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Kids on the move.

if exercise, health and fitness were a class in school, most North-American kids would be failing. Kids are doing more and more inactive things like watching TV and playing video games rather than moving around, playing sports and keeping fit. Kids' diets are another major problem in North America and most of them are eating too much junk food!

Two young friends from Oakville, Ontario named Sloane Wilson (12) and Katrina Pacher (11) noticed this unhealthy trend in young Canadians. Sloane and Katrina are both competitive dancers and they decided to use their skills to get people moving. They started a website called Fit for a Feast to show kids some fun ways to stay active and get healthy. Sloane and Katrina teach dance lessons on their website, they post videos of their competitions, they share healthy recipe ideas and they interview experts to encourage kids to improve their lifestyles. and the girls' YouTube channel ( have become really popular all around the world. An orphanage in Utah is using some of their recipes, a school in New Zealand is grooving to their dance lessons and their YouTube channel has gotten over 3 million visits!

These two young girls are doing something great for their own health and also for the health of kids all around the world. Way to go Sloane and Katrina!


The three main elements of physical fitness are:

* Endurance - Run Around!!

* Strength - Lift it up!

* Flexibility - Stretch it out!

Kids that are physically fit will:

* Sleep better at night,

* Focus better at school,

* Decrease their risk of illnesses like diabetes,

* Feel better and be happier,

* Be less likely to be overweight,

* Be more likely to be a healthy, active adult.

If sports aren't your thing try one of these fun, exercise-filled activities:

* Play tag at recess.

* Walk/bike to and from school instead of getting a drive.

* Go for a hike with your family or friends.

* Try one of Sloane and Katrina's dance lessons!

When getting active:

* Warm up before and cool down after.

* Stretch well before and after.

* Don't have an empty or a full stomach - try to have a healthy snack about half an hour before.

* Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.


When you exercise, your body releases something called "endorphins" which actually put you in a better mood and make you feel happier.


Exercise regularly

You should be getting at least 20 minutes of exercise at least three times a week. So put down the video game, turn off the TV and start a game of soccer or tag with your friends!

Do all three!

Try to include the three main parts of fitness - endurance, strength and flexibility. You can get endurance from playing basketball, skipping or going roller-blading. You can build your strength by climbing the monkey bars or a rope wall on the playground. Flexibility can come from just bending over to tie your shoes or from things like dancing and stretching.

Mix it up

Staying active is the most important thing but it's even better for you and your body if you can do lots of different activities. Try going for a long bike ride one day, playing a game of soccer the next and then going for a swim later in the week. Doing different things is more fun and it will help make sure that every part of your body gets some exercise.

Food for thought

One of the biggest parts of a healthy lifestyle is eating well. Follow Canada's food guide for tips on what foods to eat and how much of everything you should have everyday. Ask your parents to keep a food guide on the fridge to check out when you need to. Try to eat less sugary sweets, cut back on salty snacks and eat more fresh and natural foods like fruits, veggies, nuts and whole grains.

Breakfast Rules

We know you've heard it over and over again but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a well-rounded breakfast is essential to a healthy lifestyle.
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