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Solons call on PhilHealth to expand coverage of dialysis sessions for senior citizens. Aug 5, 2020 365
Health expert suggests avoiding spicy, excessive meat during Eidul Azha days. Aug 4, 2020 344
Renalytix AI initiates multi-center study of KidneyIntelX. Aug 3, 2020 336
Shield Therapeutics to take kidney disease treatment forward to phase III study. Jul 17, 2020 283
CHF Solutions continues webinar series on fluid overload in pediatric patients. Jul 14, 2020 308
Anti-diabetes drug also 'lessens kidney, heart disease' risk. Jul 13, 2020 442
An officer and gentleman; Hero garda Shane, 29, donates his kidney to fiancee in life-saving gift. CIARA PHELAN Jul 7, 2020 447
KIKD announce to provide dialysis facility to patients of coronavirus. Jul 6, 2020 353
KIKD to provide dialysis facility to COVID-19 patients. Jul 6, 2020 337
Surgical Management of Right Atrial Mass Associated with a Vascular Access Catheter. Ferreira, David; Le, Anthony; Khoo, John; Nguyen, Paul; Jain, Manish; Spicer, Timothy; Juergens, Cra Jun 30, 2020 1666
Nephrologist's Opinion Regarding COVID-19 Pandemic. Raheel Perveez Jun 25, 2020 599
Lawyer needs financial help for kidney transplant. Jun 19, 2020 500
Ex-students move to save schoolmate down with kidney failure. Jun 18, 2020 445
Senior doctor among 24 fresh victims of pandemic in KP. Jun 17, 2020 628
Cancer remains top cause of death in Taiwan for 38th year. Jun 16, 2020 196
Lifestyle diseases raise mortality risk in COVID-19 patients. Times News Service Jun 15, 2020 739
Kidney health. Jun 14, 2020 1109
Separate COVID-19 unit for kidney patients to be established soon at KIKD: KMC. Jun 13, 2020 168
Renalytix AI data underlines the potential of breakthrough AI-driven kidney disease diagnostic. Jun 11, 2020 361
Doctors release new list of children who should still be shielding; There is advice on everything from asthma and diabetes to scoliosis and cerebral palsy. By, Neil Shaw Jun 11, 2020 1564
FibroGen's phase 3 study of roxadustat shows non-inferiority in CKD. Clinical report Jun 8, 2020 269
Correlation between amyloid deposits affecting renal compartments and glomerular filtration rate during renal biopsy in a renal amyloidosis case series. Fonseca, E.O.; Caldas, M.L.R.; Filho, P.J. Soares; Almeida, J.R. Jun 1, 2020 5301
The Canary in the Coal Mine or How to Improve Kidney Function. Lobay, Douglas Jun 1, 2020 4347
Pediatric bladder augmentation--Panacea or Pandora's box? Ross, James P.J.; Keays, Melise; Neville, Christopher; Leonard, Michael; Guerra, Luis Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 4183
CTLA4-Ig Abatacept Ameliorates Proteinuria by Regulating Circulating Treg/IL-17 in Adriamycin-Induced Nephropathy Rats. Shuai, Lanjun; Cheng, Qia; Shen, Tian; Yi, Zhuwen; Wu, Xiaochuan May 31, 2020 5771
The Role of Xuefu Zhuyu Decoction in Prevention of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. Zhao, Jingjing; Liu, Huahua; Xu, Buyun; Peng, Jiahao; Xing, Yangbo; Tang, Weiliang; Peng, Fang May 31, 2020 5338
Wenyang Lishui Decoction Ameliorates Podocyte Injury in Membranous Nephropathy Rat and Cell Models by Regulating p53 and Bcl-2. Lu, Huan; Luo, Yuezhong; Su, Baolin; Tang, Shuifu; Chen, Gangyi; Zhang, Licai; Song, Chao; Wang, Cha Report May 31, 2020 6445
Serum Antibody and Glomerular Antigen of Antiphospholipase A2 Receptor in Chinese Patients with Idiopathic Membranous Nephropathy. Zhang, Qiu-hua; Wu, Mian; Hu, Zhi-gang; Liu, Xiao-bin; Huang, Biao; Zhang, Yi; Liu, Bin; Zhu, Yu-sha May 31, 2020 3834
Associations between the Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio and Diabetic Complications in Adults with Diabetes: A Cross-Sectional Study. Wan, Heng; Wang, Yuying; Fang, Sijie; Chen, Yi; Zhang, Wen; Xia, Fangzhen; Wang, Ningjian; Lu, Yingl May 31, 2020 7202
[BK.sub.Ca] Mediates Dysfunction in High Glucose Induced Mesangial Cell Injury via TGF-[beta]1/Smad2/3 Signaling Pathways. Wu, Zhigui; Yin, Wenxian; Sun, Mengqi; Si, Yuankai; Wu, Xiaoxiao; Chen, Meijuan May 31, 2020 5194
Economic loss caused by tobacco to global economy is over US$ 1.4 trillion every year - Professor Surya Kant. May 24, 2020 890
Loud talking can leave thousands of coronavirus droplets in air for 14 minutes; Talking at a loud volume can release thousands of coronavirus droplets per second, researchers at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases in Maryland have found. By, Anna MacSwan May 17, 2020 424
Allena expects data for potential reloxaliase BLA submission 3Q22. May 13, 2020 412
Ondo records first COVID-19 death as 16 others test positive. May 11, 2020 750
Voice of Cholistan Krishan Lal Bheel dies. May 8, 2020 636
The mental battle is bigger than the physical problem. Your mind is the most powerful thing in the world. LISA HUTCHINSON Reporter May 2, 2020 848
Three-Day Treatment Decreases Senolytic Cells in Humans. May 1, 2020 180
The Effect of Initiating Chlorhexidine Gluconate Dressings at Insertion on Central Line Infection Rates in Surgical Patients Requiring Access. Huppert, Kimberly; Jones, Stacey; Johnson, Kelly May 1, 2020 4020
COVID-19 Pandemic--Nephrology Experiences. Ulrich, Beth May 1, 2020 1286
A REVIEW OF DATA MINING TECHNIQUES IN MEDICINE. Zamfir, Ionela-Catalina; Iordache, Ana-Maria Mihaela Report May 1, 2020 4119
Successful Medical Management of a Retroperitoneal Abscess: A Difficult Diagnosis in Pyrexia of Unknown Origin. Ishan, U.G.H.; Thilakasiri, M.C.K.; Weeratunga, P.N.; Lanerolle, R.D. Apr 30, 2020 2583
Oral and Intravenous Fosfomycin for the Treatment of Complicated Urinary Tract Infections. Zhanel, George G.; Zhanel, Michael A.; Karlowsky, James A. Apr 30, 2020 8536
Thyroid Parameters and Kidney Disorder in Type 2 Diabetes: Results from the METAL Study. Chen, Yi; Zhang, Wen; Wang, Ningjian; Wang, Yuying; Wang, Chiyu; Wan, Heng; Lu, Yingli Apr 30, 2020 8072
Oleanolic Acid Attenuates Renal Fibrosis through TGF-[beta]/Smad Pathway in a Rat Model of Unilateral Ureteral Obstruction. Zhao, Dapeng; Luan, Zhongqiu Apr 30, 2020 3544
The Mechanisms of the Herbal Components of CRSAS on HK-2 Cells in a Hypoxia/Reoxygenation Model Based on Network Pharmacology. Ye, Naijing; Xie, Dengpiao; Yang, Bing; Li, Mingquan Apr 30, 2020 4626
Consult your physician before changing medication timing, HMC urges patients. Apr 30, 2020 580
I'm not scared of death I nearly died before. But I want to go out, it's driving me insane; Football legend Andy Cole on isolating with kidney disease. WARREN MANGER Apr 30, 2020 648
I'm not scared of death I nearly died before. But I want to go out, it's driving me insane; Football legend Andy Cole on isolating with kidney disease. WARREN MANGER Apr 30, 2020 806
Hepato-renal Toxicity of Patulin and its Modulation by Ginger (Zingiber officinale) in Rats. Bakry, Kadry A. El-; Deef, Lamiaa E.M.; Habbak, Lotfy Z.; Naeli, Samia S. El- Report Apr 18, 2020 3422
The ultimate l ckd wn sex guide; EASE AT-HOME STRESS BY REVIVING YOUR LOVE LIFE. CLARE BERRETT Apr 18, 2020 1537
TS The ultimate l ckd wn sex guide; EASE HOME STR RESS BY REVIVING YOUR LOVE LIFE. CLARE BERRETT Apr 18, 2020 1615
Renalytix AI Inks KidneyIntelX Provider Network Deal With Three Rivers. Apr 16, 2020 226
Man dies with breathing complications in Bagerhat. Obituary Apr 16, 2020 208
Protective Effect of Tamarind against Renal Injury Induced by Gamma Rays. Tawfik, Sameh S.; Elkady, Ahmed A.; Mohamed, Ehab T. Report Apr 14, 2020 4156
Muzaffarabad's Isolation Hospital receives first corona patient. Apr 11, 2020 496
Jackson's words speak for many: My heart is broken Gregor: Farmer remembered. Apr 3, 2020 884
Longtime White Sox radio broadcaster Ed Farmer dies. Scot Gregor Apr 3, 2020 890
Lost in Transportation: Calcium Oxalate Crystals in Kidney Biopsy Specimens Fixed in Michel Medium May Disappear. Cassol, Clarissa A.; Braga, Juarez R.; Hartage, Ramon; Satoskar, Anjali A.; Nadasdy, Tibor; Brodsky, Apr 1, 2020 3485
Results of Direct-Acting Antiviral Therapy in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis/Hemodiyaliz Uygulanan Kronik Hepatit C Hastalarinda Dogrudan Etkili Antiviral Tedavisi Sonuclari. Sari, Nagehan Didem; Kose, Sennur; Inci, Ayse Apr 1, 2020 3287
Renal histopathology spectrum in children with kidney diseases in Saudi Arabia, 1998-2017. Alhasan, Khalid; Aloudah, Noura M.; Bakhit, Amaar A.; Alhamad, Yassin M.; Chihabeddine, Kechrid M.; Apr 1, 2020 3935
Changes in Renal Parameters during a Training Camp among Handball Players in the Sub-Saharan Environment. Tonon, Brigitte A.; Nigan, Issiako Bio; Agboton, Bruno; Gouthon, Polycarpe; Nouatin, Basile; Agboton Mar 31, 2020 6252
SGLT2 Inhibitors, GLP-1 Agonists, and DPP-4 Inhibitors in Diabetes and Microvascular Complications: A Review. Mouhayyar, Christopher El; Riachy, Ruba; Khalil, Abir Bou; Eid, Asaad; Azar, Sami Drug overview Mar 31, 2020 7163
Comparison between Second- and Third-Generation PTH Assays during Minimally Invasive Parathyroidectomy (MIP). Gannage-Yared, Marie-Helene; Younes, Nada; Azzi, Anne-Sophie; Sleilaty, Ghassan Mar 31, 2020 5241
Urinary Fractional Clearance of Sodium in 8 Healthy Beagle Dogs Fed Normal, Low, or Ultralow Sodium Diets. Lobetti, R.G. Mar 31, 2020 2556
Soft Clustering for Enhancing the Diagnosis of Chronic Diseases over Machine Learning Algorithms. Aldhyani, Theyazn H.H; Alshebami, Ali Saleh; Alzahrani, Mohammed Y. Mar 31, 2020 9318
20(S)-Ginsenoside Rg3 Protects Kidney from Diabetic Kidney Disease via Renal Inflammation Depression in Diabetic Rats. Zhou, Tong; Sun, Lin; Yang, Shuo; Lv, You; Cao, Yue; Gang, Xiaokun; Wang, Guixia Mar 31, 2020 5464
Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy in a Child Receiving Chronic Hemodialysis. Moore, Joyce; Klowak, Jennifer; Isaza, Gloria; Arora, Steven; Belostotsky, Vladimir; Stein, Nina; Ch Report Mar 31, 2020 1729
Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens in a Patient with Breast Cancer and Inferior Vena Cava Hypoplasia. Bianchi, A.; Pozza, S.; Giovannacci, L.; van den Berg, Jos. C. Mar 31, 2020 1853
The frequency of vitamin D deficiency in chronic kidney disease and its relation with baseline mineral bone markers. Memon, Shoukat; Alam, Ashar; Iftikhar, Sundus Report Mar 31, 2020 3274
AstraZeneca's Farxiga Trial Ends Early Due To "Overwhelming Efficacy". Mar 30, 2020 402
Dad on the gave me children, school run his kidney; BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE BY ASTRANGER'S SACRIFICE. Harriet Whitehead Mar 29, 2020 1147
Dad on school run gave me a kidney; JOY AFTER CHANCE MEETING AT NURSERY Transplant patient hails stranger for his kind and selfless offer as operation saves his life. / Harriet Whitehead Mar 29, 2020 661
Sudden Loss of Vision: Causes vary: diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease. Elizabeth Mar 24, 2020 661
40,000 dialysis sessions at Dubai Hospital in 2019. Kamakshi Gupta, DHA Mar 22, 2020 791
Dear Dr Miriam, what are the underlying conditions leading to so many deaths? CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: ALL YOUR HEALTH QUESTIONS ANSWEREDQA&. Mar 20, 2020 1579
Dear Dr Miriam, what are the underlying conditions leading to so many deaths? CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: YOUR HEALTH QUESTIONS; Q&A. Mar 20, 2020 1579
Dear Dr Miriam, what are the underlying conditions leading to so many deaths? CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: YOUR HEALTH QUESTIONSQA&. Mar 20, 2020 1579
Kidney disease focus of CVS collaboration. Mar 16, 2020 711
Obesity, blood pressure major risks for kidney diseases. Mar 13, 2020 235
Ask Dr Miriam. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Mar 13, 2020 170
MIKD plans to conduct kidney transplant in current year after registration. Mar 13, 2020 249
20,000 die every year due to kidney diseases in Pakistan; MTI KTH observes world kidney day. Mar 13, 2020 376
Kidney diseases worldwide resulting in 2.4m deaths annually : Experts. Mar 13, 2020 508
MIKD plans to conduct kidney transplant in current year after registration. Mar 13, 2020 249
BioPorto pushes ahead with development of flagship kidney disease test NGAL. Mar 12, 2020 465
Narowal DHQ Hospital: 50,000 kidney patients got dialysis in 11 years. Abid Mahmood Mar 12, 2020 424
Two crore people in the country suffering from kidney diseases. Mar 12, 2020 991
Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd supports the Cyprus Association of Kidney Patients' Friends. Press Release Mar 9, 2020 166
CVS Kidney Care enters into strategic relationship with Satellite Healthcare. Mar 3, 2020 182
CVS Kidney Care enters into strategic relationship with Satellite Healthcare. Mar 3, 2020 186
New kidney thanks to husband's help. Mar 2, 2020 189
Price hike. FAHAD RIND - Johi Mar 1, 2020 214
Three New Cases of Melioidosis, Guadeloupe, French West Indies. Melot, Benedicte; Bastian, Sylvaine; Dournon, Nathalie; Valade, Eric; Gorge, Olivier; Le Fleche, Ann Report Mar 1, 2020 1788
Serum Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin (NGAL) in HCV-Positive Egyptian Patients Treated with Sofosbuvir. Nada, Ali; Abbasy, Mohamed; Sabry, Aliaa; Allah, Azza Mohamed Abdu; Shehab-Eldeen, Somaia; Elnaidany Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 4868
The Perfect Match. Mar 1, 2020 239
Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Prediction of Outcomes in Contrast-Induced Nephropathy. Banda, Justor; Duarte, Raquel; Dix-Peek, Therese; Dickens, Caroline; Manga, Pravin; Naicker, Saralad Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 7483
Additional Benefit of Canakinumab on Proteinuria in a Case With Muckle-Wells Syndrome in Remission Under Anakinra. Ilgen, Ufuk; Kucuksahin, Orhan Mar 1, 2020 780
Role of Chemokine (C-X-C Motif) Ligand 10 (CXCL10) in Renal Diseases. Gao, Jie; Wu, Lingling; Wang, Siyang; Chen, Xiangmei Mar 1, 2020 13335
Nitrative Stress-Related Autophagic Insufficiency Participates in Hyperhomocysteinemia-Induced Renal Aging. Zhang, Shangyue; Zhang, Yuerong; Zhang, Xinyu; Luo, Chenghua; Cao, Yan; Ji, Dengyu; Yan, Wenjing; Xu Mar 1, 2020 6498
Oxidative Stress in the Pathophysiology of Kidney Disease: Implications for Noninvasive Monitoring and Identification of Biomarkers. Gyuraszova, Marianna; Gurecka, Radana; Babickova, Janka; Tothova, Lubomira Mar 1, 2020 8156
Upregulated Expression of Intestinal Antimicrobial Peptide HD5 Associated with Renal Function in IgA Nephropathy. Feng, Shaozhen; Zhong, Zhong; Fan, Jinjin; Li, Xiaoyan; Shi, Dianchun; Jiang, Lanping Mar 1, 2020 6581
Association of Serum Uric Acid Concentration and Its Change with Cardiovascular Death and All-Cause Mortality. Dong, Ze-Xuan; Tian, Ming; Li, Hua; Wu, Yang; Du, Xing-Guo; Dong, Jun-Wu; Xiao, Hui-Hui; Dong, Li-Pi Mar 1, 2020 6637
Serum Soluble CD89-IgA Complexes Are Elevated in IgA Nephropathy without Immunosuppressant History. Wu, Haiting; Wang, Xiaoyan; Yang, Zhe; Zhao, Qing; Wen, Yubing; Li, Xuemei; Zhang, Wei; Gao, Ruitong Mar 1, 2020 3696
Potential Effects of Empagliflozin in L-NAME--Induced Hypertensive Nephropathy in Albino Rats. Fouqueh, Cherry E.; Labib, Dina A. Aly; Selim, Mohsen S.; Awad, Hisham A. Report Mar 1, 2020 8727
Sun, Pesticide Possible Cause Of Strange Kidney Damage In Farmers -Expert. Feb 20, 2020 539
Wuhan coronavirus could cause male infertility: Chinese study. Feb 19, 2020 378
Palace EO cuts price of essential meds by more than half-DOH. Feb 19, 2020 565
200,000 Nigerians Have Kidney Disease a NAN. Feb 17, 2020 486
Association of fetuin-A with dyslipidemia and insulin resistance in type-II Diabetics of Pakistani population. Fasiha Fatima, Naveed Ahsan, Aliya Nasim and Faiza Alam Feb 14, 2020 2869
Trends in Incidence of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Among Youths--Selected Counties and Indian Reservations, United States, 2002-2015. Divers, Jasmin; Mayer-Davis, Elizabeth J.; Lawrence, Jean M.; Isom, Scott; Dabelea, Dana; Dolan, Law Feb 14, 2020 4311
Emphysematous Cystitis: A Case Complicated with Bilateral Hydroureteronephrosis. Erturk, Utnran Sumeyse; Yildinm, Kadir Feb 13, 2020 1074
Medicine prices. Fahad Rind - Johi Feb 11, 2020 248
IKD stops kidney transplants as patients complain of infections. Ashfaq Yusufzai Jan 28, 2020 710
Hansa Biopharma concludes enrollment in investigator-initiated phase 2 study in Anti-GBM patients. Jan 27, 2020 190
Hansa Biopharma concludes enrollment in investigator-initiated phase 2 study in Anti-GBM patients. Jan 27, 2020 186
Study of Serum Magnesium Levels in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Khanna, Deepanshu; Bhatnagar, Mini; Tayal, Shankar Jan 27, 2020 3163
Recommendations Issued for CT Contrast Use in Kidney Disease; Experts say risk overstated for use of IV iodinated contrast media in patients with reduced renal function. Jan 22, 2020 254
Dr Salmi wins US Journal of Nephrology award. Jan 21, 2020 437
Bahrain prepares for first liver transplant. Jan 18, 2020 107
Nephrectomy Market Size Is Projected To Reach USD 6,206 Million at a CAGR of 4.8% By 2025 / Future Growth Insights, Emerging Trends, Size Projection, Share Estimation and Global Industry Trends. Jan 17, 2020 908
Oxidien Pharmaceuticals addressing an unmet need in kidney disease. Jan 16, 2020 123
Periodontal disease and its impact on general health in Latin America. Section V: Treatment of periodontitis. Fischer, Ricardo Guimaraes; Lira, Ronaldo, Jr.; Retamal-Valdes, Belen; de Figueiredo, Luciene Cristi Jan 15, 2020 5919
Dialysis patients moved from Salmaniya Medical Complex. Jan 14, 2020 114
Breakthrough study of Emma and Ben's DNA gives others a brighter future; DOCTORS' RESEARCH COULD MEAN LESS NEED FOR DIALYSIS. KATIE DICKINSON Reporter @KATIEJDICKINSON Jan 10, 2020 586
Duterte to ill-wishers: 'Mamamatay ka din'. Jan 10, 2020 258
'It's still early days but the worry has lifted' Richard has second kidney transplant. GREGOR FARQUHARSON Jan 8, 2020 857
Gene Therapy Breakthrough Could Treat Kidney Diseases. Johnny Vatican Jan 7, 2020 402
Researchers test novel approach for injecting gene therapy vectors into kidney. ANI Jan 5, 2020 386
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. Victoria Campbell GP REGISTRAR Jan 5, 2020 320
Researchers experiment with gene therapy vector injections to cure renal disease. ANI Jan 1, 2020 400
Kidney transplants performed at Salmaniya Medical Complex. Jan 1, 2020 132
Should You Worry About Potassium? If you have heart or kidney disease, you may need to take extra measures to maintain normal levels of this important mineral. Jan 1, 2020 360
Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, and Death among 32 Patients with MERS-CoV Infection, Saudi Arabia. Alanazi, Khalid H.; Abedi, Glen R.; Midgley, Claire M.; Alkhamis, Abdulrahim; Alsaqer, Taghreed; Alm Jan 1, 2020 1185
Behcet Disease-Like Symptoms with a Novel COPA Mutation. Anderson, E.; Hatch, J.; Cardinal, J.; Langguth, D.; Coman, D. Jan 1, 2020 2609
A Missed Diagnosis of Bilateral Simultaneous Spontaneous Intracapsular Neck of Femur Fractures in a Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient. Rajeev, Aysha; Jabbar, Faizan; Zourob, Emadeldeen; Devalia, Kailash Jan 1, 2020 1544
Characterization of Polysaccharides Extracted from Sargassum fusiforme and Its Effective Prevention of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy via Enhancing Antioxidant Capacity (Research Article). Dai, Min; Zhou, Ying-Ling; Jiang, Tao; Luo, Cai-Dong; Wang, Hu; Du, Wei; Wang, Min Jan 1, 2020 5013
Bilateral Renal Colic as an Initial Presentation of Erdheim-Chester Disease. Sarkis, Julien; Haddad, Fady; Nasr, Sarah; Hanna, Elie; Mroueh, Ahmad; Nemr, Elie Jan 1, 2020 1638
Anti-PLA2R1 Antibodies Containing Sera Induce In Vitro Cytotoxicity Mediated by Complement Activation. Lateb, Mael; Ouahmi, Hajar; Payre, Christine; Brglez, Vesna; Zorzi, Kevin; Dolla, Guillaume; Zaidan, Jan 1, 2020 8590
Role of Transient Receptor Potential Canonical Channel 6 (TRPC6) in Diabetic Kidney Disease by Regulating Podocyte Actin Cytoskeleton Rearrangement. Wang, Qian; Tian, Xuefei; Wang, Yuyang; Wang, Yan; Li, Jialin; Zhao, Tingting; Li, Ping Jan 1, 2020 9149
Relationship between Urinary Liver-Type Fatty Acid-Binding Protein (L-FABP) and Sarcopenia in Spontaneously Diabetic Torii Fatty Rats. Tanabe, Jun; Ogura, Yuji; Kosaki, Keisei; Nagai, Yoshio; Sugaya, Takeshi; Ohata, Keiichi; Watanabe, Jan 1, 2020 7840
Predictive value of C-Reactive Protein/Albumin ratio in patients with chronic complicated diabetes mellitus. Muharrem Bayrak Dec 31, 2019 3707
Rs 210m to be released soon for DHQ hospital project. Dec 31, 2019 181
Two successful kidney transplants performed at Salmaniya Hospital. Dec 31, 2019 164
Incidence and Clinical Outcome of Acute Kidney Injury in Patients with Sepsis Admitted in Multi-Disciplinary Unit in a Tertiary Care Center. Jalal, Hussain Khan Tharappel; Thomas, Teju Parankimamoottil; Gopalakrishnan, Sreedas; Mohammed, Ham Clinical report Dec 30, 2019 3614
Bariatric Surgery in Teens May Cut Diabetic Kidney Disease Risk; Decreased rates of hyperfiltration, elevated UAE seen among surgically treated obese teens with T2DM. Clinical report Dec 27, 2019 258
Sleepless nights put you at greater risk of disease. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Dec 23, 2019 429
A Study of Different Biochemical and Sonological Parameters as Predictors of Preeclampsia. Saha, Jhantu Kumar; Mazumder, Palash; Bandyopadhyay, Prithu; Datta, Shyamali Clinical report Dec 23, 2019 4314
Dr Miriam Stoppard: Sleepless nights put you at greater risk of disease; Mirror columnist Dr Miriam Stoppard talks about why sleep is so important and how to get the best of it as one in five adults will suffer from sleeplessness at some point. By, Miriam Stoppard Dec 22, 2019 451
SHERROCK AIMS TO BE OVER THE MOON; Fallon out to hit back at cruel jibes over an unfortunate medical condition. MIKE WALTERS Darts correspondent @MikeWaltersMGM Dec 17, 2019 708
Reps Urge FG To Subsidise Dialysis Treatment, Establish More Centres. Dec 17, 2019 411
Two donors for Blunt's sick father. Dec 1, 2019 136
Singer's joy as donors offer dad a new kidney. Dec 1, 2019 223
'Over 20m people suffering from kidney diseases in Pakistan'. Dec 1, 2019 181
'Over 20m people suffering from kidney diseases in Pakistan'. Dec 1, 2019 181
Retrospective Evaluation of Critical Care Patients with Upper Gastrointestinal System Bleeding/Ust Gastrointestinal Sistem Kanamasi Olan Yogun Bakim Hastalarinin Retrospektif Degerlendirilmesi. Kuscu, Ozlem Ozkan; Elmas, Dursun; Erdogan, Murat; Benli, Burcu Arslan; Karaogullarindan, Umit; Inal Dec 1, 2019 3061
Renal Medullary Carcinoma. Elliott, Alexis; Bruner, Evelyn Dec 1, 2019 4502
A Rare Case of Isolated Ureteral Diaphragmatic Herniation: Case Report and Review of Literature. Heidar, Nassib Abou; Elsemesmani, Hussein; Elamine, Ahmad; Natout, Mustafa Dec 1, 2019 1995
Consensus statement on the assessment of comorbidities in people living with HIV in Romania. Streinu-Cercel, Anca; Sandulescu, Oana; Poiana, Catalina; Dorobantu, Maria; Mircescu, Gabriel; Lazur Dec 1, 2019 6282
Incidence and Risk Factors for Postoperative Delirium in Patients Undergoing Spine Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Wu, Xinjie; Sun, Wei; Tan, Mingsheng Dec 1, 2019 9832
Nephroprotective Role of Beta vulgaris L. Root Extract against Chlorpyrifos-Induced Renal Injury in Rats. Albasher, Gadah; Almeer, Rafa; Alarifi, Saud; Alkhtani, Saad; Farhood, Manal; Otibi, Fatimah O. Al-; Dec 1, 2019 5437
tert-Butylhydroquinone Treatment Alleviates Contrast-Induced Nephropathy in Rats by Activating the Nrf2/Sirt3/SOD2 Signaling Pathway. Zhou, Qin; Wang, Xin; Shao, Xiaofei; Wang, Honglei; Liu, Xiaobo; Ke, Xiaosu; Xiong, Chongxiang; Wei, Dec 1, 2019 5564
Chronic NOS Inhibition Affects Oxidative State and Antioxidant Response Differently in the Kidneys of Young Normotensive and Hypertensive Rats. Majzunova, M.; Kvandova, M.; Berenyiova, A.; Balis, P.; Dovinova, I.; Cacanyiova, S. Dec 1, 2019 7721
Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery or Shock Wave Lithotripsy?: Comparison of the Effects on Renal Functions by Glomerular Filtration Rate/Retrograd intrarenal Cerrahi veya Sok Dalga Litotripsi? Renal Fonksiyonlar Ozerindeki Etkilerinin Glomeruler Filtrasyon Hizi ile Karsilasirilmasi. Sarikaya, Selcuk; Karsiyakali, Nejdet; Sicimli, Can; Kaya, Engin; Ebiloglu, Turgay; Bedir, Selahatti Dec 1, 2019 4477
Retrocaval ureter: a rare cause of intermittent right flank pain in a 37 years old lady. Shoaib Rafique Nov 30, 2019 1646
Global Bone Densitometer Market Forecast, 2019-2024 - Lucrative Growth Opportunities in Emerging Markets. Nov 26, 2019 808
Indian doctors remove 7.4kg kidney from patient. Nov 25, 2019 298
NEW LEASE OF LIFE FOR CHARLENE; Real LifeYOUR OWN STORIES Mum now free of diabetes after transplant. ZOE PHILLIPS Nov 20, 2019 659
Genetics may determine whose kidney benefits from dietary compound. ANI Nov 18, 2019 398
Fetroja Approved to Treat Complicated Urinary Tract Infections; Label warns higher mortality found in critically ill patients with multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacterial infections. Nov 15, 2019 291
Mother whose baby suffered kidney infection decided to become nurse. Nov 15, 2019 404
'I need a kidney' King: Donors move to top of the list if they need an organ. Nov 14, 2019 588
'I need a kidney'. Nov 14, 2019 588
'I need a kidney': Batavia man's T-shirt spells out need for donation. King, By Sammi Nov 14, 2019 593
Kidney disease conference starts in Kasane tomorrow. Conference news Nov 13, 2019 192
Simple blood test could better predict both kidney disease and cardiovascular risk. Nov 12, 2019 687
Alnylam Initiates ILLUMINATE-C Phase 3 Study of Lumasiran for the Treatment of Advanced Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1 and Presents New Positive Results from Phase 2 Open-Label Extension Study. Nov 12, 2019 672
ASN: Difelikefalin Improves Itch in CKD-Linked Pruritus; Findings seen among patients on hemodialysis with moderate-to-severe pruritus. Nov 12, 2019 276
Muscle relaxant could cause mental disorientation in kidney patients: Study. ANI Nov 11, 2019 700
WAM Feature: SEHA utilises latest nuclear medicine technologies. Nov 11, 2019 497
Muscle relaxant could cause mental disorientation in kidney patients: Study. ANI Nov 10, 2019 708
Kidney patients prescribed high dose of common muscle relaxant likely to be hospitalised: Study. ANI Nov 10, 2019 540
Supplements Don't Prevent Kidney Disease in Type 2 Diabetics. Nov 8, 2019 348
Vital Signs: Estimated Proportion of Adult Health Problems Attributable to Adverse Childhood Experiences and Implications for Prevention--25 States, 2015-2017. Merrick, Melissa T.; Ford, Derek C.; Ports, Katie A.; Guinn, Angie S.; Chen, Jieru; Klevens, Joanne; Nov 8, 2019 5106
Tx Choice for T2DM in Obese Teens Tied to Later Kidney Disease Risk; Odds of diabetic kidney disease higher in obese teens receiving medical therapy versus bariatric surgery for T2DM. Clinical report Nov 7, 2019 276
Calculator Predicts Risk Of Death And Complications From Diabetes, Obesity. Johnny Vatican Nov 6, 2019 539
Vertex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: VRTX). Nov 6, 2019 1529
Risk calculator predicts risk of death, complications from diabetes and obesity. ANI Nov 5, 2019 452
Vifor Pharma announces commercial partnership with Janssen for new diabetic kidney disease treatment. Nov 4, 2019 329
Vifor Pharma announces commercial partnership with Janssen for new diabetic kidney disease treatment. Nov 4, 2019 325
Development of an Evidence-Based Practice Standard: Timing of Preprandial Blood Glucose Monitoring in the Inpatient Setting. Eichmiller, Brianne B.; Horner, Margaret; Sanjurjo, Veronica G. Nov 1, 2019 2462
Serum Levels of BAFF and APRIL Predict Clinical Response in Anti-PLA2R-Positive Primary Membranous Nephropathy. Netti, Giuseppe Stefano; Infante, Barbara; Spadaccino, Federica; Godeas, Giulia; Corallo, Maria Graz Nov 1, 2019 8235
Serum Human Epididymis Protein 4 is Associated with Renal Function and Diabetic Kidney Disease in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Zhang, Miaomiao; Zhao, Bing; Xie, Jing; Liang, Yan; Yang, Zaixing Nov 1, 2019 4100
The Expanding Burden of Acute Kidney Injury in California: Impact of the Epidemic of Diabetes on Kidney Injury Hospital Admissions. Medel-Herrero, Alvaro; Udaltsova, Irina; Mitchell, Diane; Schenker, Marc; Moyce, Sally Nov 1, 2019 6333
Wall Supply Boxes: A Risk for Patient Health and Safety. Payne, Glenda Nov 1, 2019 693
Retrocaval Ureter: Report of Two Cases. Atawurah, Henry; Maison, Patrick Opoku Manu; Owusu-Ansah, Mohammed; Asante-Asamani, Alvin Nov 1, 2019 1841
Fibrinogen-to-Albumin Ratio Predicts Contrast-Induced Nephropathy in Patients after Emergency Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. You, Zhebin; Guo, Tailin; Lin, Fan; Lin, Chunjin; Chen, Jiankang; Li, Xiaoming; Chen, Yan; Lin, Kaiy Nov 1, 2019 4437
The effect of thyroid functions on contrast-induced nephropathy in patients undergoing coronary angiography and percutaneous coronary intervention. Muhammet Gurdogan and Hasan Ari Report Oct 31, 2019 4074
Vertex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: VRTX). Oct 30, 2019 1608
For Tim Lee, water is life Water. Curtis Winston Contributing Writer Oct 29, 2019 1033
PSM's landmark achievement. Oct 28, 2019 402
Vertex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: VRTX). Oct 24, 2019 1729
Kidney Biopsy Market 2019 Global Leading Growth Drivers, Emerging Audience, Industry Segments, Sales, Profits and Regional Study. Report Oct 22, 2019 864
'Miracle' cure for old mog; The Yorkshire Vet By Julian Norton. Oct 20, 2019 195
Vertex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: VRTX). Oct 17, 2019 1608
"We have to do our utmost to ensure the best standard of care for pediatric kidney patients". Oct 16, 2019 802
SGLT2 Inhibitors Protect Against Kidney Disease in T2DM; Reduction seen for risk of dialysis, transplantation, or death due to kidney disease. Oct 10, 2019 237
Fresenius se. Oct 10, 2019 5481
Fresenius Medical (FME). Oct 10, 2019 5480
Chugai Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Oct 8, 2019 1144
Aggressive Lowering of HbA1c in T1DM Does Not Reduce Eye, Kidney Disease; Sweden's lower HbA1c target values not linked to further organ protection. Oct 8, 2019 270
Commissioner stresses for more specialized hospitals in Multan. Oct 8, 2019 254
Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital - why it is the best place to get kidney treatment. ANI Oct 3, 2019 503
Some May Be Vulnerable to Severe Skin Reaction While Using Gout Drug. Oct 1, 2019 336
Non Typhoidal Salmonella Pyonephrosis in an Asymptomatic Immunocompetent Patient. Mokadem, Seif; Nouioui, Mohamed Ali; Kalai, Salma; Taktak, Tarek; Mediouni, Houssem; Khiari, Ramzi; Oct 1, 2019 1154
Successful Subsequent Pregnancy in a Woman Receiving Eculizumab for Pregnancy-Associated Atypical Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome. Bateman, Samantha; Ladhani, Maleeka; Jesudason, Shilpanjali Medical condition overview Oct 1, 2019 2701
Hyperinsulinemia Can Cause Kidney Disease in the IGT Stage of OLETF Rats via the INS/IRS-1/PI3-K/Akt Signaling Pathway. Zhang, Yi; Yang, Shaohua; Cui, Xiao; Yang, Juhong; Zheng, Miaoyan; Jia, Junya; Han, Fei; Yang, Xiaoy Oct 1, 2019 7392
Xiaokeping Mixture Attenuates Diabetic Kidney Disease by Modulating TGF-[beta]/Smad Pathway in db/db Mice. Yang, Bo; Xia, Zhongni; Xin, Chuanwei; Ma, Chenggang; Zhang, Feng Oct 1, 2019 4454
Woman accuses Nyeri hospital of negligence. Sep 27, 2019 1116
Severe Silicosis in Engineered Stone Fabrication Workers--California, Colorado, Texas, and Washington, 2017-2019. Rose, Cecile; Heinzerling, Amy; Patel, Ketki; Sack, Coralynn; Wolff, Jenna; Zell-Baran, Lauren; Weis Sep 27, 2019 3641
DOH eyes price reduction of 120 high-cost medicines. Sep 26, 2019 488
Kia Motors India looks at three or four CKD models. Sep 25, 2019 166
Kidney disease in Pakistan. BANILA ELLAHI - Karki Sep 24, 2019 322
Creative Biolabs Provides Monkey Disease Models for the Research of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders. Sep 24, 2019 576
Intravascular Catheter Market 2019 Global Trends, Size, Segments, Competitors Strategy, Regional Analysis and Growth by Forecast to 2024. Sep 23, 2019 887
Chugai Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Sep 23, 2019 1144
Comparative Efficacy of Azilsartan and Telmisartan in Hypertensive Patients. Nigam, Niraj Kumar; Kumar, K. Vinay; Srivastav, Vinay Shekhar; Nigam, Nilam Sep 23, 2019 2093
A Feline DNA Analysis: It's still a new technology, but it has great potential. Sep 21, 2019 1065
Chugai Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Sep 19, 2019 1144
Rising Production Scale Motivates Ostomy Drainage Systems Market Growth in the Coming Years during. Sep 17, 2019 892
Radiation Nephropathy Treatment and Management Market by Types, Applications, Countries, Companies. Sep 16, 2019 1038
Rising Production Scale Motivates Ostomy Drainage Systems Market Growth in the Coming Years during. Sep 16, 2019 907
Clinical Nutrition Market Trends 2019 / Key Players, Insights, Size, Share and Segmentation Till 2027. Sep 10, 2019 911
Chicago police superintendent, son earn Gift of Life award. Sep 10, 2019 671
A simple text could help keep diabetes under control. Sep 10, 2019 380
More than 50,000 Wigan people have missed out on a vital health check. Sep 10, 2019 291
Chugai Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Sep 10, 2019 1144
Insights Into Kidney Disease From Stem Cell-Grown Organoids. Sep 9, 2019 886
Twin sisters' lives saved by double miracle ops. Sep 7, 2019 619
Artificial intelligence may improve kidney disease diagnosis. Sep 7, 2019 535
Mum lost 5 loved ones to kidney disease but 'miracle' transplants saved her & daughters; FAMILIES REMEMBER TRAGEDIES & TRIUMPHS OF ORGAN DONATION. Sep 6, 2019 704
Mum lost 5 loved ones to kidney disease but 'miracle' transplants saved her & daughters the; FAMILIES REMEMBER TRAGEDIES & TRIUMPHS OF ORGAN DONATION. Sep 6, 2019 691
Machine Learning Algorithms Promising in Kidney Diagnostics; Machine learning algorithms can aid in assessment of renal histopathology. Sep 6, 2019 324
Does Alcohol Affect Antibiotics? Sep 5, 2019 945
Calliditas receives the FDA positive feedback for ongoing NefIgArd Pivotal Phase 3 Study in kidney disease. Sep 4, 2019 301
Calliditas receives the FDA positive feedback for ongoing NefIgArd Pivotal Phase 3 Study in kidney disease. Sep 4, 2019 297
Chugai Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Sep 3, 2019 1144
Simultaneous Measurement of Pressure in the Calyces During RIRS in a Human Cadaver Model/Insan Kadavra Bobrek Modelinde RIRS Sirasinda Kalikslerin Es Zamanli Basinc Olcumu. Aykac, Aykut; Baran, Ozer; Oner, Zulal; Kaya, Coskun; Ozok, Ugur; Sunay, Melih Sep 1, 2019 3052
Society to hold renal conference in November. Conference news Sep 1, 2019 257
A case report of a patient with Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia and co-morbid Moyamoya Syndrome. Govender, R.; Naicker, E.; Pillay, K. Sep 1, 2019 1590
An Era of Transformation. Kear, Tamara M. Sep 1, 2019 792
How Do Patients on Hemodialysis Perceive and Overcome Hemodialysis?: Concept Development of the Resilience of Patients on Hemodialysis. Kim, Eun Young; Lee, Ye-Na; Chang, Sung Ok Report Sep 1, 2019 7353
The Future of Nursing as Derived from the Past. Robbins, Karen C. Sep 1, 2019 4604
A Case of Essential Thrombocythemia and IgA Nephropathy with Literature Review of the Concurrence. Rahimian, Shoja; Johnson, Timothy; Herb, Ronald Sep 1, 2019 2908
Pleomorphic Pulmonary Manifestations of IgG4-Related Disease. Naramala, Srikanth; Biswas, Sharmi; Adapa, Sreedhar; Gayam, Vijay; Castillo, Romeo C.; Annangi, Srin Sep 1, 2019 2042
Socioeconomic Determinants of Knowledge of Kidney Disease Among Residents in Nigerian Communities in Lagos State, Nigeria. Akokuwebe, Monica Ewomazino; Odimegwu, Clifford Sep 1, 2019 7993
Comparative Study On the Efficacy of Losartan and Amlodipine in Reducing Microalbuminuria in Patients with Primary Hypertension, A Randomized Open Label parallel Group Study. Sowmya, P.; Balaji, C.; Elizabeth, Arul Amutha; Punnagai Clinical report Sep 1, 2019 1909
Initial Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Results of Alport Syndrome. Koc, Altug; Bora, Elcin; Cinleti, Tayfun; Yildiz, Gizem; Bayram, Meral Torun; Bozkaya, Ozlem Giray; Clinical report Sep 1, 2019 3148
Oxidative Stress and TGF-[beta]1/Smads Signaling Are Involved in Rosa roxburghii Fruit Extract Alleviating Renal Fibrosis. Zhan, Jihong; Liu, Mingjie; Pan, Lijun; He, Liqun; Guo, Yinxue Sep 1, 2019 6282
Factors Affecting Physical Growth in Children with Primary Vesicoureteral Reflux: A Single Center Experience. Ekinci, Rabia Miray Kisla; Serdaroglu, Erkin Sep 1, 2019 4405
Polycystin-1 Inhibits Cell Proliferation through Phosphatase PP2A/B56[alpha]. Tang, Yan; Yang, JungWoo; Zheng, Wang; Tang, Jingfeng; Chen, Xing-Zhen; Yang, Jianzheng; Wang, Zuoch Sep 1, 2019 4746
SGK1 Attenuates Oxidative Stress-Induced Renal Tubular Epithelial Cell Injury by Regulating Mitochondrial Function. Jiang, Daofang; Fu, Chensheng; Xiao, Jing; Zhan, Zhenxing; Zou, Jianan; D, Zhibin Ye; Zhang, Xiaoli Sep 1, 2019 6880
Low-density lipoprotein receptor gene mutation at Exon 2 and 4 in premature coronary artery disease in our population. Aug 31, 2019 3149
President is providing hope for kidney patients. Azar, Alex M. Aug 30, 2019 568
Police superintendent, son earn Gift of Life award. Aug 28, 2019 727
Police superintendent, son earn Gift of Life award. Aug 28, 2019 728
Young kidney patients 'let down' over mental health. Aug 28, 2019 198
Psoriasis Independently Linked to Increased Mortality Risk; Comorbidities such as CVD, diabetes, COPD, cancer, CKD, and stroke mediate part of the association. Aug 27, 2019 239
Chugai Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Aug 27, 2019 1144
Chugai Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Aug 22, 2019 1144
Test Strip Market Size to Register a CAGR of 12.8% By 2023 / Top Companies, Growth, Share, Future Insights and Global Industry Analysis. Aug 22, 2019 963
'Million dollar baby'. Aug 21, 2019 601
'Dr. Google' Helps Some Patients Diagnose a Rare Disease. Aug 19, 2019 658
Carcinoma Cervix- Significance of Tumour Size in Treatment Outcome. Amit, Agarwal; Gaurav, Agrawal; Piyush, Kumar; Kumar, Sharma Manish; Bhavya, Patneedi Clinical report Aug 19, 2019 2944
Town is pro-active looking after health. Aug 17, 2019 333
Kitchen of flavours for kidney patients. Aug 17, 2019 287
Automated Dialysis Concentrated Production Systems Market Shares, Strategies and Forecast Worldwide,. Aug 15, 2019 1137
Internet Self-Referrals Aid in Diagnosis of Rare Inherited Kidney Disease; Twenty-four percent of direct family referrals to specialist center had positive genetic testing. Aug 14, 2019 241
the message that people Man gives kidney to sister-in-law; RECOVERY AFTER GOING TO AUSTRALIA FOR TRANSPLANT OPERATION. Aug 13, 2019 638
Microalbumin Test Market 2019 Size, Share, Opportunity, Manufacturers, Growth Factors, Statistics Data, Trends, Competitive Landscape and Regional Forecast To 2023. Aug 13, 2019 893
'Million dollar baby' Locals come together to raise funds for toddler's transplant Transplant. Aug 13, 2019 605
Taylor Swift Secures Education Of Girl Whose Mom Is Suffering From Kidney Disease. Aug 13, 2019 508
Chugai Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Aug 13, 2019 1144
Selfless dad travelled to AUSTRALIA to save life of sister-in-law by donating kidney; Nick Piercy took the huge step to travel Down Under in order to help the sister of his wife, who battles with a degenerative kidney disease. Aug 11, 2019 664
Heat Waves Brought by Climate Change Could Prove Deadly for Kidney Patients. Aug 9, 2019 390
Fluoride Exposure Tied to Kidney, Liver Function Changes in Youth; Increase in plasma fluoride linked to lower eGFR, higher serum uric acid, lower blood urea nitrogen. Aug 8, 2019 264
Fresenius--Fresenius makes solid start to 2019 and confirms Group guidance--30/7/2019. Aug 7, 2019 5364
Chugai Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Aug 6, 2019 1144
Chugai Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Aug 2, 2019 1144
Global Urinalysis Market Estimated to Generate $2.94 Billion by 2026 Due to Prevalence of Kidney Diseases and Urinary Tract Infactions. Aug 1, 2019 662
Lagos Assembly To Probe Abandoned N7bn Hospital Equipment. Aug 1, 2019 312
Paritaprevir, ritonavir, ombitasvir, and dasabuvir treatment in renal transplant patients with hepatitis C virus infection. Danis, Nilay; Toz, Huseyin; Unal, Nalan; Yilmaz, Mumtaz; Turan, Ilker; Gunsar, Fulya; Karasu, Zeki; Aug 1, 2019 4280
Intraoperative Hepatic Blood Inflow Can Predict Early Acute Kidney Injury following DCD Liver Transplantation: A Retrospective Observational Study. Jiao, Ao; Liu, Qingpeng; Li, Feng; Guo, Rui; Wang, Bowen; Lu, Xianliang; Sun, Ning; Zhang, Chengshuo Report Aug 1, 2019 5868

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