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Kill squads a way to purge the unwanted.

SIR - Nice of K Clements to share with us his expertise on The Koran and military matters! Keep sending the drones, he says, and exterminate all those barbaric bloodthirsty fanatics!

Trouble is, that makes him sound like a bloodthirsty fanatic with "twisted moral standards" himself!

But anyway, why bother with all the expense of drones in faraway Syria? Now the government has decided it's OK to illegally kill UK citizens just on suspicion, why not just send "kill squads" around the towns and cities of Britain to eliminate those people K Clements disapproves of? It worked a treat in places like Chile, Argentina, Nazi Germany, Mao's China and Stalinist Russia!

David H Lewis Greenway, Caerphilly

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 12, 2015
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