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Kindergarten told to compensate teacher sacked for pregnancy.

OSAKA, March 13 Kyodo

The Osaka District Court ordered a private kindergarten in Matsubara, Osaka Prefecture, on Wednesday to pay 2.8 million yen in compensation to a 29-year-old former teacher for unlawful dismissal over her pregnancy.

The court's Sakai branch said the dismissal of the teacher in 2000 was illegal and ordered the school's operating body and the 46-year-old director of the kindergarten to pay her compensation, as well as her unpaid salary.

It also ruled that the teacher be allowed to return to the kindergarten.

''A series of remarks and actions by the director suggest he unlawfully recommended her to have an abortion and tried to force her into resigning,'' Presiding Judge Kunio Takenaka said.

''The plaintiff was accused by the director of being irresponsible for getting pregnant, and she eventually suffered the unbearable pain of a miscarriage,'' he said.

The woman had sought 6 million yen in damages and reinstatement.

According to the ruling, the teacher told the director about her pregnancy while she was hospitalized for heavy bleeding in July 2000.

The director then said, ''Since you are young, you will have more opportunities to get pregnant and have children,'' in a covert request for her to have an abortion, the ruling said.

The woman was admitted to hospital again in August that year after suffering a massive hemorrhage while working.

Shortly after the director pressured her to submit a resignation letter in September she suffered a miscarriage.

The woman refused to submit a resignation letter and the kindergarten eventually dismissed her Dec. 19, 2000.

She sued the kindergarten in March 2001 for mental anguish, but the kindergarten claimed it had never demanded she have an abortion or quit and that it dismissed her because she was unsuitable to be a kindergarten teacher.

The director said he will consider appealing against the ruling.

The woman was delighted with the ruling, saying, ''I am very glad. Common sense has prevailed.''

The former teacher, who gave birth to a baby girl last month, told a press conference she intends to resume working at the kindergarten.
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Publication:Japan Weekly Monitor
Date:Mar 18, 2002
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