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Killer of Shamzai in London, MQM hit-man discloses.

Byline: Naimat Khan

KARACHI -- An MQM hit-man arrested on Sunday has reviled during interrogation that killer of Mufti Shamzai a leading cleric of Pakistan has fled to London where he is in hiding, a senior police officer said on Tuesday.

Wasi Haider an alleged worker of MQM is being accused of killing Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai, Mufti Muhammad Abdul Majeed Deenpuri, Hafiz Muhammad Ahsan, Mufti Saleh Muhammad Qazi, police officers and others, a press release issued by District West of Karachi Police stated.

The development prompted MQM to hold a joint emergent meeting of its Rabita Committees in London and Karachi, which decided to hold an intra-party inquiry to probe the alleged involvement of party workers in sectarian killings. Though all religious scholars killed during the past one decade were important religious figure, Mufti Shamzai was of more importance due to his personal friendship with leaders of Afghan Taliban, Mullah Umar and Al Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden.

According to reports, it was none other than Mufti Shamzai who arranged the meeting between Osama Bin Laden and the then ruler of Afghanistan under the Taliban regime, Mullah Umar.

Soon after the invasion of Afghanistan, Mufti Shamzai has issued a Fatwa in which he had not only called upon all Muslims to wage anti-America Jihad but has also stated that those siding with the US will no more remain Muslims. Though he was associated with JUI-F he was regarded with esteemed by all religious forces of the country.

Talking to The Frontier Post, a senior investigators dealing with the issue of sectarian killings said same people were killing religious scholars of Deobandi School of thought and important social figures of Shia School of thought.

Separately, DIG West Feroz Shah told this scribe that Wasi Haider was arrested from Karachis Federal B Industrial Area. He called the arrest an important achievement for the peace in the city.

According to a news release issued by his office a day earlier Haider, who shifted Hyderabad to Karachi in 2002, started working as a target killer and extortionist for a political party in 2004. Haider had been involved in the target killing activities in Karachi since 2005 the release said.

Haider did Reiki of Mufti Shamzai who was killed in 2005 near the Gurumandir area, the news release said. However during further interrogation on Monday morning the accused revealed the name of killer Tabish, who, to him, has fled to London and now residing in the UK capital.

Other crimes of the accused included the killing of local resident Safdar in the Lines Area for not paying extortion money. The murder of SHO Nasirul Hasan in the Lines Area neighbourhood was also one of his crimes. In January 2013, Haider allegedly gunned down Jamia Banuri Uloom Islamia top scholar Mufti Muhammad Abdul Majeed Deenpuri, his fellow cleric Muhammad Saleh and Hassan Shah in broad daylight on the busy Shahra-e-Faisal Road, reports said. According to Haider, Tabish not only killed Shamzai but gunned down the other clerics as well. Meantime, after the involvement of its worker in killing of religious scholar was disclosed MQM announced to have formed probe committee which will decide the fate of those found involved in such killings.

According to the analysts, it is much likely that MQM may disown Haider and other workers as police have grabbed sufficient evidences of their involvement in killing. Meantime, the federal government has also contacted the law enforcement agencies to collect sufficient evidences and unveil the real perpetrators, a source in police department told.
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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Date:Sep 15, 2015
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