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Kim Kardashian's Recent Photo Shoot Stirs Controversy.

Kim Kardashian's recent photo shoot stirred a controversy.

On Monday, Kim shared a number of shots of her photo shoot for Interview Magazine on social media. In the snapshots, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star posed as the late First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis with daughter, North West. Unfortunately, while Kim was very pleased with it, Kennedy Onassis' fans were not.

"I will treasure this shoot forever! Thank you @InterviewMag," Kim wrote on ( Twitter with a photo of her and North wearing black dresses and white gloves. In ( another post , Kim and North are seated on a chair. This time they have another outfit. Kim is wearing a white ensemble with white gloves while North is wearing a dark blue dress with white collar. "Interview Magazine Steven Klein," the "KUWTK" star wrote in the caption.

However, both posts were bombarded with unpleasant comments from Kennedy Onassis' fans who believed that Kim is a no match to the late first lady. Many found the photo an insult to the Kennedy family.

"You are nowhere near Jackie O. She had class and style, those things you lack," J'Dub commented. "She did not hit the mark with this - so disrespect to the Kennedy and what they went through - her team cud not come up with a better idea?" Elle to the Elle wrote. "Delusional at its best! You can take all the photoshoots desired but it will not increase your integrity nor your lack of creative vision."

"Um, no. You only wish you actually had a tenth of the class of Jackie Kennedy," Aleksandr Cyplakov also wrote. "Jackie was a saint - Not the mother of a kid named Saint. Make this stop please," another user added.

Although many were displeased with Kim's photo shoot, some still loved it. In fact, there were a few who defended the reality star.

"You are not classy, at all! Jackie Kennedy had her Bachelor's Degree.. she used her brains not her body parts," Amanda Espinoza wrote. "You act like Kim never went to college, didn't start her own business with her sister, hasn't ventured out on her own," @OhMyStarBaek replied.

What's your take on Kim and North's photo shoot? Drop a comment below.

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Date:Aug 29, 2017
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