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Kids helping kids.

In our last issue Kassandra asked readers what to do when her brother bothers her while she's trying to do homework. Here is one reader's answer. Find more on our website!

Dear Kassandra:

If your brother is bothering you while you're trying to do your homework, I would say (from tons of experience) that the best thing to do is politely ask him to leave. If he refuses, then calmly go get an adult. They will help you work it out with your brother.

Paige in Connecticut

Our new letter is from Holly in Louisiana. Send in your advice for her with your name, state, and a picture. We'll print your answers in a future issue or on our website! Do you have a question? Kids Helping Kids will answer it! Send all questions and advice to Ask Dr. Cory's address or email them to

Dear Kids:

When my grandpa smokes near me it hurts my throat. What should I do?

Holly in Louisiana

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Date:Nov 1, 2011
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