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Killer highway claims ten more car smash victims.

WINDSOR: A series of blazing crashes along a foggy stretch of Canada's busiest motorway - dubbed the "killer highway" - yesterday killed up to ten people and injured several others.

Provincial police constable Mr Bill Scott said he believed between five and ten people were dead, but emergency crews were still trying to determine the exact number.

The series of crashes happened in the east and westbound lanes of Highway 401, near the US border at Windsor, Ontario. There were at least five separate accidents, witnesses said, prompting a chain reaction of carnage involving at least 40 vehicles.

Flames roared from mangled articulated lorries as paramedics attended to the wounded lying in adjacent farm fields.

Recently, the Canadian Automobile Association said Highway 401 would be more forgiving of human error if it were widened to six lanes.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Sep 4, 1999
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