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Kids sniff bins to get high.

A NEW drugs craze is sweeping the country - wheelie bin sniffing.

Youth gangs are stealing the bins, setting fire to the bottoms - then sticking their heads under the lids to inhale the fumes.

Solvent abuse charities last night warned it could be just as dangerous as sniffing glue or petrol.

Gases from the burning polyethylene plastic starve the brain of oxygen, giving a quick high. Drug charity Solve It said: "Just because it sits in mum and dad's back yard doesn't mean it's safe. Once on fire, a bin's fumes can be lethal."

The craze started in Glasgow and has spread to other areas. Police in Barnsley, South Yorks., have recorded 100 bin fires in a fortnight.
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 4, 2007
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Kids sniff bins to get high.
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