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Killer kangaroos.

Those shocked folks in Brisbane ["Fishy cows," Mailbox, Summer 2002, p. 5] who can't believe that a cow would chow down on fish should have a good look in their own backyard. As reported in the Spring 1993 issue of Wild (Australia's wilderness adventure magazine), swamp wallabies were seen fighting over the salty carcass of a muttonbird on the famous beach of Wilson Promontory in the State of Victoria. As the authors noted somewhat nervously: "Apparently kangaroos and wallabies (which, technically, are herbivorous) will occasionally seek mineral supplements from animal carcasses, or by licking salt from seaside rocks. We retired imagining killer kangaroos devouring sleeping campers to supplement their diet."

Wayne Wegner

A fair dinkum, ex-resident of Melbourne, Australia

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Title Annotation:Mailbox
Author:Wegner, Wayne
Publication:British Columbia Magazine
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Sep 22, 2002
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