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Killer is too evil for jail.

A DOUBLE murderer faces spending the rest of his life in solitary confinement because he is too dangerous for normal jail.

Billy Lewis is so violent that guards have to put on full riot gear before taking him to the showers in handcuffs.

Lewis is serving two life sentences - one for the knife murders of two men in a street gang brawl, and the other for trying to murder two prison officers during a riot he started in 2003.

To protect warders, he is moved constantly between segregation units at several of Scotland's high-security jails.

Lewis, 35, is Scotland's answer to Charles Bronson, the notorious English dangerman who has taken at least 10 hostages in his 31 years behind bars.

So far, Lewis has attacked at least four prison officers and caused two prison riots.

He slashed three warders in 2003 during a riot he started at Shotts prison.

Lewis then got hold of the officers' home phone numbers and called them from jail to threaten to murder them.

He also told them he would recruit convicted paedophiles to rape their children.

Lewis is shipped every few months between segregation units at Kilmarnock, Shotts, Barlinnie, Glenochil and Perth, where he is currently held

Staff believe keeping him on the move is the only way to make sure he does not start another riot.

A prison source said yesterday: "Not many prisoners are likely to spend their entire sentence in solitary but Lewis is one of them.

"He's not insane, so he can't be moved to Carstairs state hospital, although he clearly has psychological issues.

"But he does pose a serious threat to staff and security."

Sources say jail staff have vowed to take industrial action if Lewis is ever let back into the main prison system. But a pal told how the killer dreams of leaving solitary, known by cons as the digger The source said: "Billy would love to get out of the digger and back into mainstream prison.

"All he's got to look forward to now is the odd visit, but they are few and far between.

"Billy is being taken from pillar to post but he knows there is nothing he can do about it because of the things he has done in the past."

Lewis was jailed for life in 1992 after stabbing two men to death in a street gang fight in Greenock, Renfrewshire.

Witnesses saw him pull two knives from his trousers and twirl them in his hands, while shouting, "Get Johnoboy", the nickname of victim John McIntyre.

McIntyre, 34, was fatally stabbed soon after. The second victim, Joe McMenamin, 32, was slashed on the face and stabbed in the side. He also suffered injuries to his chest, groin and face, and died in hospital six weeks later.

Lewis attacked a prison officer in 2000 after starting a riot at the recently-opened private prison at Kilmarnock.

And in 2003, he was responsible for one of the worst ever riots at Shotts jail in Lanarkshire.

During the rampage, Lewis slashed and attempted to murder two officers and stabbed a third in the arm with a screwdriver. The attacks earned him a second life sentence.

Lewis also managed to obtain the officers' home phone numbers and make horrific hate calls to them from jail.

A Scottish Prison Service spokesman said yesterday: "There are occasions when the behaviour or safety of an individual requires them to spend time in segregated conditions.

"Sometimes the behaviour of a prisoner requires them to spend a longer time in these conditions than normal. This situation is reviewed on a monthly basis


RISK: Violent Billy Lewis
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 26, 2005
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