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King, Weighing State Senate Run, Decides Against Re-election Bid.

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State Rep. Susan King has decided against seeking reelection as she considers a run for the Texas Senate, the Abilene Republican announced Tuesday.

King said she would announce by the end of the month whether to launch a bid for Senate District 24, where Troy Fraser is stepping down after nearly 20 years representing the region in Central Texas. In the meantime, King has formed an exploratory committee and stocked it with $1 million from her state House campaign account and a family loan.

"I will spend very little of these funds in the exploratory period, but feel it is important to be a serious candidate invested in winning should I decide to run," King said in a news release.

King's interest in SD-24 was not unexpected. She said in June she was "taking a serious look" at the seat amid mounting speculation about who would vie to replace Fraser, a Republican from Horseshoe Bay.

Three months later, the GOP field in SD-24 is still taking shape, but it is expected to be crowded and include at least a few well-funded Republicans. Austin ophthalmologist Dawn Buckingham, the first Republican to enter the race, has taken an early lead in endorsements, which include that of former Gov. Rick Perry.

Last year, King was elected to a fifth term in the lower chamber, where she has represented House District 71 since 2007. She currently chairs the Committee on Defense and Veterans' Affairs.

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Publication:The Texas Tribune
Date:Sep 8, 2015
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