivist, Cora Reid of the Bay of Quinte Branch, led the rededication of the old Milligan Cemetery, Centreville, Ontario, on Sunday, June 5th. A good crowd turned out for this event.

On Friday, June 10th, our Branch had our annual dinner at the Donald Gordon Centre, Queen's University. Mrs. Lin Good, who was born in Lancashire, England, in a house built in 1783, started her entertaining lecture of memories with this auspicious Loyalist date. The annual dinner was well attended by the Branch membership.

We observe Loyalist Day in Kingston on June 12th, as that is the day when Governor Frederick Haldimand received "royal assent" to his earlier decision to send refugees to the "Cataraqui Townships". Barbara Bonnet, our Branch President, and others witnessed the Loyalist Flag being raised opposite City Hall by the Heritage Fair prizewinner, Bryan Pinkerton, and Deputy Mayor Lenora Foster. The three musicians in military red usually catch the eye of the tourist. The city obliges us by displaying the flag for a week. On Saturday, June 18th, Carol and Peter Davy attended the fund raising dinner-under-a-tent at the William Fairfield House on Bath Road to present a Loyalist Flag to the Fairfield Homestead Association.

Other public contacts include placing a display in St. Paul's Anglican Church for February Heritage Saturday. President Barbara Bonnet (Loyalist ancestor: Martin Staley UE) gave a brief on the Loyalists at a recent regional meeting of the Ontario Genealogical Society.
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