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Kingsmen honour still remains true.

THE King's of Liverpool will be a name familiar to most ECHO readers, thanks to the regiment's long standing connection with Merseyside. It was only on July 1, 2006 that the regiment merged with the King's Own Royal Border and the Queen's Lancashire Regiments to become the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment.

And although the regiment is famed for its "Kingsmen", it actually formed as the Princess Anne of Denmark's Regiment of Foot in 1685.

It was only in the 18th century that George I decided to honour the regiment's service at Sheriffmuir, and so the Queen's became the King's Regiment of Foot.

Within the British army the regiment was one of only four affiliated to a city, rather than a county, and from 1881 was known as The King's (Liverpool Regiment).

During WWI soldiers from the regiment served with the Peshawar Division of Indian Army and the Lahore Division of Indian Corps.

At that time troops were stationed at Princes Park Barracks, Liverpool before deployment and training took place in Bootle, Seaforth, Hightown with reserve battalions forming in Hoylake, Formby and the old watch factory in Prescot.

The regiment played an important part in putting an end to WWII. Kingsmen took part in Operation Overlord in France in1944, which opened with the D-Day landings and others deployed with the Chindits to Bur ma.

Soldiers also saw active service in the Korean war of 1950, earning a battle honour for the King's Regiment in recognition of their contribution.

In more recent history the regiment was posted to Northern Ireland in 1970 and remained there during the most hostile period of the Troubles, losing 10 men to sniper fire and bombings, one of who was killed on May 30, 1972 an IRA bomb detonated in the battalion headquarters.

In 2003, Kingsmen deployed to Iraq post-war, occupying Basra they worked with locals to keep the peace and train Iraqi security forces.

Despite the regiment's amalgamation in 2006, privates in the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment are still known as Kingsmen.


Musicians from the Kings Regiment entertained the crowds in Castle Street on June 25, 1980 to mark the centenary of the city of Liverpool
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Date:Dec 7, 2010
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