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Kinetic Systems, Inc. Acquired by Kinetics Holding GmbH.

Holding GmbH, Hobbach / Germany. KSI has more than 500 employees today and is a US market leader of high-purity process systems for a variety of industries. KSI is well positioned with strategic offices located in California (Fremont and Irvine), Texas (Austin), Arizona (Phoenix), North Carolina (Raleigh), Maryland (Frederick) and Maine (Portland). The company is one of very few national players in the US high purity mechanical systems market. KSI has unparalleled capability to perform program management, engineering, pre-construction, building information modeling ("BIM"), fabrication, custom equipment design & manufacturing, construction installation, testing & validation and facility management for complex mechanical process systems for electronics, advanced technology, solar, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, university, government, commercial and general industry markets. Clients include worldwide and local general contractors and construction managers, owners and manufacturers of semi-conductor components, as well as companies operating in the solar, biopharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Kinetics also has unparalleled expertise in the areas of data centers, research laboratories and facility central plant construction and upgrade. Over the last four decades, KSI has installed piping and equipment for the production, processing and distribution of high-purity gases, chemicals, slurries and water in partnership with a wide variety of blue-chip customers.

The new shareholder of KSI, Kinetics Holding GmbH, is also the parent company of KSI's former European and Asian operations. With operating and manufacturing facilities in Hobbach and Dresden (Germany) and offices in Austria and Italy, Kinetics Holding serves the entire European markets. The Asian markets are served by its subsidiaries and production facilities in Malaysia and Singapore as well as its subsidiaries in China and India. The Middle East is covered via offices in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. In addition to design, engineering and installation, the European and Asian operations also offer a wide-range of in-house custom engineered and manufactured, state-of-the-art equipment for high purity systems as well as facility management services particularly for the supply and distribution of high purity gases.

In September 2011, Quadriga Capital completed the initial step in the realignment of Kinetics when they partnered with management of Kinetics Germany GmbH to acquire the international operations from KSI. Subsequently, as a result of the synergies, complementary service offerings, established working relationship and shared clients between the two entities, Kinetics Holding GmbH approached the KSI shareholders to finalize the realignment of the companies. The acquisitions of KSI and Kinetics Germany GmbH were funded completely by equity; with both KSI and Kinetics Holding remaining free of any debt. The shareholders have reserved further resources to support the growth of both KSI and Kinetics Germany GmbH over the coming years.

Peter Maris, CEO and president of KSI since October 2010, has headed the European and Asian business since 2007, was appointed CEO and president of Kinetics Holding GmbH.

"We are delighted that we are realigned as a world-wide operation under a new single shareholder," stated Peter Maris, CEO of KSI. "KSI is once again an international entity with unmatched capabilities together with our colleagues in Europe, the Middle East and Asia we can serve our clients on a global basis. Nationally, we will further develop the range of products and services offered by KSI to our clients. Together, the entities will grow, improve and complement each other's capabilities our cutting edge solutions and industry leadership are our key differentiating factors." "We quickly realized that the employees of KSI have a rich history in the industry and a very valuable knowledge base," complements Dr. Roland Egerer, chairman of the advisory board of Kinetics Holding, "We are pleased that we have them in our portfolio and aligned with Kinetics Germany GmbH KSI, now debt free is well positioned to grow and return to its position as the leading provider of solutions to the mechanical-process industry."

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Publication:CAD/CAM Update
Date:Jan 31, 2012
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