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Kingston explosion: See the crater left when this unexploded World War Two bomb was detonated; More than 1,500 Londoners had to be evacuated from their homes for two days.

Byline: Qasim Peracha

A controlled explosion of a bomb dropped onKingstonby the Germans in World War Two hasleft a huge crater in the middle of a building site.

While finding unexploded ordnance from the War is relatively common, the discovery in Kingston led to around 1,500 homes being evacuated for two days as a safety precaution.

The controlled explosion of the bomb was so powerful that the houses nearby wereshaken by the shockwave, while the definite bang could be heard around Kingston.

The blast left a giant crater, which Kingston Police posted on Twitter, jesting "police are looking into it". Officers also shared a photo of the unexploded bomb itself.

Military specialists and other elite special forces were called to help deal with the unexploded bomb.

A video posted to social media includes audio of the bomb going off, with the poster adding the blast was loud enough to shake their house.

The boom from Fassett Road on Friday (May 24) was a welcome sound to the thousands displaced from their homes after the bomb was discovered on Thursday morning (May 23).

Kingston explosion: Controlled detonation of WWII bomb shakes nearby houses

Kingston Council and some local groups like the United Reformed Church opened their doors to the displaced for the night.

One resident evacuated from her home hascriticised the council for their handling of the discovery.

Laura Tompkins, 26, who lives on Beaufort Road with her partner, said they received "no updates" from the council and were told they would have to sleep on the floor of a local church on Thursday night.

Laura said: "I got a text from a friend who works in Kingston to say she'd been evacuated from her office due to the bomb, which is the first time I heard about it. We have had no updates, no one told us anything.

"At one point, they told us to call 101 rather than give us advice. I had to work it outfrom Twitterand the local news and it's limited what you can find.

"I called the emergency helpline that they were giving out and spoke to an advisor there who was really rude, saying they couldn't help me find a place to stay and that I wouldn't be able to go back to my house.

"I think it was badly communicated, the only email I got was to tell us about the polling station being moved."

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A spokesperson from Kingston council said: "We were informed of a World War Two bomb found in Fassett Road yesterday morning and worked closely with the emergency services to evacuate the area and set up a rest centre for those affected.

"Updates were provided as soon as they were available from the police, who were leading the incident. Our local community came together to provide support and provisions for those who needed them.


Credit: Met Police

The unexploded World War Two bomb dropped on Kingston exploded after decades

Credit: Met Police

Crater left by unexploded bomb in Kingston building site

Credit: Met Police

The mess at the building site caused by the "controlled explosion"

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