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Kincaid designs for 'humanity'.

Kincaid's Vintage Cherry collection at the High Point Market bears a distinctive design and an unusual capacity to do good.

To achieve authenticity in its aged look, Kincaid not only made escutcheons that work, it created realistic decorative grooves in a dining table by offsetting the layup of the boards, then running them only partly through a planer before hand-planing and hand-sanding them.

In the earlier era that inspires the collection, says Director of Marketing Maxwell Dyer, "Nobody had a widebelt sander." And besides, they didn't want to "burn through the joints" they'd worked so hard to create.

Vintage Cherry is the fourth major collection from Hudson, NC-based Kincaid to be designated a Habitat for Humanity collection. Throughout the life of the collection, one percent of every sale will go to the well-known organization that organizes volunteers to build affordable homes.

Even though the company's home county of Caldwell is not highly populated, it has a Habitat chapter that builds from eight to 13 homes a year, Dyer says. Its work was known to Kincaid President Steve Kincaid; the first house built in Caldwell went to a Kincaid employee in the mid-1990s. So when the company was getting ready to introduce a new line in 2010, he realized that instead of bringing in a celebrity to create a buzz. "This is a great opportunity to do something good with it."

The Atlanta office of Habitat was contacted, and Kincaid discovered that the official they were negotiating with was not only a former resident of Hudson but his former T-ball coach. An instant connection was established; four collections have since been dedicated to Habitat; and at least once a year, the company holds an "employee build" session to create a house on its own.

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