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Killer Ratings of hit crime series; Host is accused of ordering murders to attract viewers.

Byline: Sylvia Pownall

THOSE who've had enough of the buffed and the beautiful recoupling ad nauseum on Love Island might want to check out true crime series Killer Ratings.

The latest Netflix offering is a seven-part documentary which delves deep into the world of corrupt Brazilian politicians, scheming hosts and tasteless TV.

It follows the scandal surrounding politician and presenter Wallace Souza, who is accused of ordering several assassinations.

Sounds fairly straightforward so far - right? Except for the fact Souza hasn't allegedly ordered the hits because he wants these people dead, he stands accused of doing so to improve the ratings on his gory TV crime show Canal Livre.

The series represents everything that is bad about daytime TV with a macabre focus on violence, death and gore. And as Canal Livre's popularity soars, some people become more convinced Souza is the one orchestrating the murders he reports on.

The series explores the show's history, not shying away from even the most gruesome of stories.

It presents a case against Souza that leaves viewers wondering how something as bizarre as this actually happened - or did it? Pick of week The case for the prosecution starts with Henrique da Silva Robeiro, who is shot four times at pointblank range as he checks his car on a deserted street in Manaus.

Moments after the shooting in the remote and lawless city surrounded by Amazonian jungle, a camera crew arrives out of nowhere and starts filming the body. Souza's former bodyguard accused him of being the head of a criminal organisation, and he was charged with murder, drug trafficking and intimidation.

Killer Ratings features exclusive interviews with people inside Canal Livre, relatives, friends and police, as well as previously unseen footage of the presenter.

Director Daniel Bogado said: "What I thought I knew about Wallace Souza when I set out, turned out only to be the starting point of this extraordinary story. "When I looked deeper, I saw the events that followed were full of the most jaw-dropping turns, twists and shocks, which would be deemed too outlandish in a Hollywood script."

Killer Ratings is available on Netflix now.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 7, 2019
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