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Kids' Book of the week.

Dick and Dom's Slightly Naughty But Very Silly Words. Macmillan. PS7.99 FOR two children's entertainers who became best known for shouting "Bogeys!" (and getting youngsters to do the same), it's no surprise to see them turn out a book of naughty-sounding words.

This is the sort of things that children adore - and, as much as anything else, it gets them thinking about how we use language and nonsense words.

It is little more than a word/phrase per page with a silly drawing and an explanation but it's rather funny to have made-up vocabulary used so effectively.

Examples include Futtocs - the feeling you get as you realise you've trodden barefoot on a hairbrush, piece of Lego, some keys, or an upturned key; Dining with General Sewers - being with someone who has appallingly bad breath; and Scampi Cannon - an incredibly smelly burp.

It is daft, of course, but once you get children thinking about language, then they can make up their own words and phrases, fuelling their imagination. And you just thought it was a silly little book ...

Jayne Howarth

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Dec 24, 2013
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