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Kids miss out on the facts of pounds ife!; MONEY MATTERS.

Where did you learn the facts of life? Chances are your parents tried to tell you, even if they didn't actually manage to be first to break the news!

But when it comes to the financial facts of life it's a different story.

At least half of Britain's parents get hotter under the collar talking to their children about money than telling them about the birds and bees.

Maybe that's partly because only 22 per cent - just over a fifth - of parents feel on top of their OWN finances.

That's what a survey for AUTIF, the Association of Unit Trusts and Investment Funds, has found.

Most kids would rather get the financial facts of life at school anyway, it reports.

"But money isn't on the curriculum and only 40 per cent of kids get financial advice at home," says Philip Warland, director general of AUTIF.

So he's going on the road to encourage families and schools to see that kids get wised up early to money matters.

And he's persuaded agony aunt Claire Rayner to help his "getting personal with finance" campaign.

"Sexual ignorance ruins lives, but mismanaging money can be equally devastating," says Claire.

Scottish children are the canniest when it comes to understanding financial jargon, AUTIF discovered.

But investment organisations are also trying to make their products easier for everyone to follow.

Fund management group Fidelity developed a low-cost Money Builder range of unit trusts to appeal to first-time stock market investors.

AUTIF has also devised a financial wheel of fortune with seven key financial facts of life. You can get these free wheels from its Unit Trust Information Service (tel: 0181 297 1361).

Despite this month's trauma over a dramatic fall in value in the European Growth unit trust run by Morgan Grenfell, the unit trust industry has a pretty safe 65-year history.

MG's owner, Deutsche Bank, has promised to make sure the fund's 90,000 investors won't lose money.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Gunn, Cathy
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Sep 22, 1996
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