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Kindergarten Cop.

Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing his bulging biceps in a kindergarten classroom easily conjures up the image of the proverbial bull in a china shop. Schwarzenegger, however, will not be making a shambles of the fiveyear-olds' schoolroom; rather, the five-year-olds will be making a shambles of him. As John Kimble, a maverick cop and loner, he has assumed the undercover role of a kindergarten teacher to catch a killer. The movie, Kindergarten Cop, is an, action comedy with a plot right down the muscleman's alley-to say nothing of the mean streets of Los Angeles and a town in Oregon where the little kids await him.

The plot thickens, as they say in the movies' After four years on the case of a powerful L.A. drug dealer, Cullen Crisp, Kimble gets an unexpected tip on the location of Crisp's runaway wife and child. With Crisp temporarily behind bars on a murder charge, Kimble has one chance to put him away forever: find the wife and persuade her to testify.

A 12-year veteran on the force with a reputation for. letting nothing stop him from getting the job done, Kimble follows a lead to Astoria, Oregon. Here, be poses as a kindergarten teacher in hopes of tracing the missing wife by identifying the son.

On his own, in a classroom full of energetic but trusting children who know nothing about guns, drugs, or street smarts, Kimble finds that facing the killer is child's play compared to going up against these rambunctious kids. He faces still another obstacle in the person of Miss Scholowski (Linda Hunt), the school principal who is less than pleased to have a cop teaching kindergarten.

With the help of his unwelcome partner, Phoebe O'Hara (Pamela Reed), Kimble moves closer to identifying the runaway- wife and child when Crisp unexpectedly is released on bail. Quiet! ... Camera ! Action! as the man with the bulging biceps deals with his riskiest role yet, kids and all.

Now one of the top international box-office stars in motion pictures, Schwarzenegger began his career as an athlete,. He captured 13 world titles in becoming the world's champion of bodybuilding, a sport he redefined and popularized. He was named Mr. Olympia an unprecedented seven times.

His career began to snowball after his appearance as the reigning Mr. Olympia on, "The Merv Griffin Show." This brought him to the attention of Lucille Ball and her husband, producer Gary Morton, who asked him to appear on a TV special. His film career began in 1976 with Stay Hungry, for which he earned a Golden Globe Award as best newcomer in motion pictures, and which also assured the Austria-born strongman that he definitely would not stay hungry. (According to a Time report, his movie roles now command fees of $20 million.) His next film was a documentary about the Mr. Olympia contest appropriately titled Pumping Iron. Then came the title role of Conan the Barbarian, which grossed more than $100 million and from which Schwarzenegger gained worldwide attention. Conan the Destroyer, the sequel, was equally successful. Now that he had muscled his way into the hearts of action-movie fans around the globe, Arnold Schwarzenegger became gladiator No. I in the Hollywood arena. He staffed in the action films The Terminator and Commando in 1985 and followed up with Raw Deal, The Running Man, Predator, and Red Heat. With such a background, could Arnold successfully change the focus of his roles from muscle to mirth? It took the $260 million hit Twins, costarring Danny DeVito, to provide the answer. In 1987 the National Association of Theatre Owners awarded Arnold Schwarzenegger its prestigious Star of the Year Award, an honor previously bestowed upon Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, and Sylvester Stallone.

Now theater owners, critics, and fans will see Arnold's many movie roles meet in a joyous romp through Kindergarten Cop. Faced with a fearless, unstoppable adversary of a kindergarten class, the destroyer, the terminator, the predator, the ex-FBI agent becomes a pitiful hulk screaming for mercy. With one kid running up and down the piano keys, another strewing toys across the floor, still another one distributing flour to one and all, and Arnold bellowing for order, one of the preschool mites innocently asks, "What's the matter?"

"I've got a headache," Schwarzenegger moans.

"Maybe it's a tumor," another one suggests.

"It's not a tumor, it's a headache!" Schwarzenegger yells.

What makes Kindergarten Cop all the more fun is knowing that Arnold Schwarzenegger and kids around the globe are on the best of terms-that the Sultan of Sinew works hard to keep it that way.

Besides acting full-time and maintaining diverse business interests, Schwarzenegger labors extensively as the chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and, as we have already learned, devotes much time to bringing fitness (rather than mayhem) into the classroom.
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Date:Jan 1, 1991
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