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Nawaz missed PDM meeting due to kidney pains: Maryam. Nov 17, 2020 250
Giant kidney stone could kill my baby; MODEL TOLD SURGERY IS A DANGER Brave Miss Scotland contestant shares pic of life-saving drainage bag. LISA HODGE Nov 13, 2020 567
IQ-AI's Imaging Biometrics at the forefront of brain tumour analysis. Nov 6, 2020 610
Muiruri Koimburi: The one in every 10 lupus patients. Nov 2, 2020 1315
IQ-AI's Imaging Biometrics at the forefront of brain tumour analysis. Oct 17, 2020 698
Doctors remove kidney stones without surgery. Oct 13, 2020 166
Health Benefits of Beer. Oct 8, 2020 594
New treatment for kidney stone patients. CLARE AINSWORTH @clarejardine1 Oct 3, 2020 391
Fragments on "Diseases of the Kidneys, Urinary Tract, and Others" quoted from Archigenes in Rhazes' Kitab al-Hawi fi al-Tibb/Liber Continens. Aciduman, Ahmet; Askit, Cagatay Oct 1, 2020 2463
John Daly, the 1995 Open winner, reveals cancer diagnosis; 54-year-old says he is now trying to cut out cigarettes and Diet Coke. Sports Desk Sep 11, 2020 557
Allena Pharmaceuticals doses first subject in Phase 1 trial of ALLN-346. Sep 8, 2020 326
MINUTES ON Kidney stones. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Sep 7, 2020 243
Kidney Stone Treatment in the Anomalous Kidney with Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery: A Matched Pair Analysis/Anomalik Bobrek Tas Tedavisinde Retrograd Intrarenal Cerrahi: Cift Eslestirilmis Analiz. Sari, Sercan; Cakici, Mehmet Caglar; Aykac, Aykut; Baran, Ozer; Kartal, Ibrahim Guven; Ozok, Hakki U Sep 1, 2020 4050
Global Publication Outcomes in Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery and Turkiye's Effectiveness: A Bibliometric Analysis between 1980 and 2019/Retrograd Intrarenal Cerrahide Global Yayin Sonuclari ve Turkiye'nin Etkinligi: 1980-2019 Yillari Arasinda Bibliyometrik Analiz. Baykam, Mehmet Murat; Ekici, Musa; Demir, Emre Report Sep 1, 2020 4176
Stent Encrustation due to Forgotten Double-J Stents: A Series of Five Cases/Unutulmus Double-J Stentlere Bagli Stent Enkrustasyonunun Goruldugu Bes Serilik Olgu Sunumu. Burlukkara, Salih; Aykac, Aykut; Baran, Ozer Sep 1, 2020 1217
Brazil's Bolsonaro to undergo surgery for kidney stone. Sep 1, 2020 312
SOUND OFF. Risley, William Sep 1, 2020 1409
25th death linked to COVID-19 announced. Obituary Aug 18, 2020 153
Increased risk of new persistent opioid use in pediatric and young adult patients with kidney stones. Hosier, Gregory W.; McGregor, Thomas; Beiko, Darren; Tasian, Gregory E.; Booth, Christopher; Whitehe Aug 1, 2020 5695
Implementing and evaluating the efficacy of an acute care urology model of care in a large community hospital. Kirubarajan, Abirami; Buckley, Roger; Khan, Shawn; Richard, Rebecca; Stefanova, Veselina; Golda, Nic Aug 1, 2020 3962
The Value of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound-Guided Contrast Injection via the Endoscopic Nasobiliary Drainage Duct in Diagnosing Residual Common Bile Duct Stones. Wang, Yang; Yang, Yue; Wang, Kaiming; Tang, Shaoshan Report Jul 31, 2020 4148
A Specific Urinary Amino Acid Profile Characterizes People with Kidney Stones. Primiano, Aniello; Persichilli, Silvia; Ferraro, Pietro Manuel; Calvani, Riccardo; Biancolillo, Ales Jul 31, 2020 4347
Ceftriaxone Calcium Crystals Induce Acute Kidney Injury by NLRP3-Mediated Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Injury. Yifan, Zhang; Benxiang, Ning; Zheng, Xu; Luwei, Xu; Yuzheng, Zhou Liuhua Ge; Ruipeng, Jia Jul 31, 2020 5569
New laser technology cuts procedure time by half, ensuring safer care for patients and staff. Jul 29, 2020 418
Renal stones precautions. Dr Rafique Abbas Shar - Sukkur Jul 7, 2020 388
Advanced Renal Pelvic Carcinoma Revealed after Treatment of a Staghorn Calculus by Endoscopic Combined Intrarenal Surgery. Tsuboi, Ichiro; Maruyama, Yuki; Araki, Motoo; Ando, Nobuyoshi; Nishiyama, Yasuhiro; Arata, Ryoji; On Jun 30, 2020 1679
In a 1st, HMC performs hi-tech robotic surgery on COVID-19 patient with kidney stones. Jun 29, 2020 795
HMC performs state-of-the-art procedure on kidney stone patient with Covid-19. Jun 28, 2020 841
IQ-AI's Imaging Biometrics at the forefront of brain tumour analysis. Jun 16, 2020 692
Can antibiotic preference affect bleeding in percutaneous nephrolithotomy? Retrospective comparative study of two commonly used antibiotics. Ali Akkoc, Cemil Aydin, Murat Ucar and Murat Topcuoglu Jun 10, 2020 3693
Spontaneous Renal Artery Dissection with Renal Infarct. Altay, Canan; Akin, Isil Basara; Secil, Mustafa Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2020 790
Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: Challenges for a Novice Urologist. Chaurasia, Ashish May 31, 2020 2390
iTRAQ-Based Comparative Proteomics Analysis of Urolithiasis Rats Induced by Ethylene Glycol. Cao, Yanan; Duan, Bin; Gao, Xiaowei; Wang, E.; Dong, Zhitao May 31, 2020 5690
RIRS with Vacuum-Assisted Ureteral Access Sheath versus MPCNL for the Treatment of 2-4 cm Renal Stone. Lai, Dehui; He, Yongzhong; Li, Xun; Chen, Meiling; Zeng, Xingrong May 31, 2020 5426
Identifying risk factors for development of nephrolithiasis in end-stage renal disease patients. Hesswani, Charles; Iqbal, Sameena; Zand, Khashayar Rafat; Sun, Simon; Unikowsky, Bernard; Reinhold, May 1, 2020 4930
AMBULATORY MINI PERCUTANEOUS NEPHROLITHOTOMY(MINI-PCNL): FEASIBILITY AND OUTCOMES IN 1000 CASES IN PAKISTAN. Qamar Zia, Faran Kiani, Mudassar Sajjad, Muhammad Nawaz, Muhammad Akmal, Adil Khurshid, Asma Rizwan Apr 30, 2020 1483
HCM City doctors perform ultra-mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy on children with kidney stones. Apr 29, 2020 460
Tubeless PCNL in Macrotract for Multiple and Staghorn Calculus with More Than One Tract- A Single Centre Experience and Literature Review. Ahmad, Ahsan; Mishra, Kumar Gaurav; Gunjan, Kamlesh; Gaurav Apr 13, 2020 3148
Does Fructose Cause Kidney Stones? Gaby, Alan R. Clinical report Apr 1, 2020 181
Clinical Features of Cases Followed with Idiopathic Hypercalciuria in Childhood, Long-term Follow-up Results and Retrospective Evaluation of Complications/Cocukluk Caginda Idiyopatik Hiperkalsiuri ile Izlenen Olgularin Klinik Ozellikleri, Uzun Donem Takip Sonuclari ve Komplikasyonlarin Retrospektif Incelenmesi. Koker, Alper; Bayram, Meral Torun; Soylu, Alper; Ozmen, Derya; Kavukcu, Salih; Turkmen, Mehmet Atill Clinical report Apr 1, 2020 5066
IQ-AI's Imaging Biometrics at the forefront of brain tumour analysis. Mar 19, 2020 663
What Causes Kidney Stones? Mar 14, 2020 240
Awareness, healthy lifestyle can help reduce rising number of Kidney patients: Neurologist says. Mar 13, 2020 532
Chronic kidney diseases a major health threat, warns expert. Asif Chaudhry Mar 12, 2020 551
World Kidney Day. Murli Dhar - Karachi Mar 12, 2020 393
Tolvaptan for Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease: Pharmacokinetics and Implications for Practice. Hines, Cheryl B.; Hooper, Gwendolyn L.; Collins-Yoder, Angela Mar 1, 2020 4594
The Relationship Between the Risk of Prostate Cancer and Second to Fourth Digit Ratio. Toprak, Tuncay; Verit, Ayhans Mar 1, 2020 2654
PPL supports SIUT and Kidney Centre. Feb 28, 2020 301
PPL supports SIUT and the Kidney Centre. Feb 28, 2020 198
PPL supports SIUT, The Kidney Centre. Feb 28, 2020 309
'Around 80 mln kidney patients in country'. Feb 17, 2020 322
Young doctors need to adopt new research: PGMI principal. Feb 17, 2020 387
'Around 80 mln kidney patients in country'. Feb 17, 2020 242
Dasti referred to surgeon for having kidney stones. Feb 9, 2020 213
StoneChecker approval fires up medical imaging diagnostics specialist IQ-AI. Jan 28, 2020 673
The effect of travel distance on health-related quality of life for patients with nephrolithiasis. Narang, Gopal L.; Wiener, Laura E.; Penniston, Kristina L.; Antonelli, Jodi A.; Averch, Timothy D.; Jan 25, 2020 5689
Kidney stone analysis and spiritual guides (pir faqir): the known-unknowns. Lena Jafri, Aysha Habib Khan and Humaira Asif Jan 24, 2020 715
RG Stone Hospitals leading the industry with technology, human touch: A comprehensive urological care with patient centric approach. ANI Jan 20, 2020 531
Al-Othaim provides funding worth SR3.7m to support kidney patients. Arab News Jan 13, 2020 333
Lithotripsy Used to Blast Hard Coronary Calcium Lesions. Jan 1, 2020 129
Successful Endoscopic Management of a Renal Fungal Ball using Flexible Ureterorenoscopy. Abuelnaga, Mahmoud; Khoshzaban, Sadegh; Badr, Mahmoud Reda; Chaudry, Aasem Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2020 2120
Symptomatic Hypercalcemia in Patients with Primary Hyperparathyroidism Is Associated with Severity of Disease, Polypharmacy, and Comorbidity. Aresta, C.; Passeri, E.; Corbetta, S. Jan 1, 2020 3973
Preprotection of Tea Polysaccharides with Different Molecular Weights Can Reduce the Adhesion between Renal Epithelial Cells and Nano-Calcium Oxalate Crystals. Zhao, Yao-Wang; Liu, Li; Li, Chuang-Ye; Zhang, Hui; Sun, Xin-Yuan; Ouyang, Jian-Ming Jan 1, 2020 6490
PERCUTANEOUS NEPHROLITHOTOMY: UPPER VERSUS LOWER POLE CALYX PUNCTURE. Mudassar Saeed Pansota, Mumtaz Rasool, Muhammad Shahzad Saleem and Shafqat Ali Tabassum Dec 31, 2019 2614
Here's How Calcium And Dark Green Vegetables Combo Boosts Health. Darwin Malicdem Dec 25, 2019 427
Fasting And Kidney Stones. Dec 21, 2019 272
Stonechecker up for sale as IQ-AI focuses on Imaging Biometrics. Dec 19, 2019 305
Researchers Develop Kidney Stone Treatment That's 'Faster' And 'Less Painful'. Johnny Vatican Dec 5, 2019 624
Lithotripsy machine becomes functional at Gujrat Kidney Centre. Dec 4, 2019 360
New PS400k equipment slashes waiting times. EMMA NEWLANDS Dec 2, 2019 450
Device cuts waiting times; NHS Grampian: New lithotripsy equipment saves staff hours each month. KIRSTEN ROBERTSON Dec 2, 2019 312
Vitamin C and Kidney Stones: A Comment. Gonzalez, Michael J.; Hunninghake, Ron; Levy, Thomas; Olalde, Jose; Duconge, Jorge; Berdiel, Miguel Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2019 996
An Exploration of Factors That Cause the Spontaneous Migration of Double-J Stents After Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery. Sendogan, Furkan; Turan, Turgay; Efloglu, Ozgur; Atis, Ramazan Gokhan; Caskurlu, Turhan; Yildirim, A Dec 1, 2019 2999
Comparison of Efficacy and Safety of Isolated Single Different Calyx Accesses in Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy/Perkutan Nefrolitotomide izole Tek Farkli Kaliks Girislerinin Guvenligi ve Etkinliginin Karsilastirilmasi. Deger, Mutlu; Izol, Volkan; Ok, Fesih; Bayazit, Yildirim; Satar, Nihat; Aridogan, Ibrahim Atilla Dec 1, 2019 3705
A Proteomic Network Approach across the Kidney Stone Disease Reveals Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Crystal-Cell Interaction in the Kidney. Yang, Baoyu; Lu, Xiuli; Li, Yang; Li, Yuanyuan; Yu, Daojun; Zhang, Weiwen; Duan, Chaojie; Taguchi, K Nov 30, 2019 6573
Doctors achieve robotic procedure milestone. Nov 19, 2019 472
HMC performes first robotic kidney stones treatment. Nov 19, 2019 560
First round kidney have gone better for Louis. Nov 15, 2019 232
Oosthuizen transcends pain game to lead field; NEDBANK. Nov 15, 2019 357
Stone me... Louis fights through pain; IN BRIEF. Nov 15, 2019 331
Killer claims his life sentence is served because he briefly died. Nov 9, 2019 375
Global Lithotripsy Device Market Report 2019-2026 - Rise in the Prevalence of Kidney Stones & Favorable Reimbursement Policies Spurs Market Growth. Report Nov 5, 2019 715
Europe Nephrostomy Devices Market Estimated to Grow with a CAGR of 7.6% During the Forecast Period, 2019-2025. Nov 4, 2019 675
Medical Morphine Market Growing CAGR of 7.5% / Key Surgical Methods and Key Types of Application Arthritis, Cancer, Kidney Stones - Outlet Till 2023. Nov 1, 2019 771
North Eastern Urology: An Interdisciplinary Team for Personalized Treatment. Oct 29, 2019 444
Well stone me! Woman rushed to hospital with suspected kidney pain... and just 12 hours later gives birth to baby girl; New mum's joy at sudden arrival after hurrying to A&E with stomach ache only to find out she was in labour. Janet Boyle Oct 27, 2019 971
Effective Ways To Prevent Kidney Stones. Seema Prasad Oct 21, 2019 580
Medical Morphine Market Share, Size, Opportunity, Manufacturers, Growth Factors, Statistics Data, Trends, Competitive Landscape and Regional Forecast To 2023. Oct 11, 2019 746
Kidney Stone Management Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Demand, Comprehensive Research, Consumption Analysis and Overview By Top Manufacturers 2025. Oct 10, 2019 1027
Pumaren rejoins Adamson a day after surgery: I' won't leave them in heat of battle'. Oct 9, 2019 285
IQ-AI readies for US Stonechecker launch. Oct 2, 2019 249
FDA StoneChecker clearance a 'validation and tremendous leap forward' for IQ-AI. Oct 2, 2019 158
Proactive snapshot: IQ-AI, BlueRock Diamonds, PowerHouse Energy. Sep 28, 2019 670
Urology Devices Market: Key Players and Production Information analysis. Sep 27, 2019 402
Acute Pyelonephritis Treatment Market to Witness Steady Expansion During 2018 2028. Sep 10, 2019 868
Lithotripsy Devices Market Development Trends & Competitive Analysis by Leading Industry Players 201. Sep 10, 2019 644
Lifestyle changes could help prevent kidney stones Doctors: Take steps to lessen odds of getting kidney stones. Sep 9, 2019 553
Lifestyle changes could help prevent kidney stones. Sep 9, 2019 561
Kidney Stone Management Devices Market - Rising Penetration of Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Devices. Sep 5, 2019 796
Kidney Stone Management Devices Market Expected to Touch about US$ 1,500 Million by 2028. Sep 5, 2019 631
Kidney disease. Sep 2, 2019 227
Efficacy and Predictive Factors of the Outcome of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy: A Review of One-thousand-nine-hundred-ninety-seven Patients/Ekstrakorporeal Sok Dalga Litotripsisinin Etkinligi ve Basansindaki Belirleyici Faktorler: Bin Dokuz Yuz Doksan Yedi Hastanin Derlemesi. Kocakgol, Huseyin; Yilmaz, Ali Haydar; Yapanoglu, Turgut; Ozkaya, Fatih; Sekerci, Qagri Akin; Bedir, Sep 1, 2019 4121
Kidney Stone Industry Analysis 2019 - by Size, Share, Growth, Regions, Segments, Demand, Type, Treatment Type, Diagnosis, Region and Forecast to 2023. Aug 26, 2019 961
Kidney Stone Market Overview by Size, Major Growth, Top Trends, Global Players, Type, Treatment Type, Diagnosis, Region and Forecast to 2023. Aug 23, 2019 947
Global Kidney Stone Management Devices Market Indicates Notable CAGR growth by 2028. Aug 19, 2019 990
Kidney Stone Market 2019 size, share, growth, Emerging Technologies Advancement, Regional Trends, Segmentation, Development History, Competitive Landscape by Forecast to 2023. Aug 7, 2019 927
Kidney Stone Market Is Anticipated To Expand At A 4% CAGR / Global Players, Segments and Regional Outlook till 2022. Aug 2, 2019 1082
Fangio returns after kidney stone issue, just in time for win. Aug 2, 2019 394
Kidney Stone Management Devices Market Inclinations Exhibit Growing Demand during 2018-2028. Jul 26, 2019 1011
Beware of kidney stones in summer. Jul 25, 2019 1068
Are kidney stones more common in warmer weather? Jul 17, 2019 226
Urology Devices Market Highlighting Lucrative Avenues Across Major Geographies during 2017 - 2026. Jul 10, 2019 745
'My security, independence and future is put into doubt' Crohn's disease sufferer says 'despicable' PIP report leaves him almost penniless with no car. Jul 7, 2019 543
Suicidal and chronically ill - now the DWP is stripping away his last chance of independence; Paul Murphy has suffered with debilitating illnesses since he was a child - now government decisions have pushed him close to the edge. Jul 7, 2019 1009
Allena to present on reloxaliase development program at OHF workshop. Jun 21, 2019 305
Replies The Doc Our expert answers your medical questions. Jun 16, 2019 332
What Causes Kidney Stones? Jun 1, 2019 200
Brazilian great Pele meets with Obama. May 31, 2019 232
Lord Henry: A 'kidney stone' saved my life; Routine scan revealed lung cancer diagnosis. May 12, 2019 404
Mum downs so many energy drinks she needs pacemaker in 'habit worse than heroin'; Samantha Sharpe, 33, also began to suffer with kidney stones and was told she was on the verge of Type Two diabetes due to the amount of sugar she was consuming daily. May 9, 2019 721
The Protective Roles of Estrogen Receptor [beta] in Renal Calcium Oxalate Crystal Formation via Reducing the Liver Oxalate Biosynthesis and Renal Oxidative Stress-Mediated Cell Injury. Zhu, Wei; Zhao, Zhijian; Chou, Fu-Ju; Zuo, Li; Liu, Tongzu; Bushinsky, David; Chang, Chawnshang; Zen Apr 30, 2019 9848
Nephrologist advises kidney patients to take precautions before Ramadan. Apr 25, 2019 465
Burgeoning Prevalence of Urolithiasis Anticipated to Create Massive Demand for Lithotripsy Devices d. Apr 25, 2019 739
Burgeoning Prevalence of Urolithiasis Anticipated to Create Massive Demand for Lithotripsy Devices d. Apr 25, 2019 701
Kidney ailments 'high in Bahrain'. Apr 23, 2019 531
7cm stone removed from suffering expat using laser procedure. Apr 23, 2019 230
Bahrain hospital uses new method to treat kidney stones. Apr 22, 2019 425
Expert offers preventive measures against heat-related Illnesses. Apr 22, 2019 404
Expert offers preventive measures against heat-related Illnesses. Apr 21, 2019 460
Kidney Stone Management Devices Market: End-user Confidence Pertaining to Single-use. Apr 16, 2019 694
Pele leaves Brazil hospital after successful surgery. Apr 16, 2019 171
Pele recovering well after kidney stone operation. Apr 15, 2019 178
Diagnosis: kidney stones. Etingin Apr 12, 2019 267
Active surveillance for asymptomatic kidney stones/Asemptomatik Bobrek Taslarinda Aktif Izlem. Ozman, Oktay; Onal, Bulent Apr 1, 2019 2793
Study Suggests Association Between Kidney Stones and Kidney Cancer. Apr 1, 2019 190
Leave no stone unturned. Mar 31, 2019 415
Frequency of anxiety and depression in patients of urtolithiasis undergoing Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy in Diyarbakir, Turkey. Report Mar 31, 2019 2914
'Kidney diseases curable if timely diagnosed': Uologists advised. Mar 29, 2019 614
'Determined to put one of my healthy kidneys to better use...' Donating to a stranger: Jacqui Robins. Mar 16, 2019 354
Junk food, self-medication to blame for kidney diseases in Pakistan. Mar 15, 2019 444
Kidney Stone Management Devices Market Outlook and Forecast Analysis Through 2028 / Industry Players. Mar 15, 2019 971
17 million Pakistanis suffering from kidney diseases. Mar 14, 2019 671
17m Pakistanis suffering from kidney diseases. Mar 13, 2019 603
17 million Pakistanis suffering from kidney diseases. Mar 13, 2019 623
'Low Cost', 'Relative Safety', & 'Minimal Recovery Time' Driving Lithotripsy Device Sales, Finds Fac. Mar 7, 2019 739
Global Kidney Stone Management Devices Market to Showcase Vigorous Demand during the Period until 20. Mar 6, 2019 654
Global Kidney Stone Management Devices Market to Showcase Vigorous Demand during the Period until 20. Mar 6, 2019 686
Our Multiple Single-step Access Results in Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy/Perkutan Nefrolitotomide Multipl Single-step Akses Sonuclarimiz. Isoglu, Cemal Selcuk; Ilbey, Yusuf Ozlem Report Mar 1, 2019 1997
The Effect of One-shot Multi-access Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy on Complications/Coklu Access Perkutan Nefrolitotominin Komplikasyonlara Etkisi. Arslan, Erkan; Turk, Hakan; Ogutlu, Ahmet Sabri; Un, Sitki Report Mar 1, 2019 2839
Ureteral Jet Flow Dynamics Can Provide Information About the Mechanism of Stone Formation/Ureteral Jet Akim Dinamikleri Tas Olusum Mekanizmasi Hakkinda Bilgi Verebilir. Celik, Serdar; Altay, Canan; Bozkurt, Ozan; Uz, Gorkem; Demir, Omer; Secil, Mustafa Case study Mar 1, 2019 736
Importance of Herbal Plants in the Management of Urolithiasis. Jamil, Muhammad; Mansoor, Muhammad; Latif, Noman; Muhammad, Sher; Gull, Jaweria; Shoab, Muhammad; Kh Mar 1, 2019 4238
Hepatitis-C and it's seroconversion in end stage kidney disease patients on maintenance hemodialysis and factors affecting it. Feb 28, 2019 2472
Installation of 'faulty' machine at BBH to be probed. Feb 16, 2019 290
Kidney stone detected as Nawaz undergoes tests. Feb 4, 2019 495
Nawaz Sharif suffering from kidney stone. Feb 4, 2019 327
Medical board to review Nawaz's test results. Feb 4, 2019 439
Nawaz advised surgery for removal of kidney stones. Feb 3, 2019 510
5 Live presenter is rushed to hospital. Jan 30, 2019 158
Global Urology Devices Market: Future Forecast Indicates Impressive Growth Rate. Dec 12, 2018 711
Comparison of Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery and Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy in the Treatment of 2-3 cm Multicalyceal Kidney Stones/Multikalisiyel 2-3 cm Bobrek Taslarinin Tedavisinde Kullanilan Retrograd Intrarenal Cerrahi ve Perkutan Nefrolitotomi Yontemlerinin Karsilastirilmasi. Cakici, Mehmet Caglar; Sari, Sercan; Ozok, Hakki Ugur; Karakoyunlu, Nihat; Hepsen, Emre; Sagnak, Lev Report Dec 1, 2018 3622
Effect of the Anesthetic Method on the Outcomes of Ureteroscopy for Proximal Ureteral Stones: A Multi-center Study of the Society of Urological Surgery Aegean Study Group/Proksimal Ureter Tasi Nedeniyle Ureteroskopi Uygulanan Hastalarda Anestezi Yonteminin Sonuclara Etkisi: Urolojik Cerrahi Dernegi Ege Calisma Grubu'nun Cok Merkezli Bir Calismasi. Kizilay, Fuat; Irer, Bora; Sen, Volkan; Erbatu, Oguzcan; Ongun, Sakir; Yildiz, Alperen; Cinar, Onder Report Dec 1, 2018 3865
The Effects of Intravenously Administered Tramadol, Dexketoprofen Trometamol, and Midazolam in the Management of Renal Colic Pain; A Prospective Randomized Study. Kursunkoseler, Gulhan; Yildirim, Cuma; Zengin, Suat; Al, Behcet Report Dec 1, 2018 3586
Urology Devices Market to Showcase Vigorous Demand during the Period until 2026. Nov 23, 2018 1027
Urology Devices Market to Showcase Vigorous Demand during the Period until 2026. Nov 23, 2018 577
Kidney Stone Management Devices Market Expected to Deliver Dynamic Progression until 2028. Nov 20, 2018 945
Kidney Stone Management Devices Market Expected to Deliver Dynamic Progression until 2028. Nov 20, 2018 909
Biles makes history with fourth all-around world title. Nov 2, 2018 523
NHS reveals 20 most painful health conditions you can suffer from; Some of these illnesses can occur for no reason, such as frozen shoulder, and others have no known cure. Oct 28, 2018 2337
Biles defies kidney stone to seal incredible comeback; GYMNASTICS. Oct 28, 2018 315
Former Taiwan president in hospital for kidney stone. Oct 27, 2018 242
Biles to participate despite kidney stone scare. Oct 27, 2018 179
Aeglea BioTherapeutics to present AEB5100 data at ASN. Oct 26, 2018 184
Allena to highlight poster on design of URIROX-1 trial at ASN Kidney Week. Oct 25, 2018 213
Rs40m machine being imported for kidney centre. Oct 24, 2018 411
Over 300 experts to gather at First Qatar Urolithiasis Forum. Oct 18, 2018 358
300 healthcare experts to attend HMC conference. Conference news Oct 17, 2018 372
IV fluid and narcotics for renal colic. Paauw, Douglas S. Oct 15, 2018 710
Dehydrated Parsley Flakes Market Driven by Rise in the Acceptance of Traditional Herbal Medicines. Oct 10, 2018 414
Kidney stones; 2 MINUTES ON. Oct 8, 2018 262
Kidney Stone Management Devices Market to Reach US$ 1,500 Million by 2028; Global Sales Likely to Su. Sep 25, 2018 697
Kidney Stone Management Devices Market to Reach US$ 1,500 Million by 2028; Global Sales Likely to Su. Sep 25, 2018 697
A Comparison of Epidural Anesthesia without Motor Block Versus General Anesthesia for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy/Perkutan Nefrolitotomide Motor Bloksuz Epidural Anestezi ile Genel Anestezinin Karsilastirinlmasi. Oner, Sedat; Acar, Burak; Onen, Efe; Kilic, Metin; Aydos, Mustafa Murat; Demirbas, Murat; Yurekli, A Report Sep 1, 2018 4139
Hospital Readmissions Due to Subcapsular Renal Hematoma After Flexible and Rigid Ureterorenoscopy/Fleksibl ve Rijid Ureterorenoskopi Sonrasi Gorulen Subkapsuler Hematom Nedeniyle Hastaneye Yatislarin Karsilastirilmasi. Taken, Kerem; Gunes, Mustafa; Ergun, Muslum; Donmez, Muhammet irfan Report Sep 1, 2018 2877
Previous Open Stone Surgery: Is It a Risk Factor for Bleeding in Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy/Perkutan Nefrolitotomide Kanama: Daha Once Acik Tas Cerrahisi Gecirmis Olmak Bir Risk mi? Suelozgen, Tufan; ilbey, Yusuf Ozlem Report Sep 1, 2018 2092
Outcomes of Laparoscopic Transperitoneal Pyeloplasty for the Treatment of Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction in Adult Patients/Ureteropelvik Bileske Darligi Nedeniyle Eriskin Hastalarda Uygulanan Laparoskopik Transperitoneal Pyeloplasti Sonuclari. Demirdag, Cetin; Ozman, Oktay; Citgez, Sinharib; Onal, Bulent; Talat, Zubeyr Report Sep 1, 2018 3481
Comorbidities in Argentine patients with axial spondyloarthritis: Is nephrolithiasis associated with this disease? Sommerfleck, Fernando; Schneeberger, Emilce; Citera, Gustavo Report Sep 1, 2018 2802
Lithotripter made functional at Pims after five years. Aug 6, 2018 557
The Erector Spinae Plane Block for Postoperative Analgesia after Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy. Kim, Eungdon; Kwon, Woojin; Oh, Saecheol; Bang, Seunguk Letter to the editor Aug 5, 2018 1053
Most of us could benefit from more water. Aug 1, 2018 1133
How to meet your body's water needs. Aug 1, 2018 1223
Quadratus Lumborum Block III for Postoperative Pain After Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy/Quadratum Lumborum III Blogunun Perkutan Nefrolitotomide Postoperatif Agn Uzerine Etkisi. Kilic, Ertugrul; Bulut, Ersan Report Aug 1, 2018 2630
Chronic kidney disease causes premature death: Prof Pooran Kumar. Jul 13, 2018 467
Gebelik Donemindeki Asemptomatik Bakteriuri: Prevalansi, Antibyotik Duyarliligi ve Demografik Faktorlerle Iliskisi/Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Pregnancy: Prevalence, Antibiotic Susceptibility, and Related Demographic Factors. Aktun, Lebriz Hale; Karaca, Nilay; Akpak, Yasam Kemal Report Jul 1, 2018 2874
General Hospital starts endoscopic laser lithotripsy. Jun 23, 2018 126
5 common antibiotics linked to kidney stones in kids. Jun 12, 2018 842
Testosterone therapy tied to kidney stone risk. Kling, Jim Jun 1, 2018 436
Analysis of Intravenous Urography Findings in a Tertiary Reference Center. Aklan, Hammed M.; Mikhlafy, Abdullah Report Jun 1, 2018 3045
Supracostal PCNL-Standard Nephrostomy with Day Long Pain Versus Painless Tubeless/Gun Boyu Agrili Standart Nefrostomiye Karsi Agrisiz Tupsuz-Suprakostal PNL. Siddiq, Adnan; Khalid, Salman El; Mahmud, Syed Mamun; Saulat, Sherjeel; Khan, Shariq Anis; Mithani, Report Jun 1, 2018 2629
Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy in Patients with Positive Urine Cultures: Do Complications Increase?/ Idrar Kulturu Pozitif Hastalarda Perkutan Nefrolitotomi: Komplikasyonlarda Artis Var mi? Suelozgen, Tufan; Isoglu, Cemal Selcuk; Boyacioglu, Hayal; Ilbey, Yusuf Ozlem Report Jun 1, 2018 2817
Anterior Urethral Valve and Anterior Urethral Diverticulum with an Intradiverticular Stone: A Case Report and a Literature Review/Divertikul Ici Tas ile Birlikte Anterior Uretral Valv ve Anterior Uretral Divertikul: Olgu Sunumu ve Literatur Gozden Gecirmesi. Cetin, Serhat; Koparal, Murat Yavuz; Bulut, Ender Cem; Gurocak, Serhat; Tan, Ozgur Report Jun 1, 2018 1401
Antibiotics can up kidney stone risk : Study. May 19, 2018 299
Antibiotics can up kidney stone risk : Study. May 18, 2018 345
Antibiotics can up kidney stone risk : Study. May 18, 2018 345
Antibiotics can up kidney stone risk. May 14, 2018 472
Oral antibiotics may up risk of kidney stones: Study. May 13, 2018 292
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Specialised center to treat urinarystones opens at Al Wakra Hospital. Jan 10, 2018 504
Specialized Center for the Treatment of Urinary Stones Opens at Al Wakra Hospital. Jan 9, 2018 493
HMC's Al Wakra Hospital Opens Specialized Center for Treatment of Urinary Stones. Jan 9, 2018 490
Two days workshop on RIRS and HOLEP held at Shaikh Zayed Hospital Lahore. Jan 6, 2018 395
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PBA: Pingris hopes to play at 'Manila Classico' on Christmas Day. Dec 22, 2017 336
Mobile lithotripsy service. Shih, Feng Dec 1, 2017 604
It's a medical Gemergency; TOWIE star Collins collapses in bathroom. Nov 25, 2017 233
90% kidney patients comprise youth. Nov 11, 2017 315
A history of kidney stones linked to certain pregnancy complications. Medical condition overview Nov 5, 2017 332
Woman Unaware That She Was Pregnant, Gives Birth To Baby Boy. Oct 27, 2017 341
New technology developed by Urology Department in BBH:. Oct 9, 2017 301
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Hydrate to prevent kidney stones: Staying well-hydrated helps prevent these painful formations. May 1, 2017 747
Sugar cane juice helps keep body energetic: Health expert. Apr 21, 2017 250
Sugar cane juice helps keep body energetic: Health expert. Apr 21, 2017 250
Sugar cane juice helps keep body energetic: Health expert. Apr 20, 2017 250
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Roller coaster knocks out stones in kidney model. Beil, Laura Nov 12, 2016 498
Kidney stone 'epidemic' fear. Nov 2, 2016 175
'Never again' says singer of his birth pain simulation 'hell'. Oct 29, 2016 369
Birth pains are 'hell', says Andre after experiment. Oct 29, 2016 143
Burjeel opens advanced lithotripsy unit to treat kidney stones. Oct 20, 2016 152
Doctor's column: Innovative treatment method for kidney stones in Muscat. Column Oct 15, 2016 376
The truth about me, Spock... and Koko the gorilla! STAR TREK CAPTAIN TO REVEAL ALL WHEN HE BEAMS INTO BRUM. Oct 7, 2016 508
Roller coasters can help pass kidney stones. Sep 29, 2016 506
Kidney Stones? Visit Your Nearest Amusement Park. Sep 27, 2016 356
Oman Health: Diet in urinary stone disease. Sep 24, 2016 1880
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'I discovered I was pregnant THREE HOURS before I gave birth' REAL LIFE; When Emma Prescott, 39, was rushed to hospital in agony, she was in for a big surprise... Aug 7, 2016 1381
Stone me! Said to be 'more painful than childbirth' and able to strike without warning - kidney stones are yet another reason to keep glugging the H20, says ABI JACKSON. Aug 2, 2016 855
Stone me! Said to be 'more painful than childbirth' and able to strike without warning - kidney stones are yet another reason to keep glugging the H20, says ABI JACKSON. Aug 2, 2016 883
Rare surgery cures 3-year-old's severe kidney stone. Jul 11, 2016 605
How to heal from a disaster: an M.D. faces the toughest test of a spiritual practice--healing herself from a terrible fall. Tucker, Joan Jul 1, 2016 2714
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