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Kim Kardashian Shares Psoriasis Treatment Photos.

Kim Kardashian has been sharing her struggle with psoriasis online with her fans. The reality star has found a new herbal treatment that she swears by.

The latest post by Kardashian on her ( Instagram  Stories is about her psoriasis treatment. She suffered another flare-up this week, and she has been sharing photos and talking about it online.

The most recent pictures of Kardashian on the social media platform showed her with some ointment on parts of her face that have been affected by psoriasis. In another post, she confirmed that this is a new herbal treatment.

Kardashian's new herbal treatment is apparently so effective that the reality star is calling it her "new best friend." The treatment may have helped her when she took part in makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic's Master Class on Saturday.

The psoriasis has not only affected Kardashian's face, but it has also reached her legs. She has posted photos of her leg to show her fans how much the skin condition has spread and jokingly referred to it as "sexy" in her post.

According to ( People , Kardashian previously revealed that she was using a new light therapy to treat psoriasis. Back in 2017, the reality TV star claimed that 60 percent of the skin condition was gone thanks to the new treatment.  

Kardashian was so keen on getting rid of her psoriasis that she was willing to try anything. She previously shared a picture of a blueberry detox smoothie she tried as a potential treatment.

While the psoriasis treatment is important for Kardashian, she hasn't stopped from engaging with the fans online. Her most recent post on ( Instagram is a throwback picture from 2007 that shows a necklace that has sentimental value for her.

This is the first piece of jewelry Kardashian bought with her first paycheck. Someone robbed her necklace, but they left behind the diamond cross.

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Date:Feb 12, 2019
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