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Killer meeting.

Regarding your article "Culture of the sea" (SN: 10/28/00, p. 284), our family had an interesting experience some years ago. Being a sailor in the Pacific Northwest, I have had many encounters with killer whales, but the most interesting occurred early one morning outside Silva Bay in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. As we left the harbor, we encountered a pod of killer whales. A female left the pod and came alongside our boat. Within several feet of the hull, she turned on her side, revealing a newborn clasped to her back. We have never known whether she was proudly showing off her baby or, more likely, showing us to her newborn. Whichever it was, it was a moment none of us will ever forget.

Fred Bieker

Sun Valley, Idaho
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Author:Bieker, Fred
Publication:Science News
Date:Jan 20, 2001
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