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Kids' play for David.


RTE'S new TV wannabe David McWilliams said he forgets all about his TV career when he rushes home to play with his children.

As revealed in the Irish People two weeks ago the 38-year-old former TV3 star has joined RTE for a new live discussion show The Big Bite.

But McWilliams admits his TV career takes a second place to his two children.

"Nobody tells you about this father-children bond until it happens. It's just so precious.

"It's fantastic. I just rush home from work to just act the maggot with them, just act the idiot," he admits.

And McWilliams said he's much happier now that he has more time for his kids.

"Nowadays I get up and I'm part of the whole thing.

"Before it used to be 'Where's daddy gone?'"

The Big Bite begins on RTE One tomorrow Monday at 2.30pm.


NEW JOB: McWilliams
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Oct 10, 2004
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